My cat caught this thing and it's still alive what should i do

my cat caught this thing and it's still alive what should i do

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Put it in your ass

Put it somewhere where animals most likely won’t be able to get to it. It’s going to die.

Its a chimpmonkey

Timestamp or gtfo

Also, rolling for this

Prolong its suffering for as long as that annoying little shit can stand it.

cum on it

Put him in a cup of water and drown it

Take control, crush its head with your foot so it dies and doesn't suffer anymore. Or be a pussy and don't hurt it and let it die slowly.

put it in your neighbor's mailbox

Front paw looks broken. You could put it somewhere safe from the cat with a dish of water and see if it survives. Chipmunks are pretty tough. If it just has a lot of puncture wounds, it could survive.

nurse him back to life. then send him on Sup Forums's Space Program.

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Salty milk and coins

yea id just crush its head dude cats usally fuck things up enough were its not gonna live their beautiful horrible monster

did you just give it a blanket and a cap of water?

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Fucking kek

I believe he did, user. Kek.

Rolled double doubles! Witness me, boys!

This and post pics.

Cats suck

Literally just put shoes on and step on his head how hard can it be?


I think he did KEK

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Throw it to your dog so he can eat it.

he looks tired give him sum coffee

Oh god oh fuck

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Let your cat finish the job that you can't, pussy.

Man, shit happens. Keep somewhere safe it cant see you and keep an eye on it. Might recover, or a go like a man. Wild animals just want to live, give its its last fight.

Dude my dog dose that to squirrels all the time. Put the poor thing out of it's fucking misery.

crush its head with a big rock to put it out of its misery, or make a nice little box house full of shredded paper towels to keep it warm and put it under your porch with a small bowl of water next to it.

or shove it in your poop hole. post pics.

poor babby
he did. it's the human thing to do. OP is a righteous human being.

Keep us updated user

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Lots of pump ass kid comments in here. But if real access the injury a cat may have caused. Either nurture of put the little creature down if injuries are excessive .


Eat it