Oh, I get it now. This & other Chan sites are a psy-op...

Oh, I get it now. This & other Chan sites are a psy-op. The popular media describes them as "Alt-Right/White Supremacist" sites, to lure White guys to the sites. But when you get here; you're bombarded by porn ads, "BBC" & other interracial porn threads, & "trap\sissy" threads. These threads also overlap as sissies into BBC. There's also at least 1 poster who spends their life posting scat porn threads, with pics of some little known goth rock singer (Andy Sixx logs). Plus asian animated pedophilia threads, and incest threads are continuously scattered across the sites. Then there are constant threads trying to convince White North Americans that they are "Amerimutts" or "burgers". There is a single page, Sup Forums, that many of threads are right leaning. But even it has many anti-White\left-wing threads scattered through it. The real aim is to belittle & brainwash decent White men and teens into becoming confused, ashamed, perverts. Also, the operatives of the Deep State monitoring the sites, go after any brainwashed, confused White male, who contributes to one of the pedo, or "domestic terrorist" threads, & ruins their life.

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d e e p

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WOW, this is deep. I'm one of the guys who gradually ended up getting into this trap bullshit promoted on this site. This is waking me up.


>You just make shit up about whatever you want.
>And then no one cares.

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Psy op here


OK Glowfag

Soz, I don't know what that code is supposed to mean.

Wrong board, schizophrenia goes on /x/

Hi newfriend. Just so you know paranoid schizophrenics usually go here
and here
You'll be welcomed there. Good luck with your mental illness.


>go to leftist social media outlets
>promote healthy heterosexual relationships
>encourage them to have and raise normal children


They're closing in!!!!!!

Interesting that you posted a pic of Mercury. One of the victims of the Depp State. He was a straight White man in a long term relationship with a girl, who was one of the celebrities infected with HIV by the Deep State and then falsely reputed as a queer by the popular media,

shout out to the log poster(s). its not funny but it wouldnt be Sup Forums without you

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OP here. If you're saying this is really a leftist platform, then you're agreeing with me. If you're not, then I don't see how this is a green text.

stfu no one asked you nigger

left right WAAAAAAA

OP here. Obviously I'm a White North American, by the context of my original post. I imagine, you are a POC, and probably one of the anti-White NGO or Fed operatives monitoring\influencing this site.

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No shit, just look at all the people trying to denounce you and belittle you. It's obvious if you go here enough. Same shit every day, just trying to break up the site and ruin the credibility of everyone associated. Sup Forums calls them shills- they are real. They do spam degenerate shit every day all day to discredit the red pill prescribers. God speed user

OP here. This thread is about how Sup Forums and this site in general actually does have a political-social agenda, which is anti-White/conservative. But pop media promotes it as being far-right\pro-White.


They will shut this down as more people agree

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This. It got dropped from page 1 to page 7 in a few seconds.

This explains it....

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An AD-Blocker app will prevent one from from being exposed to the porn and other toxic ads, at least.

Yes, the jews of White majority Western countries are definitely one of the top foes. But equally against us are the gooks. These sites are hosted in gook countries, & even their names "chan" are from gook culture.

EightChan was better but they had to shut it down because of Q

It's been this way since day 1 user. Why make a thread about it?

they shut down infinitychan because racists were stalking people

This. Why do you think there are so many threads about "hot asian chicks" & how "asian chicks" are politically-socially-conservative-traditional. They want White guys to go after gook cunts. They want to gookify America.

So you admit user is right, but you want him to shut up about it?

does somebody have that pro-incel meme that has the green haired thot?

OP here. I'm a middle-aged White American, who has been married to the mother of our 3 teen kids for 2 decades. To hell with you.

I’m not referring to you, boomer. I’m in a debate and I’m looking for that meme. I came here because this was the only remotely “incel”oriented thread.

It's redundant and it's common knowledge. Everyone knows this already, it isn't a a secret or a conspiracy.

You are a genuine 1000W glownigger.

Nonsense. This is part of the anti-White male brainwashing. Any White male youth who participates on these sites is belittled and shamed as an "incel" by the anti-White operatives, such as yourself. This thread has nothing to do with "incels", other than refuting such anti-White hateful propaganda. Don't fall for it young White men. Don't be discouraged. It may take many years for you to find the right chick. But you will find her. Even if you're in your late 20's or 30's. If you get married at age 30, and start having kids, you'll only be in your late 40's by the time you live to see them grown up and starting their careers. You'll likely live to see your grandkids. BTW I'm Gen-X not a "bommer". This another part of the propaganda, to belittle adulthood and wisdom.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to refer to you as an incel. It looks like you’re anti degeneracy. So I support you and I fight along sides you. I’m just looking for a meme.

You are an "Oldfag". I speak to recent viewers, so they don't become your "Newfags", faggot.

the thing is that this site works as a honey pot. people who post what you are talking about are just a small percentage. and draws in those who are looking for it. the proper way to use this site and other chans is to hide/ignore the threads you are not interested in and find what you are trying to look for. people into weird fetishes have been around for thousands of years. that is not the point of the chans though. in other words lurk more

And you are not an"incel" either, my friend. I only advise you to reject the very concept of "incel". It's purpose is to belittle and discourage the White male youth from eventually making a successful relationship with a White chick. It even tries to brainwash White youths into thinking they're something special, a "wizard", if they embrace virginity and non-reproduction.

More nonsense. 90% of the content on this site is what we on the White-wing would describe as "degenerate". I'm not a "newfag" or "lurker". I have participated on this site for quite some time. Anyone else who has even viewed this site for a short while should see, that the popular media (TV & popular sites) narrative, that this is an "Alt-right/pro-White" site is nonsense. It allows White-wing posts, but they are dramatically overshadowed by the 90% of degenerate anti-White far-left propaganda on this site; including it's ADs.

So true. Conservative or Right-wingers should shun this site. Don't make a miniscule # of White-wing post here, so ZOG can continue to claim this our space.

OP here, the jannies put me on the pic questions shit, for me to post. LOL