Should I dump a bunch of Bailey Jay?

Should I dump a bunch of Bailey Jay?
Or nah?

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Of course you should. Why even ask, schmuck?

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I’m edging keep going

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You still touched yourself though

Dylan/Skylar Vox remind me of a version of Bailey but with a vagina. She's lovely.

i won't let you down

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Post her!

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you should take a dump on bailey jay. worst tranny ever, basicly a man with fake tits.

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Post your fav tranny

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There are two types of people in this world...

1. People who admit they'd fuck the shit outta Bailey...


2. Liars.

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>1000% this

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anyone still lurking?

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got anymore ass

Lurkin' and fappin'...

fuck yea

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Keep going please

I just want to hump her fat ass and reach around and edge her just right so we both cum buckets at the same time.

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Too bad literally every set of Bailey nowadays is the exact same poses and angles with different clothes. Pretty damn boring.

if it ain't broke..

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sounds hot af

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Fall asleep, cuddle her... the next morning, wake her up with a hand job to let her know it's time to start fucking again.

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i just wanna eat that fucking ass
i wonder if she's good at shaking it on all fours

also i want to guzzle her next 7000 loads

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anybody got any candids without the wig? lol

how's this one?

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look at those fucking awesome legs

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Fuck yeah! I want her to fuck me after I've fucked her, feel those tits pressed against my back as she busts a massive load.

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i would let her piss in my face

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his birth name is Bryan Griffin

wish "she" would do blacked

Bailey here

Any pics of her with her new massive cock?

how is that different from any other tranny?

no... but id like to see her do longer scenes not just jerk off.


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Ha! I'm not sure I'd go that far. But there's very little I'd say no to with her. I'd love to 69 her or just grab her cock after she comes home and just suck her off to keep her happy.

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Can't wait for this one to turn legal

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mother fucker this is a Bailey thread

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More webm plz


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Fuck no. Corey's way more fuckable than that fat has-been

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go start a corey thread then

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Dude me need more webm with bailey :3

Where's the lurkers?
Should i keep going?

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I had a Honduran trap once. She had a pornstar body. I fucked up by ghosting her and forgetting her number. I could have been sucking amazing tits and a huge cock and getting fucked by a beautiful girl. I fucked up. I need a trap asap

Here. More please.

I want to lick this dick and balls

Does anyone else remember the Bailey Jay threads that used to be started by Baja-Opcionez? No idea why I remember that, I suppose it just happened consistently enough. They always image dumped a set.

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Would you guys let a shemale make you their sissy wife?

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Quite the opposite, she could be my sissy... I just know how to please a partner.

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That I don't remember, but I remember Bailey from the "line trap" days.

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Can't get over how amazing her tits are.
I just want to blow the fattest thickest load all over them.

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I saved these images in July '11.

Why am I still here.

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I'm glad you're here
keep posting was all the time.

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