Wifey. AMA about her and what she likes, what we've done etc. Also wish for pics and gifs

Wifey. AMA about her and what she likes, what we've done etc. Also wish for pics and gifs

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do you guys enjoy watersports?

any closeups of her clit or peehole?

just dump, faggot. we don't care about you or what she likes.

anymore of that ass?

Of course

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how many fingers can you fit in her ass?

Only tried 2 before putting my cock there.

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dump all you got. she has an amazing body, more vids?

You have kik?

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Where u guys from?

keep em coming.

Ever fist her ? She's hot

Got tits or pussy pics?


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Nah. As I mentioned above. 2 fingers is the most I tried.

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moar cum!

Awaiting any sort of feedback!

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Let me find more.

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shes super hot! keep dumping. mabe start a vola? might work better for this.

Let me find more.

What's a vola?

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Can I fuck her whilst you watch?

love that ass...

its a pic sharing chat room site. make a room and share the bit after /r/

plz find, my gf is comming back soon.
Also, fuckin hawt!

More ass! Preferably spread

If you are hot. I wouldn't mind.

Damn. May need to check it out...

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you should just make one now. we'll all come over and beable to chat easier.

Soo...nice one Elon Musky..

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Fuck. I won't be able to now.. No account and going to watch a movie with wifey in a few minutes. Been searching like crazy for a set of pictures where I fucked her outside. In the middle of a city.

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you don't need an account user. too bad. would love to see more!

Would love that, public stuff is my kink and your wife is stunning

It does seem like you need an acc. I can't find a place to upload!
Got to go now guys. I'll be on tomorrow. Just search wife in around 16 hours!
This is just after I fucked her in a barn... Yeah. A barn.

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does she enjoy anal?
or just submit to it?

Fuckkk, shame you don't have kik, would love to see more of the slut in the barn, and could swap with my gfs public pics

Nah, we tried it a few times only.

Yeah I know. It fucking sucks once you get a good thread going to leave...

did it feel good owning that tight asshole tho?
my last GF loved anal. felt so good to penitrate that crazy tight hole and hear her grunt

volafile org/r/13naxhjvr

Post in that vola if you have the time, would love to see her (put a . in front of org)

Thanks. Saved
Will post soon or tomorrow

13nb352n8 I'll be there later or tomorrow :)

Lucky cuck