You cant stop the FB...i mean secrets and confessions threads

You cant stop the FB...i mean secrets and confessions threads

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Everyday I jack off to the thought of my gf sleeping with her ex who took her virginity. I use photos of them together as my phone wallpaper when I can

I love my wife, but I get so turned on by the thought of getting buggered by an older bigger man

I cant stop jerking to hared wives

Kik: MarriedSlutsWelcome

me and my sister were abused by our dad, it ended for me when i was 12.

i was in the earlier thread ask me anything you want

stop making this thread.


I got to first and a half base with a woman by telling her I was Daniel Stern's son.

me and my friend were in a sexual relationship with a substitute teacher in 7th grade.

he did record some of it.. always wondered it its online now.

Started playing LAP bingo, the same stories keep getting posted lol

well i was in the other thread..
(still dont know what larp is)

live action role play. just writing what you would like to see happening to you

I sometimes pee siting down as a man.

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ok. so id like to se myself get raped from a young age up to age 12?

no, sorry thats real.

that first piss of the day is always a sitting down pee

Maybe for you.

i didn't mean you specifically, i was explaining what the concept is

i've read the other thread and it looked legit, honestly. but some people, mostly males, could tell similar stories they would like to experience, and tell them from a female pov

When I was 13 I’d go on Omegle and jerk off for older men, after a few days of doing it I started to get men ask me to be their slave and I started to like it, I have done a lot of stuff for masters and daddy’s but only a few mistresses and mommy’s

when did it start and was it penetration?

>Live in a share house
>live with primarily female asian students
>when theyre all out at class take some shoes and jerk off with them while sniffing them


I dated a daughter of the Chechen separatist

kinda started around 3, but penetration started around 4-5, i dont really remember much from back then. my sister told me most about the early stuff.

but yeah Penetration from early on.

I drank all the chochlate milk

how does a 4 or 5 year old fit a gown man?
you a fattie?

When no one is around, I bite straight into the Kit Kat. Breaking off each piece is tedious.

Some people just wanna watch the world burn.

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not a fattie.. im skinny poor, not quite poor enught for mcdonalds everyday but too poor for the good fatty foods :P

well for that young, what dad did was anal for the first few years, he way play with my pussy all the time, but for penetration it was anal. my sister is older so she got the brunt of the early attempts before he figured that out.

Do you at least do it with panties too?

One time when I was little i forced a girl to kiss me in the closet, it was after church at my dad's friends house from church. I think I was 8 at the time but I really liked her, so basically I convinced her to hide in the closet cause where playing hide and go seek. And basically I went in there it was dark but I felt her..and when I was close enuff I held her and started to kiss her. It lasted like 12 seconds and after that we both left the closet feeling really awkward she wasent mad at me but she was just as confused at I was about it.

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Does it make it difficult for you to have relationships as an adult?

I always sit down, and I'm a man (except for dirty public toilets).
I just hate dirty toilets and I don't want to risk missing the bowl

Dubs trips dubs back to back. I'm gonna buy a lottery ticket

no if anything my ass is loser than other adults

not quite an adult yet and im a "virgin"
im a huge introvert (my sister is my poler opposite)

If they leave any clothes around, sure.

There's never anything super dirty though, most clothes smell clean enough.

And the chinese girls hoodie smells like smokes because she smokes but eh

Post some panty pics, curious what the Chinese girls wear

Sorry u went thru that bruh I hope he isnt a part of ur life anymore

I was groomed by my friends older brother as a child, as were some of my other friends. Or is it grooming if it was enjoyable? Then again if it was as enjoyable as I always say, why do I feel so bad physically when I think about it? I realize these are probably questions for a therapist, just wanted to vent.

so no dick since,what 12 and that was anal?

I don't really take pics of the clothes, its usually generic colored panties though, one has cutesy stuff with little cats/animals all over them too.

I'm pretty sure my therapist is trying to dance around with telling me that I'm a sociopath. I notice the hints he's dropping but I don't give a shit about the label itself. It doesn't change anything about what's happening, or what has happened. So why bother?

actually i still live with him. its weird, but my sister ratted him out to our family and it ended it all very abruptly, but besides him not being allowed to be alone with us, this are very norma. (even still. im a Highschool Senior and mom wont let him be alone with me for a single minute)

Last sex was at 12 yes and no, he had moved to my vagina by that time, my ass was a special occation thing by that time.

What's messed up about it is that someone would take advantage of u as a child, not u enjoying it.

>Or is it grooming if it was enjoyable?
It's grooming to rephrase it as "enjoyable". It's called re-framing. They don't flat out tell you, "I'm going to do X and you're going to like it" and suddenly, you like it. They've created an atmosphere around you that has redefined your definition of your own personal wants and needs, that will help you to ignore them and serve theirs instead. So pleasing them pleases you, because you've been taught that that's what pleasure feels like.


Stay in school, kiddo.

Was there any part of it you ever enjoyed?

I fingered a very young girl backstage after my school theatre show

Should also note that the body is an automated machine in its own right. Just like getting a boner when someone touches you doesn't mean its consensual, it doesn't mean you liked what happened to you. Or condoned it. Just that your body responded to a stimulus like it was intended to.

I'm making a "niece raising simulator" with lewd elements.

I may have larped some points of the game here to test them. And no, it'e not "bathing with her" r "buying condoms".

Ever get turned on by it

So yes to college then?
as long as i get the scholarship i will indeed stay in school.

yes, the older i got the more i started to enjoy it. im not at the point where i want it to continue but i did enjoy parts of it.

That makes a lot of sense. Thanks anons, I'll give that some thought.

Unless the scholarship is for being retarded then you should just keep your dishwashing job.

I want to fuck my sister since she was 16.
I know it's wrong but I can't get it out of my head

Did he ever eat you out? How was it?


There’s nothing wrong about it, people used to fuck and marry their sisters all the time. And girls are biologically very ready for sex at 16.

But listen, I'm also not here to tell you how to feel about a thing. I highly recommend getting into treatment. Start with a counselor, and just keep talking. Form an opinion of how YOU feel about it, because your opinion is as valid as everyone elses. Good luck, bud. You're strong enough to make it through. I promise.

For years I used to wake up early just to jerk off and cum into both my lil and big sisters breakfasts. Cereal, yoghurts, sandwiches you name it. occasionally but rarely in their shampoo and stuff aswell

I plan on fucking my 12 year old step-daughter (she's built like she's 18).
Tips on grooming? I had a vasectomy so no rubbers will be involved. I need to somehow mention that I'm fixed to her. Any grooming tips anons? IDGAF. I'll go to jail or get murdered by her dad. Will be worth it.

back then yes,
as for later on in a way yes. not that i want it to happen again or anything, but when i fantasies about other guys i always compare them to dad and how i think they will be either similar or different. so the memories are a part of my fantasies but not directly

nah it for poor people..
i actually dont have any jobs. i have to get one this summer, but hopefully like i said i'll be off to college.

all the time. , it was always weird, im just not sure im a oral kinda girl.

12 also.

Did he ever make you cum, how?

Just fuck her while she’s asleep. Otherwise I guess you could start teaching her about masturbation and then eventually say she needs to learn about sex.

yes, towards the later years it happened a lot.
im pretty sure my first time was at 10 when i was riding him, it was anal and he did a reach around and rubbed my pussy as i was riding, im pretty sure i blacked out a little.
but the wast majority of times it was via vaginal penetration.

Did he ever do anything with your feet?

Depends on the girl, whenever they get their first period they’re ready to fuck

Do you hate him?

>Will be worth it.
For pussy? Spoken like someone who's never gotten arrested or imprisoned for child molestation before. There's a reason they're the first ones to die or commit suicide.

>I plan on fucking my step-daughter
Tell her that, and see what happens.

this user is jerking it to your responses by the way. in case that wasn't abundantly clear.

Did he ever film it?

Yes, but in my country there is a lot of prejudice against these things. And I know for a fact that my family won't want to see me again if I try to fuck my sister. But I think that the odds of my sister agreeing to do it are fifty and fifty

Secrets here

how did it stop? did you like it at the time? how's your current relationship with your dad?

I smoked one of my dad's cigars and replaced it with a cheaper cigar.

I'm cutting you out of my will son

not that i can remember.
i have an uncle who likes to give foot rubs, gotten a few from him but that seems innocent

no not really. my sister does.

probably. but i honestly like answering questions

yes a couple of times, but i know he gave my mom the memorycards when he got busted.

i belive all of those are answered in the thread but!
Now it stopped was my sister got angry with him and eventually outed him to our mom.
i did enjoy it a bit at the time.
and we still live together, its weird.. but i dont hate him like my sister does

It’s summer and every time my 13yo daughter wears her bikini I get an erection

she knows..
whats life like downunda?

Were you a quiet fuck or a screamer?

Correct. I've never done anything to get myself arrested. I do plan on telling her, after I ply her with drinks.

post pics or your a larping shitcunt

I aborted my daughter, when she was 13 months old by suffocating her with huge pillow. She wouldn't stop crying and I had to go to work next day early morning. She didn't suffer. She got vomit asphyxiation in the papers. I got lucky. Now my wife is pregnant again, I hope that this kid will be more quiet then previous one.

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If you had to estimate, how many times would you say he came in your ass?

i can only really base it off the last few years, and id say im a medium?
im a moaner, nut not too loud, and i think i talk a bit?
when i was much younger i was dead quiet, my sister howevr was very commanding when she was younger, i think we are similar when we got older.

>cum in my turkish rapist mom
>she continues grinding
>dick still hard too
>she puts in b

>cum again

Good on you for not hating on your pops. If at the time you were willing and enjoying yourself, was it really that bad?

Society tells us that we should be traumatized and so we follow suit. It's not the act itself the one that harms us, it's how it's managed by the archaic moral system that our society follows.

Tell your dad you love him

you know that liquid you feel in your balls?
that's all extra cum. reserved amounts for special occasions.

Jesus Christ. You're a demon.
Your soul is wretched beyond repair.
Please consider suicide.

I jack off to this almost every day

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I once ate 12 tacos in one sitting

Have you jerked it to the vids of the guy fucking an actual large bird?

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where did he cum?

>Baby choked to death on her own vomit
>Didn't suffer

You're a monster.

I'd fuck her

I been there, not with birds, but other weird stuff, namely Arlene. I used to masturbate to her. She's Garfield's girlfriend.

well, it would be pretty much every time it was just me and him between 4 and 9. with a couple of exceptions. its impossible to say honestly. it war far from a daily thing. maybe a weekly thing.
so maybe close to 200?

you are reading a bit too much into it. in not happy about what happened, but it didnt scar me
but maybe i'll give him a hug and say that anyway :)

he didnt like to pull out, so mostly inside me. unless my sister was there then he would get her to finish him off (and i finished him off when he fucked her)