Pigtails part 2

pigtails part 2
hey anons! just woke up so here's my daily nude. still working on getting that Snapchat accound for you all.
Also, I have to write a degrading name on my thigh every day, but someone else had to choose. first to get dubs gets to decide!

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Just curious what mental illness do you have?

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Post your arsehole please. No need to write shit on your flesh, it just makes the photo look ugly.
Just post a timestamp instead neckbeard incel.

Spread your chubby ass for us to see

Do this since I got dubs

Oh user how i truly hope this isn't you, otherwise that "mental illness" comment is highly ironic

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Roll for that sexy slut

IG Chibicynthia

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Nigga I hope you're not a newfag because every oldfag knows who I am knows I have depression, and anxiety.

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I'd like to see some tits and belly

Rolling for 'chatty fatty'

Is this yours

Rolling for "can't wipe properly"

Good girl

Id suck on that fucking asshole while i spank your pussy

of course user

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Put your toes in your mouth

Wonderful. Show that belly button

Squeeze your fat fucing belly

I want you to open your lips and show us that clit

Rolling for "Roseanne Barf"

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Rolling for this slut

Would love to slap that belly with my hard cock

Rolling for "miss my dad raping me"

Finger in each hole

Rolling for "Willemina Dafoe"

top kek

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Rolling for "permanent yeast infection"


Love your body. Don't pay attention to what these idiots are saying, you're sexy

spread asshole please

>every oldfag
Clearly not, but ok, your point? Theres always rope and a cheap chair at your nearest hardware store, lets just hope your ceiling fan supports you >~

Gonna go fishing in a hour anyone in 239?

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"I love my father dearly"

Checked, pay up OP

sorry this took so long, the image was too large so o had to compress it xx

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Would love to see a full body shot of you, front and back.

shit, guess I gotta do it :p

LMAO nigga, ain't got no time for killing myself I like the ideal of having kids like you say kys just because it gives me a good laugh.

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can you either put something in your ass or suck on your tits?

Really, you would have to gape your asshole real wide to make me hard, no way otherwise

Want to suck on those nipples

Spread your pussy for us

if you don't smell like left-out cottage cheese i'd bang

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More ass please

You truly are beyond simple retardation i can see, i gotta admit it feels bad to bully the challenged, need back to your safe space?

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stick something in your bellybutton

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Is that it or are you willing to do more?

lmao no wonder the image was too large you fucking landwhale

keep the piggy tail tits coming please

good girl

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So fucking smooth, youd probably be a fun little slut to use, show pussy with face, tongue out while doing it

Most of the bully's on Sup Forums are the ones who get bullied. I'd love to see you try that bullying shit in person. Tell you what possibility you could destroy me in a fight but I tell you what I can throw down kiddo.

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for the writing, that's it, but I'll be back tomorrow for a new word/phrase ;)
but I'm still here if you want pics

>dubs get
while we're at it: Sharpie in the pooper

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I have something bigger if you'd prefer

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Put something in your ass and take pics

Pull your asshole open for us you sexy little slut

>dubs get
sure honey

Webm time

I’ve known more skinny girls that smelled like that. I’ve had some real sweet chub pussy

So sexy

Like your toy

I'm not doing pics for dubs, that was only the body writing xx
pics are free ;)

do it

love it

Ass post more of that ass!

Lick your toy

Kek, the only thing your fatass could throw down is a few pounds of food down your throat, never said i'd destroy but now that you mention it, your lard ass wouldnt be difficult to exhaust and just lay into your ass, oh wait, better be careful what i say before you hack me huh fisherman?

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Good girl

Dubs confirmed lets see that body you filthy fuck toy

More of your face and mouth

take a pic of your butthole while pushing a turd out.

Was this you from another time?
doggy style pose from the side?

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Suck on your nipples

I bet that Fabreeze comes in handy.


Video of you drinking your own piss


Pics of you chugging milk

Post photo of your fingers wet with pussy juices after fingering yourself. And spread your juices around your vagina and thighs.

Do it

not me!

it keeps the weed smell from being too strong ;)

Where are you from ?

still waiting
>dubs plz

The trips have spoken

Food is some thing you can't afford.

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I made a video for you, but then it turned out to be too big!! so I'm converting it to a webm. in the meantime, heres a pic of myself while plugged xx

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too bad I'm living on the other side of the pond.

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Huh, i eat better than you yet i cant afford food? i wonder what that says about you, poor matt

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