New Celeb Thread

New Celeb Thread.

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pale qt edition?

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What's she saying? I bet it involves spankings.

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Literally no ass. Just a boring dwarf.

Besides Vola what other file sharing do anons use


Qt u edition.
I'm sure you'll get your sleep back where you want it.

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J. Staite 1

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I like a good flashdrive

Z. Saldana 1

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I'm fairly confident, too. I always get things where I want them.

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Z. Saldana 2

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probably something like that

qt no u qt

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probably something like that

qt no u qt

me on the right

Z. Saldana 3

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how have I done this

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God dammit, another one? Where do these vermin keep coming from?

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Anyone know anything about Pic Related? It showed up on the Jodelle Ferland reddit with somone claiming its her. Most likely not but what can you find, Sup Forums?

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K. Knightly

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the supposed girl

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I know you do sir.
Too qt for you're own good I guess :/ irrefutable proof right there.

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Delete this or there will be consequences. We are always watching.

You new here, aren't you?

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it hurts being me

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That's good. I'd hate for there to be any misunderstandings.

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Easily her best look

It must be a weird feeling, always being the cutest in the room.
Yes sir.

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smiley qt :)

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what a lovely box

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Glad to hear you're smiling.

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lots of smiles

its a difficult life

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Good night

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always when you're around

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2 belly buttons?! Good night qt

I claimed Lily Rose earlier, and since there was nobody around to contest my claim, it counts as my claim being uncontested, so she's all mine now. I thought I'd better let you know.

Nighty night.

You're even more of a little charmer than usual tonight, or is that just me?

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my legal team will be in touch
see u in court

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no u

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:> u bicth
I try my best for you sir.
Thank you for your service.

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its very nice. hopefully actually her but i doubt it.

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To be clear, I'm open to the possibility of sharing, but only on special occasions, and only if I'm properly compensated, so to speak.

I'm sure your best would be all I'd need. Can't say for sure just yet, tho, can I?
I like that outfit, I think it's my favourite look of hers that I've seen.

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Coucou ma belle!

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It's a good look. I think I go for awhile.

I don't speak spanish :(

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Miss you already.

D'you actually speak French?

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u more

tbh if you aren't my guy on the right you can't have her :/

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moshi moshi shershnon

no, I want to learn though, so I figure why not mess around with it while itt


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In all seriousness, I love them both, and they make a great couple.
In slightly less seriousness, tho, she's mine now, it's just the way it is.

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stop speaking foreign ;_;

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you just leveled up the smiley game

to your first point, oui!
to your second point, non

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>Literally no ass. Just a boring dwarf.
Music industry likes a down ass bitch, Ari was willing & well Nickelodeon producer trained

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i love gg so fucking much, she's the cutest thing in the world

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what it meant was "hello cutie"
I met a girl who was the spitting image of saoirse this weekend btw

It felt like an aggressive kind of smile after the fact

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non u

im jealous :c
when can i meet a sersha qt?

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she is fine

It's a smart idea. I might start messing around with you, if I finally decide to actually get to work on learning.

I'm sorry you had to find out this way.

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Not her.. Jodelle is pure. That could literally be any whore's gash.

Too many qts in the thread for me to take off quite yet I think. I just be a lurker :>

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I agree wholeheartedly

a true grin from ear to ear

if you claim her you gotta drop either pix or juno
I don't make the rules

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truer words are rarely spoken

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nerd girls are the biggest freaks.

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I'm afraid it doesn't quite work that way. I don't make the rules, either, but I've been known to bend them to support my greed.

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she had a bf tho, so it's a bittersweet kind of feel
one day soon you'll meet your sersha qt, I know it user

Maybe I should get an app for it, I tried it with russian but the motivation wasn't there.

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