Be 4 years old

>be 4 years old
>sister was 12 years old
>would take me into the closet and touch me
>would force me to penetrate her
Was I raped, anons? Can I say I was a victim?

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>Can I say I was a victim?
This is the main thing that's wrong with our current society.

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It's your duty as sibling.

Yes, it's rape. Has it fucked you up?

It hasn't, but it should. Is that bad?

I guess I'm part of the problem


Bro, you got laid at 4. What a fucking legend.

>Can I say I was a victim?
you want money or a do over?

you got raped i dont even care how old. some people will still blame you for it though.

Pics or it didn't happen

How does this even work? You're like 2 feet tall with a micropeen and she's 4.5 feet.

Probably not something to joke about
Victim points
Because I'm male?

>Victim points
you're pathetic

Kek user was right back where he came from 4 years later

>at least you got something out of it. My sisters just dressed me up and put make up on me.

Not only did you get laid at 4, not only did you accomplish the ultimate incest fetish, but she was 8 years older than you. You're a literal fucking GOD. Nice catch, OP.

I hope you married her first.

Or he got raped and had all power and innocence taken away from him. But sure, it always falls down to fetishes and fantasies, nevermind the rape of a 4 year old boy by a pubescent 12 year old, sexually curious girl.

OP you are a bitch ass liar

>all power
He said it doesn't affect him.
Calm down, Greta. That's not a thing.

Not only did OP get to fuck his way older sister when he was 4, but he has kind people like you sticking up for him. OP is beyond any sentient being.

I didn't fuck my sister. It was rape and I didn't know anything. I'm not that bothered but its really fucked up you guys are making jokes about this. What if it were you?

stop projecting tumblerina

god i wish it were me

If only I were lucky enough to fuck my sister when I was 4 and she was 12. We can't all be as badass as you, OP.

She's probably the reason why you like to suck cock these days

>What if it were you
Only had a brother. I was older. I now feel like I missed out on not fucking him in the tub.

>Pic related

Women with dripping fluids all over their face is a the tale of our time. If they weren't so comfortable with male rape in prison and so eager to call themselves "princesses" when working low-wage and menial jobs that disregard their stupidity then perhaps Nature wouldn't demand their debasement and humiliation.

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These things tend to take a toll in adult life, and can really fuck a guy up. But I suppose you fetishistic incels wouldn't see it that way.

You fuckers are our of touch

>Calm down, Greta. That's not a thing.

Easy there, nonce. You're condoning the rape of a 4 year old child.