Let's see that poophole

Let's see that poophole

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Here's mine

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Looks clean and inviting. Would cum inside you

Could we not call them "poop holes"?

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Awww thank you c:

That's what they are

Hows mine

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good but too skinny

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woof ill share my hungry hole

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why not one more ;P

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Looks hungry for cum

Would pee inside

Now that's what I'm talking about.

That things gotta look absolutely mouth watering fresh out of the shower

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Mind if i join

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More please

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Why can't we all be in the same room so much ass to eat ;)

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Good boy

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adding more because i wish it was being filled right now

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here’s mine in uniform

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Love being in military Bois

me tooo

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Jesus christ youve got a great ass. When's the last time you let someone eat and beat it

You look huge

Don't refer to butt holes like that. They're a part to be admired.

it’s been about a month

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Oh that's not me, this is

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I recommend "dating" a couple. Easy drama free threeways. My boyfriend and I keep a slutty twunk around


A good dick still

Look at that big fucking cum dumpster

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any bbc skype?

I don’t know where I would find one haha

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Nice balls, faggot

Damn it, OP! Make a liar out of me, whydoncha!

Someone told me that you're like a dog, that you eat shit and run rabbits; but I told them no, that you don't eat shit.

Now I have to go to that person and admit that I was wrong.

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Dating apps/sites. There's always a gay couple looking to spice up their sex lives

mhm i’ll try that

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Here's Johnny

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Have you ever seen a guy's butthole outside of sex?

I did a tattoo on a fellas butt check, closest I've ever been to an ass hole without eating it.

It was a good one too, light peach fuzz and pink. I had a hard on the entire time. It was difficult not to try and give it alittle pressure with my thumb.

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How old was he?

Did it smell?

No he was told to use the restroom and then shower before he came in. If he smelt he would have been sent home

Sit on my face.

OC, taking requests

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Did he remove his pants completely, showing cock too?

Why not

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Looks tasty. Would love to eat out.

like this pooper?

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back to the camera, legs apart, bent over, and spreading your cheeks nice and wide?


Sounds fucking hot. Was he embarrassed at having to show his asshole? Did he know you're gay?

How huge is your ass?


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No I don't usually tell clients I'm homosexual, he probably wouldn't want a gay guy that close to his balloon knot.

Other guys in the shop thought it was fucking hilarious though.

No no just to below his cheeks. Got a good view of his fuzzy taint.

Hit up my FWB when I got home because I had a fucking emergency in my pants.

That is funny. Some swimmers I know once asked me to wax their bodies before a big meet. I guess that's a similar experience.

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Wow I love it.

Nice and pink

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Is that yours?

Its beautiful


It's delightful. Is it naturally pink?

Have you been penetrated?

yeah, i love it about my hole

no but i do use toys

Gay people are fucking gay.

That's hot, do you cum from using toys?


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yeah, its much more enjoyable than using my dick to. Makes me want to be fucked so bad

I'd like to slide in and go back and forth between the two!

And this is my favorite position! One leg straight and the other bent.

Do you mean passionately?



Do you moan passionately when you penetrate yourself?

yeah, a lot of involuntary moans, use to be a real problem when i was living with my parents as a teen

Fuck I bet its sexy as fuck to fuck you.

you would have to shove my face into the pillow so i dont moan to loud ;)

How would it be if I grab you by the hips and slowly put the head of my cock just in the outside of your balloon knot and just teased it before going in?

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I guess i would have to beg through my moans for you to shove your cock deeper

After entering your hole, I'd place my hands on your buttocks and just watch my penis slide in and out and hear your moans while I fucked you like you deserve.