When's the last time you showered, you smelly white boys?

When's the last time you showered, you smelly white boys?

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2 days ago

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Two months ago, give or take a couple of days.

20 minutes ago. I'm trying to get some before I have to go to work

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You stank


White people dont wash their legs tho. Prove me wrong

I do after some youtube show mentioned that.

Why not the legs?

I love u user you just made my day

Idk u tell me

???? This is retarded.

Niggers hardly wash themselves at all, period, because they can't else their skin will dry out. When they do they don't fucking rinse the soap off they just get out suds and all and towel off. Prove me wrong.

This morning.

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>smelly white boys
Genuinely every other ethnicity is physically capable of smelling worse on average. Melanin isn't your friend.

That's not true you dirty cracker. Go wash your feet

Sure. but you don’t though? Correct?

less than an hour ago you sexy faggot

Post your butt so I can see how clean

Hehe. Yeener

This morning

Yesterday. Gonna go in a couple of hours again

Let me join

What? What's a "Yeener"?

Yeen is slang for hyena, Yeener is just retarded way of spelling slang

Thanks for the clarification.

probably three-four times a day.
too much, anyways.

Sure whatever you believe that makes you feel better, nigger.

You stink, pale assed punk.

No wonder chimps like you smell fucking awful, have fun washing yourself using water from the sink in public bathroom.

A few days ago.
White guys can be so hot.

u all normies
1 year ago

The last time I showered at the gym a black guy took everyone's gym bags. Of course he got caught, because you need to be a member to get in and there are cameras everywhere. Now he will be able to see lots of other guys showering and keep track of who washes their balls, because they will be right under his nose.

Never relax around a chimp

They wash. They just use moisturizer afterwards.

i wanna taste his peen

This morning

can't believe it took me four minutes to get the joke.

What is it?

this but unironically

This morning.


Who was even talking about black ppl

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