Lisa Sparxxx anyone?

Lisa Sparxxx anyone?

Lisa Sparxxx everyone.

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i liked her better when she was Sparxxx, not Sparxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

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That refrigerator has decent tits I guess

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Uhhh what?

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I bet those braps have a really bassy sound.

like this

not fat as trump.

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Fat retard face

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She doesnt just have huge tits.

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Zoom in on her face, she's sweating like a hog

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Every single picture her face looks like they fucked a chromosome out of her at some point

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Ahhh I see. Whatever you like I guess. I've always been a fan, but shes so fucking sexy when she put on the weight. She's just naturally a bigger girl.
Dude she's getting fucked. Lets take pictures of you getting fucked and see if you make a weird face.

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....shes riding a dick.
I mean I like her boobs and was.

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Every man's fantasy

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Quit hating fag

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Used to follow her on MySpace way way back in the day... what happened?

Shes been making porn for 20 years

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blown out white trash

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We interviewed her at my radio station in 2010 during Mardi Gras. Shes awesome!

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u can keep her

I would love to!

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I like bbw, but Lisa only looked good in like her first 20 scenes.

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Must have been back when she was breedable.

Somehow those first 20 scenes led to 500 more.

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no body likes lisa sparxxs bro if you want a bbw look up tylor burton shes decent bbw

Yes. She was a top 5 pornstar then.

I still enjoy her, but now shes kind of a niche pornstar now with the weight gain.

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