Just saying

Just saying

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Did you get Trump to write that? It sounds like him or a random 10 year old.
Also, it'll never catch on, you racist.

Just one problem; we don't actually fuck kids while you do hate minorities.

Bingo. Checkmate Trumpists

Shut up nigger

Attacking retardation with more retardation, just plays into the divisive plan.

leftists =/= democrats

>fag party
>doesn't fuck kids

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>leftists =/= democrats
False, leftist != liberal. Anyone that is stupid enough to vote dem, is a leftist. I would prefer a third party, but as of now I could never give a dem my vote. #MAGA2020 and pray for some sanity to return by 2024.

prob wont work too well given how many high profile republican pedos there are

retard level iq

There is literally nothing wrong with being a pedophile

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Brainwashed cultist.

WhooooooOOOoooo, sure bud

There is literally nothing wrong with being a racist.

>we don't -actually- fuck kids, but we should get them on HRT and SSRIs as early as possible so they end up sexier
Literally 2 minutes on /lgbt/ is all it takes. Never seen a "MAP" vote republican

I’m just saying I’d rather be a racist than a pedo.

You’re also racist, “but can’t be racist against white people and can’t be racist against your own race”. Doesn’t even make sense, but it’s coming from pedo land so why would it.

Ready for cockmeat sandwich for sure.


i'll take: Things a pedo leftist would say for $200

fucking pedo

You do, that's why you're pushing "drag kids" down everyone's throats

go back to plebbit you fucking faggot. you're not welcome here

Yes there is, that's why you won't say that shit to anyone irl, pedo faggot

So what does that make me being a racist pedophile? Moderate?

Die nigger ageist.

there's nothing wrong with being racist either then

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you act like being called a racist should be something other than a point of pride, OP

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Dubs of truth, I like the sentiment, but it needs more tuning to catch on.

Sounds like somebody is jelly they can't get loli pussy like a chad.
Pic very related.

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No retorts? Fakkin gendebent faggit COMMIE cucks!

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yea bro the majority of the western world are brainwashed cultists and only your select group of people fanatically devoted to a rambling narcissist and his divisive ideals are the free thinkers lmao


>Hate men so much you only fuck horses
How can a feminist be so based?

Queeeer boi... Somebody got a little too much uncle time huh? I bet you can remember the first time he gave you the old billy club huh?

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What happened to this place, I remember when politics was used for bait purposes only, look at this gay shit, go vote and mow the lawn ya fucking hippy, going back to my gaming now. Fuck you guys.

How many cockmeat sandwiches did you get while "camping" at uncle dicks.il I bet you cried like bitch whenln he fucked your pink little asshole.

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I don't hate spics and niggers, I just don't want to see them, I dont want them to die or anything, I just want every one of them out of my country and back to Africa

And lets not forget older cousin Danny who would COME in while you slept. He wasn't gentle like uncle he was mean.

Not sure.

did you say something racist before being called a racist?

silence, pedo

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Reminder that anyone in here who is not being paid or a bot is a retard arguing with retards.
Ya'll are worse than newfags.

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He wasn't nice. He didnt spit on his dick like uncle he jast rammed it in dry. As he relentlessly hammered your asshole as you sobbed into your pillow.

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Did you fuck any kids before being called a pedo?

Quit shushing my stupid and irrational anger. You neodemmocommie facist republican. Ill shitbin your mouth.

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sadly republicans ARE racist. and are 100 times more likely to be convicted of a sex crime.

so "racist" and "pederast" both apply to the republican.

dailykos.com/stories/2019/7/11/1870982/-Republican-Sexual-Predators-Abusers-and-Enablers (please see all 16 parts, there are tens of thousands of elected republican rapists/pedophiles on it).

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>Day 6 of damage control
>Damage has gone critical
>Repubs have resorted to blanket statements/smear tactics

Well of course? Every sweet boy and girl who liked the candy I ALWAYS WOULD HAVE. So many oittle pussies. So many boi pussies too. Would you like some stories?

[laughs in Roy Moore]

No but the FBI would like to hear all about them so pls continue.
How many kids?
How many times?

So maybe i should talk about how they would cry when i lubed up their assholes? Or how they usually vomited when i made them lick the shit and blood off my cock?

How about your address we could role play you littlee Quueeer boooi. Just like uncle did. Well have fun.

sad that you draw a moral equivalence of some people seeing a stereotype to be true and actually fucking children

Yeah...Elon...you was all the time.

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Little Jennifer she was sooooo sweet when i ate that pussy of hers. Ten year olds come like little Angels. Once I told her I would keep doing it she didn't mind sucking me off. That cute little ass. Those mild swells of earliest puberty.

>calling democrats leftist

Because a faggot like you gets to say who’s “welcome” here. Summer is over, can you fuck off already?

Oh she was my favorite. She was the neighbors daughter.Bright blue eyes long silky black hair. We had five years together. Then she had to move away with her moms work.

It's mostly the right wingers that fuck kids as well. Trump is suspect #1.

Amerika doesn't know what leftist is.

We still talk on the phone sometimes. Shes 25 now and in college going for a PhD in internal medicine.

This winter break she's coming for a visit with her 10 year old daughter.

I'm so excited to meet my daughter for the first time.