Why is it okay for a black person to play a white role, but the left gets all butthurt and offended at this?

why is it okay for a black person to play a white role, but the left gets all butthurt and offended at this?

Also, loony lefty thread

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what was the most recent movie where a black person played a white role?

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>black person to play a white role
Give one example from a non-fiction biopic like this movie

Also, way to use Reddit front page, faggot.

Little Mermaid

Maybe Idris Elba in Thor...? Asgardians can be black tho, so...

Fictional characters don't count!

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>mermaids are white
okay there bud

you do realize the people playing these roles are leftist right? also,you voted for a president who's been a leftist his whole life

Musicals don't count. Especially on stage.

Give me a historical biopic like this Harriet Tubman movie would've been.

Ariel is Danish....

first ... this can't be real
second ... to quote marcellus wiley "you can't make sense out of nonsense"
sadly the left exists in nonsense

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It takes place off the coast of Denmark.... Uncultured swine

People recast fictional characters all the time in film adaptations and remakes, sometimes even blend two characters into one. Rewriting history is another thing. How would you feel if Alexander the Great had Will Smith as Alexander?

>president who's been a leftist his whole life
Fucking this!!!!

no shes Atlantican

mermaids are fictional creatures, just because the author of the fairy tale was white doesn't mean all this fictional creatures are white.

"sadly the left exists in nonsense"

says the party that believes in Noah's Ark

because the race hierarchy is still deeply ingrained in liberal minds. They still think that blacks are still inferior to other race.

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Probably fine. But will smith is a Scientologist and a shitty actor. Idris Elba, however... I'd watch that.

mermaids aren't real mate
they dont have defined human race because they are fictional

yet you are the ones who trip over themselves to suck the dick of every cop that shoots an unarmed black man

Ariel is a fictional half-fish creature - a mermaid - protip mermaids historically looked like the Feejee Mermaid.

Pic related, evidence that you're not a 'big fan' of reading shit before you slam your face into a keyboard.

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>Alexander the Great
Aww, user thinks he's white... Kek.

well how else do you explain it?

here we see a typical lefty, cherry picking.
>this is fine
>this (something very similar) is ludacris (intentionally misspelled)


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you believe i believe that?

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please tell me you dont think the feejee mermaid isnt just a fish and monkey corpse put together used for a carnival scam.

>Second link in pic almost contradicts first link


I'm curious what info that link has about frozen that would make me never see it the same way (again)

shes the daughter of Triton
who is the son of Poseidon

she Greek as fuck

she's literally the princess of Atlantica

That's you. Moving the goalpost, you faggot.

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That woman was definitely a babe in her youth (still fuckable)

Click that clickbait. DO IT FAGGOOT!!!!

the pic is right though. We came so far only for one election to completely fuck it up. The Shillary shit turds went crazy and well off thedeep end

takes place off the coast of Denmark. Written by Danish author, land scenes take place in Norwegian town. She's a Danish mermaid.

but what about her ideals? She'd start arguing with you mid-thrust if she heard you say anything about being a conservative

Well Macedonians are more slavic/eastern european than the rest of greece.

>this (something very similar) is ludacris (intentionally misspelled)
It's similar but not very similar you retard.

Tubman's race extremely important to her story, he was a former slave that helped free other slaves.

Unless they give a white actress black face, hiring a white actress to play her makes zero sense.

What does this have to do w/ niggers?

Also, the Trump presidency was never for your benefit, only his own personal gain. Don't let billionaires cuck you....


They're pale Arabs at best.

I can agree with that, but if it ever happens in reverse, you can bet the blacks (and the left) will praise it to high heaven.
>Hoopi Goldberg is a great actress who would make a great Jackie Kennedy.

mermaids can be green , purple, black, or any color of the rainbow.
it literally doesn't matter because they are fantasy creatures.
its like arguing a griffin is Caucasian because they come from European myths

That wasn't specified

Ariel was Dutch. Traditionally white.

Some cunt responsible for making a shit film has said this with no evidence a week before release. It’s going to be as popular as aids. Just using the lefty outrage machine for a bit of free publicity.

It never happened. She was never considered. It’s all lies.

>only his own personal gain.
oh yeah, he's gained a lot. Gave up his salary, scrutinized every time he coughs and farts. He did it to piss you all off. It worked. I still watch the election night coverage regularly to relive the shreiking of the left

well now youre just creating a what if strawman
please give an example of a movie that replaced a white character (who's race is critical to the plot) with a black actor.

It was the 90s and it never happened. Just some bullshit some movie exec (probably dead now) said at a coke party 20 years ago, and someone decided it was funny to bring up again.

regardless if it ever happened, I'm just responding to OPs question.

the left is nutty. It'll happen.

this probably. It definitely ruffled some feathers on racist DL Hugely facebook page

>lake superior
as a michiganfag this terrifies me

>give me an example
>that doesn't count
>neither does that
>just give me one example that I deem worthy
>protip:you cant

Strawman bs. Never would happen
>B-B-But libtards retarded

focus on school. You have an AP Bio test next week.

you literally said that people are okay with black people in white roles, but you cant point to when it actually happened in a movie?

already graduated bruh. How's your women's studies degree pursuit going?

>They're pale Arabs at best.
Alright Hitler-level definer of what's white, Greece is technically part of the Levant and therefore part of the Middle East like Cyprus. Slavs are not technically white in the sense of defining white as Celtic, Nordic, or Germanic. But that's beyond the point.

I thought it did happen recently. I don't watch movies or tv so I can't remember.

The author intended for her to look human and fit in with the people on land (In Denmark, home of the white people). It's a big part of the story where the dude thinks she's just some random mute girl.

Danish, like the author

liberals are nuts.

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>I thought it did happen recently.
jesus OP
this thread is such a weak troll

Is Harriet Tubman fictional? No. She's a historical figure.

That's why people find this funny (nobody's mad. Reddit thought this was hilarious) they think it's hilarious that the movie exec had the audacity to suggest this. The movie was never gonna be made, and people at the studio probably stopped respecting that executive.

Imagine lol

I just wanted to point out the lunacy of the left
>wants to make it okay to send men into women's restroom
>gets mad when girl sees penis in said restroom.
The left is the pickiest/choosiest

They seem to be okay with Cesare Borgia playing Jesus.

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Who gives af about what the mythoy says. The story of the little mermaid is its own universe with its own rules. The story revolves around Ariel being hot af and fooling humans into thinking she's human.

what do you folks think MLK would say if he were alive today? I think he'd say we better work together and god forbid COMPROMISE on some things or our future as a people is fucked

That didn't happen btw, you made that bathroom story up.

We get shit like this in Bongisran

Real life Queen, vs who they cast to portray her.

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Jesus was full-on Muslim and European Christians turned him white.

Jesus was from India.

It is not a thought. It is a fact

That continent hasn't existed for 1 billion years now en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atlantica

ok fine.

the left wants equality
>allow women in mens sports
>allows trans (former men) in women's sports.
>(former) men, wins sport
>the left tfw

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She lives near denmark but she's not danish. She's a different species. This is like saying flounder or sebastian should be white because they also live near denmark

Oh my bad dude, I'm agreeing with you I'm a different user. I was just saying that bathroom shit was made up. The new South Park episode where Randy Savage was in the strong women's competition was fucking great.

We pay for his stays at Mar a Lago... That money goes into his business that he'll regain control over once he's done being president...

Don't cuck yourself, you'll never be a member of ((their)) club.

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oh dang I haven't seen that yet. It's all one big hypocrite party.

>>Trump is a pervert
>show me how
>>"grab em by the pussy

>ok what about biden?
>>he's done nothing questionable
>show's video of biden getting close to young girls, girls trying to get away, hell even horse face hillary tries to get away
>>I see nothing wrong with what he does

Black achilles

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Associates degree in audio engineering. Feels good doing a trade school and not being in debt.

fake it till you make it

even if that's true, what else were we to do at the ballot box?

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can u do anything with that? not hating, curious.

>beyond the point.
It's not tho. That literally was the point. Alexander ain't white.

>The new South Park episode where Randy Savage was in the strong women's competition was fucking great.
holy shit I just watched. That's hilarious and accurate

>Give me an example of a movie like the one in the tweet

Don't be retarded. Tubman was a historical figure, an ex slave that freed slaves. That's why casting a white woman would've been fucked.

Give examples of black people playing white historical figures in a serious Hollywood movie.

>liberals are nuts.
Right?! That Ryan gosling movie would make so much money. Stupid libtards hate money though. Fucking libtards

Macedonia 2500 years ago is not ethnically the same as Macedonia today. Alexander was Greek and white.

What's that have to do with this Harriet Tubman casting? Why do you strawman?

Are you actually autistc/Aspie? I'm not trying to be mean.

Arabs hadn’t even crawled out of the dessert when Jesus was alive. He was closer to modern day Armenians and Greeks than any ethnicity currently occupying that area.

Jesus is a lie created by the Romans to boost their Jew slave morale and prevent a revolt.

>He didn't exist


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No one but boomers like biden or would dogmatically defend him in this way.

Of course he did, fuck loads of evidence he existed. Massively different saying he existed to saying he was the messiah and did magic and shit.