How the fuck do I seek help for my gambling/lottery addiction...

How the fuck do I seek help for my gambling/lottery addiction? In 4 months from now it'll be 2 years since I dropped out of college and became a NEET while lying to everyone about it, going as far as taking 5 hour long walks almost every day, taking pictures with random people at nightclubs/bars and telling other people they're classmates, asking some e-friends on discord to take pictures of their classrooms and then renaming the filenames to make IRL friends/family in my social circle believe I took the picture at said date and time, being sure nothing can betray the lie such as the weather outside, dates on calendars, etc. I've gotten pretty good at this as time passed. All because I started thinking that "eventually I'd win the lottery so why even bother going to class or work? It'll happen, I'll just have to be patient."
But as every day passes, I'm dying a little more inside. I royally screwed up and I don't think I'll be unable to start going to college or find a job any time soon. I can feel my cognitive abilities decreasing the longer I spend my time browsing here or playing vidya all day. I don't know what first step to take in order to get my life back on track. What do?

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how can you afford to keep gambling if you are a neet?

Birthday money from two years ago, and little scraps I manage to get here and there thanks to the lottery tickets. The amount of money I spend monthly is actually very scarce, it doesn't go higher than 30€ at most. I pirate everything, don't eat much and never had any real interest for fashion. Parents are taking care of everything, I still live with them. It's the reason I take those long ass walks, to give them the impression that I'm in college building myself a future.

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go to gambler's anonymous? i don't know if you have it there. i don't know how effective it is. they'll probably make you tell your parents though.

Do you have debt?


>they'll probably make you tell your parents though.
This is the outcome I'd like to avoid the most, may to my parents or friends IRL. That'd be basically telling them both that they cannot trust me for anything if I've been able to keep a lie for all this time, and they'd sadly be right on the money.
>go to gambler's anonymous?
I never actually bothered to check if such a thing was available in France, especially in the countryside. Might be worth checking before I definitely fuck up any prospects of building up a decent future
Not me personally, but my parents do owe a small amount. Nothing worth worrying about, at least for now.

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Everytime I start to believe that my life sucks people like you show up. How old are you and why the fuck did you think you'd win with such ridiculous odds

Tell your family the truth and get help. Both to together. It will fucking suck and be hard work, but owning your fuck ups is a big part of moving on. If you gamble online you can get blocking software

Keep lying to your family and go back to uni starting next year, if it's still possible. In the meantime, try to find a part time job or something of that kind and save money. You're lucky to still live with your parents and in a socialist country you fucking lazy nigger so make use of that. Say you had a change of heart regarding whatever your major was before dropping out and there you're back on the right track again. For your "addiction" I'd suggest to stop being a faggot and realize that the lottery is fucking stupid, man up on your own. Are you happy with fact that you're contributing to the idiot tax? Getting "professional" help won't solve the underlying issue of you being a lazy person. I believe in you, user. You have all the tools and more importantly the TIME. Don't fuck this up

Get addicted to scarfing down his logs of shit instead.

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Thanks for the replies in any case everyone. I'll see what I can do

you gotta play to win

There not gonna make fun of you when you win the lottery

Gambling is a sinful act! By Allah's mercy, may he strike all forms of darkness and strife upon you!

These. Just imagine. You'll be dabbing on them all poorfags real soon

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You should go back to school and also see a therapist. 2 years is not a big deal. At all. People are out of school for a decade sometimes. Just tell your parents that you were taking a light course load so it will take you longer to graduate.

Seriously though you need to get help for your addiction.

back to

Only because dubs. is simply and obviously correct down to an impressive granularity regarding your actions. This is more than you deserve. Become the solution to your problems when you define them or stop trying convincing others that you really consider them problems. Stop trying to convince yourself. You're choosing your problems to keep or to solve with every action. Which are you really choosing in most of your moments?

Do what this user told you.
I lied to my family and friends about going to uni for 2 years, because i was lazy and didin't want to study so i started doing nothing in the first year and working in the second. After the 2 years i said it's time to study and went to a university.

Why are you even feeling bad in the first place? Do you realize the luck you have to begin with? I wish I could be in your shoes instead of waging everyday and having no spare time for myself. You're basically already living the dream. Don't stop playing the lottery. You might not be able to win the jackpot but you can still win big. Ignore the retards and society trying to make you feel bad because you're not feeling productive enough. That's your real problem and struggle you're facing.

You have limitless time to do anything, and soon you'll have the money. Why lot learning how to draw or code in the meantime? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Don't waste all that freedom on pointless entertainment.

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Sup Forumsro, you are possibly one play away from winning millions. Just play one more time, what damage could that cause?

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What the fuck happened between 2014 and today? I'm sure people weren't this stupid back then.

Hey edgelord, I'm not stupid. He IS one play away from millions, he'll see.

user, I work a blue collar job and have built a net worth of $750,000. One paid for home, and a rental. Your paycheck and ability to work and save are the simple path to wealth. Seriously, dont be a dumbshit

Bro, your odds of winning the lottery are huge, just take your 750k right to the lotto! I promise you you will make a fortune cookie compared to your blue collar weak sauce

But you cannot be trusted for anything user, its the truth, tell'em and enjoy wagecuckie life. Our just realize college is a waste of money and time and start living?

Just COOM bro don't think about things like that


Yeet yeet let's go neet

Ca gives out social security/disability checks to people w/gambling addictions. Is jewyork equally leftarded? You could collect, and use that to try and pull yourself ou- who are we kidding? You'll just fuck up more.

realize that even if you won, you would still have problems in your life. you'd still have to tell your parents you lied to them, which they'd be upset at you for regardless of your net worth. Money doesn't make you happy, maybe you'd be exctatic for a few weeks, maybe a couple months and then that would be the new normal. and people would still not like you, just pretend to care because you had money and they would come from everywhere trying to scam you.

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This user knows what's up

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Tell your parents the truth, and get a job.

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Did you actually calculate the odds of winning and how many days you will need on average to hit it? Do it and you might realize you will not live long enough LOL.
If that's not enough of a reason for you to stop then I suggest you fucking stop and download 888 poker and start playing freerolls to feed your gambling hunger. Deposit 10€ to be able to play and don't deposit any more ever again. These tournaments are free and you can win real money. It's pennies but you just have to be patient and you'll gather some pocket money. They are easy to play.
Read about "expected value", especially in terms of gambling. Make good decisions and you will not need luck!

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I laughed

But with 750k spent in one day your odds outweigh a single cheap ticket. Spend your blue collar weak sauce today!

Gamble here

the fuck you mumbling there? Make a fucking calculation you retard. It won't outweigh it if you will have to play 800k times to hit it. And that number is actually very optimistic. In reality is 1 to 20 million or something. Stop dreaming.

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>In reality is 1 to 20 million
Are you a sperg

I've spent over $80,000 gambling on lottery in ~15 years I never won more than $500 at a time. It's absolute judaism and I'm an idiot.

My aunt and uncle have been playing every drawing since lottery was introduced in the 70s(?) they won $5,000 once lmao

You are one ticket away from winning I swear!

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You idiot. The loto is rigged. Didn't you hear jeffery Epstein won it ten years ago? Why are billionaires even playing ifnit isn't a scam?

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yep. don't care because there's ZERO chance of me recovering from my mental and physical disability so it gives me the illusion?allusion? that something can happen when i go to bed

An advice for you can be put into 3 words, literally.
Get a life.
Now it's your turn.

Too deep 3 me

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I won the lottery two years ago. Next trips gains $10000

Big if true


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>Google 12-steps
>Have some little faith in God your lord
>An hero

It seems to me like you might be better off swallowing a 12. You will have a hard time pulling yourself out of that much shit.

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