Andro / tomboy thread?

andro / tomboy thread?

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How many camels to trade for her?

Would like to make her my wife.

Show pussy!

Not OP, but here

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OP here. seen this girl posted quite a bit on Sup Forums

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Is this andro?

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Use to be really hot but I avoid bitches like this now because they all have something stupid to parrot on about gender

Who she and where more?

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queen of Sup Forums

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why do girls think it's hot to see another man's semen on them? It's a turn off for me. just makes me feel gay vibes

that's not boxxy

Whos this?

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So you like girls that don't conform to gender norms, but you don't want them to talk about it? Brainlet

A gal

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guys I'm on no-fap but it's difficult because I get so horny idk what to do to stop the urges.

The last thing I want is to hear them talk tbh

Good thing no one gives a shit what you think faggot

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>gay vibes
That's the good shit, though. Being bisexual is awesome.

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Anyone have any Chelsea Shepard from Tampa? Total tomboy/dike looking but seriously worlds tightest pussy.

>not imagining it’s your semen
Do you like getting cucked or something?


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Oh Gawd mooore

hear! hear!

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t. closet-case beginning to awaken

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I remember when tomboys made me realize I was bi

i got a thing for tomboys with big clits
anyone got any?

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you sound like a gay in denial

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That’s what he’s looking for, dumbfuck

fuckin hot

he's more than likely bisexual, like everyone else in this thread honestly

dem face moustaches, tho

that's a trans man

That's why you will stay forever virgin.

Hot, mine will be gettin a big clit

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lol, the pre-op dick pic.

??, are you seeing the tile as a dick?

fuck thats hot

excess hair comes with the big clit territory

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almost certain that person is trans if they didn't identify as such yet in the pics
nothing wrong with it, I'm bi as fuck and find it/him cute

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They wish they had one
To think I used to not dig hair
They likely are (mine is too but yet to start hrt)
My partner, but they post on soc as Nil

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More with rope

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cold showers
read books by anthony burgess

so you're bi then? once they've fully transitioned you'll have to be

I wouldn't say no. Must have a tiny clit.

3 beers, a jigger of Popcorn Sutton, and half a bottle of Mateus for her -- to loosen inhibitions.

Yep, we’ve been together for over 12 years now. Known for quite some time. Whether they keep with the femboy or go full masc, I’m in it for life

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I wish I had your resolve. I dated a guy for a year before the stigma of feeling like a pariah got to me. I have general anxiety issues and we weren't a 100% perfect couple but I was happy and it really sucks when you aren't comfortable with the way people will judge you. It's hard to know exactly what it will be like until you're actually in that situation. I wish you luck.

how much hair is too much?

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> It's hard to know exactly what it will be like until you're actually in that situation.
I have a little anxiety about it but I’m pretty confident outsider opinion isn’t going to end this. It’s been hard to reassure them, they’ve read many stories of people’s partners leaving them once they start hrt, but we’re in it together. Thanks user, sorry it didn’t work out for you

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Then post some but we all know we tend to have overlap of actual tomboyish girls, girls with short hair that may or may not be tomboys, and a few pre/post T ftms, but we all know the general look we’re hoping to see in here. If it’s not to your tastes, please share your refined palette or shut the fuck up


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More of these

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