No g/fur what

no g/fur what

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das big gae

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you havnt tried being gay????

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doggo is the biggest of gay

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But... Isn't being gay bad?

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no it's just gay

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i am? :o
come prove it ;P

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gay good

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o shid i can't

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oof I read that as gay god

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i was just about to post him

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i read your mind~

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why not? x3

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i gots no gae proof!

psychic derr

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help me get some then ;P

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how's the drunky birb

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gib gae

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I am doing very well at this moment, today wasn't that bad, how about yourself?

I'm gunna cum in ur belly button.

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that's good!
been pretty shitty all day but i'm feeling okay now

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Why was it so shitty sweetheart?

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i'm not sure, i've just been in a sad mood for no real reason

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uwu, sounds hot

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I get that way a lot myself. Wish I could give you a big hug, you're far too precious to be so depressed.

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+1 to the hugs i'ma get from you one day

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hiya dash!

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Absolutely, I'm counting on it, many hugs to be had. And I'll feed you deer pellets.

Evening to ya.

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Heya bois, how are you all today?

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Guy in the middle is totally me, I love being came on.

i'ma eat all the deer crackers

meh, okay you?

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Pretty tired but otherwise ok.
Got my costume ordered earlier in the week and I have PC upgrades picked out for whenever they go on sale next week.

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I am drunk currently, ordered some KFC.

Wishing I had a cute boi or big mommy to play with my nipples and be lewd and cuddle

I want to see your costume when you get it!

I wish I were drunk right now. I haven't taken any caffeine pills in a couple days either, the cravings kinda suck. But god I hate being sober.

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gib chimnken

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Alcohol has always been my choice. Gives me more confidence to be more like who I am, I suppose.

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I'm the only bird you need in your life bby~

I'll be sure to take some picture when I get it and when I have makeup and everything on at my con in February.

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It just makes me horny and/or want to sleep

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That's also one of the many lovely effects it has on myself.

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gay seems chill
strait M (kinda bi tho) done sexy stuff with one guy on a couple of occasions.
fuckin hot, would do it again
anyone curious should deffs chill with with another guy if they gets the chance
thankyou this was my ted talk

I wish I had better makeup, and knew how to do it. I've always liked a bit of makeup because my older sister and her friend put some on me when I was like 3, but never again. I constantly wished I had a gf or female friend to dress up and put makeup on me growing up.

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true, all the cuddles from the bestest birb is all i need

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And I'll have feed you a chicken thigh or two while I am at it. So tasty.

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Furry here


I know next to nothing about it, so I need to either learn it myself, or have somebody help me. Thankfully I think an old friend of mine from high school would be willing to help out and teach me some stuff.
Ideally, I'd just have a gf to help me with it now but I don't see that happening atm.

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Hey there, how are you doing?

Make sure you don't cheap out, and get good stuff. I have no idea what's actually good and what isn't, but good makeup is expensive. Foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick. Gotta have a full color palette is about all I know.

It seems to be that way for more than a few of us. Not many girls don't like girly bois, sadly :(

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I could go for a taste of some nice, meaty thighs right now

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mmmm yeas

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Hey, just checking my token and pass info, I renewed today and I was having problems earlier

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Cool, glad to see you back

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I wish I had thicker thighs, I should be doing squats right now but instead I'm drunk.

Thanks man, it's been a little wild here

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i'd still sit in your lap

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I should be too. I didn't realize how much of a muscle imbalance I had until squatting pretty hard Monday, and my left leg being really sore now. I'm gonna try to force myself to lift again later, and be more mindful even if I can squat a decent amount. I could definitely go for a nice massage to, hehe.

I'm sure it has. What's it like there?

Santa's lil reindeer boi, cute~

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Yeah. If I can get my friend to help, I'm sure she'll recommend me some stuff to buy.

Yeah, I wish it was more of a thing. =/

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I'd just hold you in place forever

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Gay fur here

the dreaaam

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Too bad I wasn't born a girl so I could play with cute bois and girls :(

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I had no idea I wanted to fuck a cheetah boy this bad

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Sigma's art is all very fuckable

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There are times I wish the same thing, but I'm at least content with myself right now.

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Rainy mostly, it's cooled off significantly the last few days

I'm still packing my crap for my move too and I haven't gotten my MR2 back yet

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