Let's all try to get along and help an user. I need memes like this

Let's all try to get along and help an user. I need memes like this.

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Try Facebook you dumb boomer

Go eat a tide pod dipshit.

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What's going on? Shareblue working overtime making self-deprecating memes to say the right can't meme?

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Oh my.
Thread is as cringe as it gets, folks.

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Can you shop images over pics

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>howard dean
>monica lewinsky
holy shit what age group are you targeting?
senile geriatrics?

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I went to comic con in San Diego and was totally confused as to how a state like California could be so fucking gross and misdirected. There were people on the sidewalks just thrown there completely strung out of their minds on heroin. One guy had a visible bundle of syringes in his pocket. It was depressing. And it wasn’t just a handful, it was entire sections of downtown SD filled with tents and drug addicts living out of them. Shout out the Democrats for depicting third world living conditions so accurately.

I wonder if OP, who I presume is the one spamming this thread with the cringiest boomer-tier memes, ever claims "the Left can't meme."
Height of irony, if so.

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and the cringe just keeps on coming.

this one is amazing


I would be cringing if all this shit applied to me too.
It must really suck snowflake.


isn't it about time to organize another national scream at the sky in anger over trump event?

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Meme of the day right here

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You should have taken a moment to speak with some of them, rather than simply speculating on the cause.

Truth is, prosperous communities will attract folks from all walks of life, be it for employment opportunities, welfare opportunities, or those just hopeful of a better life (somehow). Many of these people are disenfranchised/forgotten where they come from. People flock here to Cali because their home states/communities have absolutely nothing to offer, including a sense of life progression.

I thought Republicans were supposed to be empathetic or sumshit. Seriously, what would Jesus say...?

Divide and Conquer.

You just know the dude dumping these is 34, 5'7, wearing khaki cargo shorts and sunglasses in his FB profile pic

shaved head

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More like 74

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After all these images, that is your only retort? Not the substance of the images or what they say?

So pretty much you know it is all true..

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platform flip ignorance omegalul

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Based boomerposter.

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Hoo boy look at all the conservative retards trying to dig up pictures that are unaesthetic because they can't read or understand facts.

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One of the sky screamers appears.

3 years of screeching down, 5 to go.

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Dem and Rep are the same shit. Enjoy your liberty.

Lol, San Diego has hands-down the most pleasant weather year-round out of any city in the US.
That is why homeless people from all over the country flock there. It has nothing to do with Democratic policies.

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Hey, I didn’t say I didn’t like it.

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Imagine being a buttblasted liberal cucked so much by things out of your control.

Being an emotionally dysregulated gender dysphoric autistically screeching self-loathing libtard bending the knee (and over) for his mentally ill lqbtqp overlords is no way to go through life.

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>Not the substance of the images or what they say?

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