Any anons have an experience in investing in precious metals? Will the gold price always rise?

Any anons have an experience in investing in precious metals? Will the gold price always rise?

Im feeling another financial crash is coming..

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cash is always king nigger. no one gives a fuck about gold. we've been off the gold standard for 50 years for fuck sake

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ok have cash

>extreme hyperinflation
>enjoy wiping your ass with your notes

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ever lived through a recession? inflation is a Jewish meme. it's all about location. Idgaf what you do, though. go ahead and buy a bunch of gold. good luck unloading it when the fed and Israel decides that us common folk have suffered enough. stupid motherfucker.

I plan to keep about 5% of my net worth in gold silver and cash, in roughly equal proportions. It's not a lot but if I need a ticket to another country or something any pawn shops on the planet will accept it. I currently have a ton more than 5% because my grandfather passed away and I'm waiting for the price to rise before I unload it.

to me the big reason to be buying gold is demand in india, not a crash.

I have gold and lots of silver. Mainly bars (silver). But I get my stuff from You can buy with crypto (several different types), credit card or wire.

They're legit. Good reputation, fast shipping, high quality.

If you want to invest money, buy at least ONE bitcoin, then invest the rest in gold or silver.

Take the money you were planning on using to buy metal and put it in an index fund. Doesn't matter if a crash is coming, if your investment window is bigger than a couple years. Don't fall for the doomsday horsehit like I did back in like 2011. The metal I bought years ago is worth the same or less than when I bought it, but my stock portfolio has increased ~18%

Silver, Gold, Platinum etc are all safe reliable investments and have been for thousands of years in most parts of the world
>Will the gold price always rise?
No but it's reliable enough that that's a stupid question
>Im feeling another financial crash is coming..
Then don't invest

Basic shit

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Silver fluctuates with the price of copper and lead. is also less volatile than gold and looks cool as fuck when stock piled.

The problem with gold and silver is liquidating it.
You can play the market but they tend to kill your profit with fees and shit.
If you buy gold or silver they will jew you on the value. It it is in coins, they will jew you down even more.
Cash is king like said
But also watch where you invest and who you invest with.
They will fee you to death also.

>Im feeling another financial crash is coming
literally everyone's known this for 2+ years now.
a crash is coming, but unfortunately it's probably not gunna be a quick, hard n fast crash like in 2008.
it's going to be a very slow one over the course of a few years. shit'll get more expensive without you really noticing or caring that much, your pay will go down slightly without you noticing, your work hours'll go up.
then suddenly 5 years from now everyone'll realize that shit's been going south this whole time right under our noses.

Pretty easy when the banks control the media.

I would go with silver tbh.
Gold seems risky to me.

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gold's needed for making electronics, so eventually supply will run lower and lower as demand increases

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Or electronics will change.

Within 50 years we will be mining on other planets and asteroids. Even comets. Gold will soon be worthless along with many other precious metals.

that isn't really an option without moving backwards in performance. Gold and silver are the best conductors we have, we'd have to engineer something as good or better at prices cheaper than mining it.

silvers replacing copper for its better conductivity which is essential in making smaller lighter electronics

Buy silver Gold is overpriced.

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Bought gold few weeks ago, fees & services were much lower than silver.

Making money off investing into precious metals is not easy. As an investment, the stable ones are a good choice for some security if your currency is threatening to go belly up. Only while it lasts tho, the time the first plans to return an actual asteroid mining probe back to earth with cargo will be the time the values of precious metals and rare earths will fucking tank, this I estimate is some 3-5 decades away. Also if you are preparing for a government/society collapse fuck cash and gold for the most part, weapons and nonperishables, possibly also gasoline is where it's at then.

>If you want to invest money, buy at least ONE bitcoin
kek fuck off, soon nobody will even care about crypto anymore

>>extreme hyperinflation
Well that's a real danger if you're a fucking time traveller to 1920's Germany. In this dimension, rich people might run the printing presses, but they never spend any of what they print, so there's no inflationary effect.

That's the history of the last 45 years

fuck gold buy bullets

i live in a country with strict firearms laws. If something were to happen i would book it to the nearest place with where i have the means to defend myself

if the crash is coming in a financial way metals would be the answer if society collapsed completely

Precious metals will only matter if the collapse is local and other parts of the world would still have use for them, or if society has rebuilt itself enough after a disaster that a rudimentary gold-based monetary system has taken hold. Societal collapse- guns, ammo, food and clean water is where it's at. Seriously at that point you could probably buy a human being for a decent amount of drinkable water, while nobody cares about useless shiny things

care to explain why?

I have done well over the years with copper of all things. I have been unloading for the last 2 years though. By over the years I should point out I first began to stockpile in the 90's. I also was fortunate enough to have 2 large sheds to store tonnes of the stuff.

if you're worried about a total social collapse laws aren't going to matter

Soo...nice one Elon Musky..

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