Wisconsin wins

wisconsin wins

especially 715!

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nice, any more of her?

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Nice...hot! You've posted 1 and 5, how about 2,3,4? ;)


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These are all killer. Any pussy? Closeups?

this is the closest i have to pussy of her

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nice, what area code?


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Any from Riverwest?

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You're the man.

715 is the best, wish we could nuke 262 414 and 608. 920 is starting to suck too.

do you have any 715? you from EC?

Anyone have more?

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Shawano. and not that I know of.

Anyone have any from 414/262?

Yeah...Elon...you was all the time.

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what the hell does this mean and why do you keep reposting it everywhere

spam bot

Pinehurst Hill in the 715

here is some 715. no wins though. anyone else?

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eau claire?

920 or 608 come on

Fort Atkinson wins! Let's see em

The E A U Yo!

My dream of seeing some hoe I know on here will never come true

recognize the girl in op? she was an EC slut a few years ago, graduated and moved away

Name Melanie?

Most of them move away after they vote to raise my fucking taxes every school referendum. She looks like a slutty Jewess

anyone know this eau claire slut?

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Does anybody know Amber N? I could use some nudes.

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EC never delivers. It’s such a bummer.

She's from River Falls 715.

anything on her?

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I have several ec girls. Message me on Reddit u/pleasantsmoke1

post em son

Currently posting as a mobilefag, this thread will probably be pruned by the time I get home

Reddit username doesn’t exist??

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Anyone have pics of Noelle R. from Madison?

Any Pewaukee?

Is there a site for these kinds of things?

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Where’s she from?

Lay off the spray tan you wannabe nigger

who got those shanaya wins.
i lost mine

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it exists, you typed it wrong faggot

Went to HS with her. Any more?

for real lol? post her initials and i'll give you a few more


715 you say? I've got a few

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that's hilarious you know her, was she a slut back then?

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920 Markesan??

Straight laced as fuck actually. Never would have guessed she’d become such a slut

megan 715

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funny how the innocent ones turn like that in college lol

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she actually did nude modeling for a bit too. afaik she scrubbed the internet of the professionally done stuff haha

this is the last i have of her

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Ya. The Mary Kay shit’s annoying though. Did you fuck her?

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oh yea for sure, super annoying. pretty funny that she's engaged now too, i wonder if her fiance knows her whole past lmao

Never fucked her sadly, just catfished her on snap to get those pics haha

What’s her name?

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I’d bet my last dollar she’s cheating on him. She probably tried but she has a patreon now that’s probably full of them.

Wouldn't surprise me lol. I didn't know she has a patreon, pm it to me on reddit? u/pleasantsmoke1

It’s linked on her modeling page on insta

here's an eau claire slut for you guys

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oh shit i didn't realize she still had that modeling page, it used to be under a different name so i assumed she deleted it. there are some pretty hot pics there, the patreon probably has them all uncensored. somebody should subscribe for a month or something and leak everything lol

I have my fingers crossed lol

lol looks like her nudes tier is $35/month... I bet we could find a few guys who knew her to pitch in haha

you're actually the second person who's recognized her from me posting here, shouldn't be too hard to find more lol

Does she have a fuck tier?

i would not be surprised at all lol

Anyone have Rose S wins?

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No more WI wins?

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Holy fuck liv??

Too bad no one has nudes of her

lmao you know her too? do you know her modeling instagram too?

Fuck yeah. I worked with her for a while

amazing, did you know she was a slut?

Not at all. She seemed to nice and innocent lmao. Fuck this is good

haha she's far from innocent, you should know that if you know her modeling insta page

Yeah but didn’t expect all the nudes lol u know her too?

i got the nudes from catfishing her on tinder and then on snap a few years ago. never actually met her irl

her modeling page is literally just nudes with the tits censored lol

any more of her? probably 608

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