Friends you fap to

Friends you fap to.

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I know Sarah has fans around here.

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used to get so many of my loads before she got too many tats. still a decent insta follow

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those fucking tits. I don't mind tats.

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Looks a lot like one of my ex's. Got moar?

would love to fuck this little cow Kristen

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nice tits

Fuck lol that's creepy how close they are.

>Saving, btw

styleand_grace on insta. she's one of those stupid self righteous fitness thots

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Definitely something about her.

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agreed, love to use her

All the time

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amazing tits for sure

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Any time I see her posted and a few other than that

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squeezable tits and body

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fuckable face


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Nudes plz

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Love bride pictures

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Mmmm perfect for gang rape

I would too

religious friend

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Ooh I love religious girls. Think she's a closet freak?

would love to take advantage of her one day

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tons of loads

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Would be a fool not to

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Most days

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WWYD to this hoe?

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Got a nice ass hasn’t she

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erry day

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I need it on my dick.

Anything else?

Who wouldn’t want that

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Id let her jack me off onto that tongue

got her in heels?

very nice

these two sluts

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Hows this?

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More nice

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Fuck share more on discord?

Cant stop fappin to my friends wife

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since high school

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Sure, yours?

I wouldnt stop either.


friend's sister (in black)

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Yea shes so damn hot the lucky bastard

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Fuck im in love already

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Any topless?

couple of my buddies girls, would fuck and cum in them both

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damn more like that pls

me too

got disc?

I wish user

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This slut daily, sometimes more then once

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she's got nice perky tits

Most days

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I have no pics but i often fap to the memories of this friend who sucked me real good and let me fuck her when we were students. Good memories. Also to this other one who teased me her freshly shaved pussy...she was just finishing it for her then boyfriend who was coming from military mission the next day...real smooth and juicy pussy.