I want to go to an erotic Asian massage parlor in the states

I want to go to an erotic Asian massage parlor in the states.
How do I find places that offer it and what do I have to ask for?

Stories welcome

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AMP is pricey but worth a visit atleast once.

What state are you in?

Heard a lot about rubmaps

The thread below is gay as shit.

Tried and true method.
Find an adult book/video store or adult theater.
Near the entrance will be a local trade magazine.
This is a free newspaper or magazine that the local adult businesses advertise in.
It will be full of cheesy shit but mostly ads for strip clubs.
Near the back they will have less prevelant ads and classifieds.
Most of these will be massage/rubdown places.
The classifieds will be escorts.
>Good Hunting.


check out rubmaps
they will tell you if there are any places where you are at

Check rub maps,Google,local escort listings

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Don't bring more then $200 on you

Most of the establishments near me on rubmaps are closed down. I went to the one with the 2nd most reviews and they said they didn't do happy ending. Wasnt sure if there was a better way

Check live escort review listings

How far are you from the Mexican border you should have cheap latina hooker's in your area.

Just literally google Asian massage parlors in your area. Go to one in a strip mall. Here’s how you broker the deal:
1. Pay for half hour. Not hour.

2. Take cash out of your pocket and put it on the counter to show you’re tipping big.

3. She’ll exit to go talk to the madame. At this point get naked. When she enters, you want to be naked.

4. If she tries to put a sheet on you, decline it.

5. About five minutes in, flip over and say you want her to focus on your front.

6. She may ask you how it’s feeling, say “it could be better” and give a fake laugh.

7. Don’t EVER ask for it. She will know what you expect if your cash is in plain site.

8. Don’t expect anything more than a hand job. They are unlikely to remove clothes, blow, or fuck. They will finger your ass if you ask.

Search for you area on escort index


If he is not getting sex with a condom
He should not bring more then $150 with him

I've never gone to a Asian massage place and just gotten a happy ending.

no u

How much are you spending never spend more then $100 for a handjob

Most of the ones I have been to like repeat customers.
If you have been there before or they ask you let them know.
It takes the edge off the tension in the room.

$100. Sixty for half hour massage. Forty for tip

Best method I've found.
I travel along the interstate a lot and whenever I need a quick bust I pull up google maps and literally type in "massage" and look what along the interstate and go based off judgement.
Works best in smaller towns. If its in an industrial area its a good sign, residential or higher end commercial is nogo. Never bring more than $200-240. Cover cost plus tip. You may not find the most attractive women, but if thats what youre looking for get an escort.

Why don't we just legalize prostitution? This shit is stupid, paying for massages on the off chance you can pay more for a handy

Ask if they have a table shower or ask about a 4 hands massage

here’s my experience. used to live near San Francisco so i knew there was for sure places in the city to get a happy ending. searched massage parlors with the worst reviews because i figured we’ll reviewed high end parlors wouldn’t participate. one of the first reviews i read for a place said “this seems like the type of place that will give extra if you know what i mean” so i made an appt. showed up, paid the lady at the front desk and she showed me to a room in the back. she left while i undressed, had my underwear on when the masseuse came in and asked her if i should take them off and she said yes so i got naked in front of her. laid on my stomach and she immediately focused on my lower back and butt, pushing them down into the table in a repetitive motion which got me hard so i moaned quietly and readjusted my cock so it was sticking out. and then the magic happened.

I've had good luck at the Asian massage parlours compared to most posters on her.

Went to three different massage parlours.

1.massage parlour number 1 go just expecting a massage and happy ending the girl working there is a 24 year old Korean chick not quite my type she just wants to fuck negotiate full service sex with condom for 130
Felt i spent too much.

2.massage parlour number two i visited called made sure I was getting the woman in her ads a curvy 31 year old Chinese woman
Negotiated a 100 for sex with condom seen her multiple times eventually got her down to $50 for a fuck.

3.massage parlour number 3 got there a Asian woman in her 50's comes out say her pics didn't match the massage parlours ads we agree I will give her $20 to Leave since the time was booked l give her 20 leave without getting services.

Prostitution should be illegal for white women.

Prostitution should only be legal for Asian,Hispanic black or other non-white women.

Basically the hundred for massage plus extra

Don't forget skip the games for massage parlour listings.

There was a place by me that gave "assisted baths". Basically you and the girl are both naked and she jerks you off in a shower or a table shower. I actually fucked a girl there twice. Fucked her ass and came in her mouth. Couple other girls just jerked me off. Fucked a black girl there and got chlamydia. Eventually the cops shut it down

Yup. Unfortunately you gotta pay for the massage.

Can you elaborate on this?


You lucky you didn't catch Ebola

Check places like cityxguide
They will have some massage parlors that will post ads

When you walked into the place there were pictures of all the girls. An older black woman ran the joint. You would pick a girl from the pictures (which were legit, but very flattering) The black woman would then take you down a long hallway with individual bathroom setups. She then told you to take off your clothes and wait. Then your girl came in. You could tell the girls were trained not to talk until you got naked. They were paranoid about cops. Then it was up to the girl. Like I said a couple wanted to fuck and others were strictly hand whores