His shit?

His shit?

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I wanna wolf down his filthy fig rolls.

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His corn

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Haha! Big stinky dookie OMG

I want Andy's ass to create an air tight seal around my lips ass he forces his hot drippy delectable diarrhea done my throt. The pressure of said tight seal and his red faced heaving would make logcream squirt out of my nose and tear ducts and the hissing steam whistling out of my ears like some kind of stove-top kettle. Ok, I've just cum down my leg...

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That's so hot that my peehole is dribbling precum

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Log here

>ass he

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Talkin about that big wet'n heuh

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Oh fuck, my asshole is dripping bum cum, just imagining the log that he might slidde up my ass, just after slidding a mammoth turd done my throt!!!

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Hahahahahah, creamy, dreamy and steamy XD

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Yass plox

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Pooey peppers R nice.

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Log it up here

mental illness

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Why do you faggots post this gay shit every day and night

>>Why do you...meh...meh...blah...blah...poopy...poo....derp!

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Jesus they are so far gone

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Ooga booga start suckin

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Big succ

op here. china #1


Dubs logged

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Pids on ny dicj andy