Hey Sup Forums

hey Sup Forums

found this in wife's vag today.
it moves freely but feels like its the tip of something deeper, like a torn vein or something.

any guess on what it is? medical name?

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Isnt that a cliboris?

She needs to shave.

I know you expected a cock there user, but women don't have those

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"honey, you've got some bloody thing on your pussy, let me take a photo, I'll ask Sup Forums what that is"

meant the little red thing in the middle you smart asses. it moves around on the wet skin but doesn't pull out or anything.

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damn i remember when Sup Forums used to be normal for that.

Something has germinated

just looks like vaginal tearing. How olds your wife? If your above 30 she should be getting regular check ups at the gynecologist.

rather that a tear its like a little tip of a longer thing user. a tear wouldnt slide around on the skin

is it itchy?

no. and shes 25.

normal menstruation cycle?

That would be a "hymen" sir

no not at all. she just got her period after 3 months, about a week ago.

we've been fucking for 4 years. cant be. and i would have noticed it before.

Then it is a disease

aye maybe. what though

did you even touch it with your hands! u need to eat a whole bottle of ketchup. maybe the tomatoes will help!
it will make u have the "babies"

Post more pics of her vag.

Im a vag doctor. You can trust me.

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is sex really painful for her?

nope. this was taken mid sex. she dint even notice it. i did.

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idk, you probably see a doctor not talk to random med student online. Like the list of things it could be are: Endometriosis, HPV, carcinome. At the very least she has Amenorrhoea (absence of period). Could be explained with other medication, but that very fact alone means you should probably see a doctor.

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did i fuck her?

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youre right. just thought id get some relief before i did that though

It's called a clitoris OP.

Last time I banged her, she said she'd been waiting years for you to locate it. Congraturations, let's celebrate with a pic of her asshole.

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It's called a polyps - not a big deal - doc will tug it free and send for tests just to make sure it's benign.

that's some gay shit

Looks like two fingers to me

Whos' fingers?

Your mom's

aye that was my first guess too

Sure was ;)

Hi OP, 1st year medtard here.

This looks like a burst incelliary gland OP. It stretches all the way through the anterior wall to the colon, and can sometime be ruptured.

If you post a high def photo of the anal region, I could probably make a better diagnosis and confirm.

Would a sharpie help?

No, that's not generally a diagnostic tool that we doctors would make use of OP.