Post your best loli greentexts

post your best loli greentexts

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>once there was a loli
>she had a great childhood and grew up to be a well-rounded adult because she was not molested by some sick pedophile
>the end

As a mobile user, how exactly do I view this in a decent resolution?

Open pic in new tab, remove the 'm' at the end.
If 404 change file extension to png

I've suffered abuse before, my wife's also suffered abuse, granted a lot more than I have, over years, this story never ceases to make me tear up like a goddamn pussy.

I hope swim loli's doing well.

My nigga. The 404 trick is what was holding me up

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anyone have lolikazam?

>this story never ceases to make me tear up like a goddamn pussy

'cause she found happiness in the end. Corny as shit, but knowing life can get better after the shit you've had to deal with is mind-boggling.

Wholesome lewd.

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damn...good green text

tf is lolikazam?

>missing baby teeth
>11 y.o.
I can't do this

Can’t do what?

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I have my own story about a swimming loli to share
>have little cousin named Lilly
>she was born in January and I in July, so for about half the year our ages are two years apart, the other half three
>she's the kid of my biological uncle and his wife, a Japanese woman
>Lilly was a brunette (not black-haired) hapa with a cute cluster of freckles around her nose; she could pass for white if not for her eyes, brown with the slight slant you'd expect, her nose and ears are both small and her skin is extremely pale and flawlessly smooth, she has a bit of an "elf"-like look
>she was around a lot when we were kids, not quite to the point of being my de facto sister but close enough
>she was always very girly but also completely un-spoiled, kind, considerate, and open to whatever I wanted to do
>we would play pretend, hide-and-seek, legos, video games, build forts, have water fights, make stupid videos on my parents' camcorder, at night slipping into too-big t-shirts and underwear and sitting right next to each other under a blanket on the couch and watching movies with a bowl of popcorn and M&Ms
>she didn't ask me to do girly stuff nearly as often as she would indulge me in my activities but I would generally put up with it by virtue of how much I liked her overall
>whenever her parents wanted to go out they would drop her off at our house to stay the night and the two of us would always take a bath together, this went on until I was 9 and really only stopped because I switched to preferring showers
>(my parents weren't hippies but they didn't see a problem in me seeing the differences between boys and girls early and getting those questions out of the way, plus we always had fun! playing with bubbles, tickling each other, blowing raspberries; a lot of non-sexual touching back then)

>less often (my dad worked overnights on the police force) my parents would go out and leave me with her family, and while there was an extra bed for her to sleep on at my place her folks' duplex was smaller and we had no problems sharing her bed and cuddling up together

>flash forward to being just turned 14, she was 11
>since I was 12 I stopped going to her house as my parents trusted me home alone, but she would still get dropped off or wander over to our place fairly often
>when we were both single digit-aged kids it felt like our maturity levels were about equal (or at least I never thought of her as being terribly younger), but ever since I had become a teenager she looked up to me more and was much more inclined towards asking me questions, especially since after that summer was up I was going off to high school
>that summer I also had a massive growth spurt, and by the end of it I was over 6 feet while Lilly to this day has never grown past 5 foot even (she's on my mom's side, my dad is the huge guy that gave me those genes)
>being that school was out things were a bit more loose, my dad was generally home during the day (albeit sleeping) and so it wasn't uncommon for her to ride her bike down and pop in and want to play some Halo 2 or take a dip in our swimming pool
>a couple of times she showed up while I was at the library and woke my dad up to ask where I was, which, while he adored her, he wasn't too happy about (eventually she learned to just assume that's where I'd be)
where I was, which, while he adored her, he wasn't too happy about (eventually she learned to just assume that's where I'd be)
>one day we're in the basement playing Xbox, her running around as her pink Spartan character and I trying to avoid detection to get high enough to use the sniper I'd picked up

>she's in a light yellow tank top with one strap that kept falling down her shoulders that would probably easily reveal some sidenip if one was looking (not sideboob, as that would be very generous to her chest at that point), small shorts, and flip flops that she would dramatically kick off her feet anytime she sat down
>no luck, she bum-rushed me and used an energy sword on my ass
>she would usually giggle and do a little victory dance in her seat when she managed to get me, I was only slightly better at the game than she was and so she didn't have much reason to be so excited every time but she was always so good-natured and cute about everything that it was impossible to be mad at her for it (and it's not like I didn't engage in some sort of trash talk when I scored a point on her)
>this time, though, she went the extra mile and stood over my corpse and pressed down the left stick in rapid succession
>yep, I was being teabagged
>"Aw, what? Hey! Do you even know what that means?"
>"Yeah, I'm sticking my butt in your face!" she said as she giggled on
>"No, that's called teabagging..." I said, feeling embarrassed now as I knew I'd have to explain
>"TEA-bagging? Why?"
>"It's uh.. when your guy is.. he's sticking his... balls in the other guy's mouth."
>she stopped giggling and lifted her finger off the controller
>"Yeah, it's uh.. weird I know."

>"Like, what a boy has under his wiener?"
>"Ew, that is SO gross!" she started up her giggles again
>"Yeah, uh.. that's the point."
>"But my character is a girl... that's why she's pink!... So I guess it means I'm putting my vagina in your face!" she said with a smile as she put her hands back on the controller and started to hunt me down again
>I'm thoroughly embarrassed now; being 14 I was at this point masturbating regularly and through internet pornography had a decent (though warped) knowledge of sexual relations. But also being a young teenager with no experience felt really uncomfortable talking about that kind of thing with a girl, even one I knew so well
>we play for a while longer in silence, just the environmental sounds of the game in the room
>"Do people do that in real life?"
>I tense up and probably blush like a fag, I neither really know the answer nor if it's appropriate for me to be discussing this subject with my near and dear baby cousin whose parents are pretty protective of her
>"UhhhhHh.. maybe"
>"WHAAAT!?! Really?!? EW!!"
>"I uh, mean, I don't know."
>she looks at me funny
>"I thought you'd say no! Why would anybody do THAT?"
>"A-as a joke, I guess."
>"What kind of joke is THAT?"
>"Er, a gross one?"
>we go quiet as we play some more, she has a look of concentration as she tries to track me down on the map and I try to match her focus even though my mind is elsewhere
>she suddenly speaks up, right as I climb into a banshee and start flying around
>"You know... I know where babies come from."

jesus christ, /vp/ autists are on a whole other fucking level

>that threw me for a loop and soon I found I had no clear trajectory in my flight path; if the situation was different I'd maybe have answered with an incredulous "Really?" and expect something about a stork or a magic kiss but the context told me she must know something more
>"What?" is all I could say
>"Yeah, Allison at school told me." she said quickly and clipped.
>neither of us were really looking for each other in the game anymore
>I really was too embarrassed to ask her for any details; if I was older I'd have maybe been more confident in expecting an inaccurate answer but I just didn't have any idea what to say
>after some silence she spits out again at the same fast speed
>"She says the girl lays down on her tummy and the boy puts his thing in her butt!"
>a shout from upstairs
>i'm scared completely, 100% shitless
>"Coming, coming!" I jump up and run upstairs with my heart thumping, Lilly takes the time to pause the game and hobbles on after me while shuffling her flip flops back on
>my dad is in the kitchen in his uniform, lacing up his boots
>oh god oh man oh shit oh jeez
>"I'm about to leave for work, will you two be alright?"
>my dad says totally normally, not looking me in the face as he does up his laces and straightens out his socks
>look at the clock, almost 6 already somehow
>my mom is away for the next few days on a trip for her job, it's just going to be me all night
>"Yeah, yeah" my heart is still thumping and I feel a little sick in my stomach
>"We have frozen pizzas, but since my favorite niece is here I can leave a few dollars for delivery if you'd like."
>(he has no other nieces)
>"Uh, no, that's fine. I bet she has to go home soon anyway.."
>Lilly butts in
>"No, no, I can stay for supper, I'm sure. I just have to call my mom."
>"Well alright, make sure you do that. I have to go, I'll see you tomorrow."
>he takes out his wallet and leaves a 20 on the counter

>"Bye!" Lilly and I say in unison as he walks out the door
>now it's just the two of us, I guess.
>"I'm gonna go call my mom"
>at this point my head is a bit more clear, and I dig a Sprite out of the fridge and sit on the couch in the living room while she uses the corded landline phone to make her call (we had a wireless, but it wasn't in the kitchen)
>"She says I can stay the night!" said Lilly, visibly excited as she walks through the arch into the living room
>"Huh, really?" I say
>"Yep! My mom really likes you, you know."
>maybe not after some of the things we've been talking about
>"Well, aw shucks" I say jokingly. "What do you want to do?"
>"hmmmm... I dunno. we've been playing the game for a while"
>"Yeah, I'm kind of done with that too"
>I sip my Sprite and she looks around the room, it's very quiet
>"Can we swim?" she says with a grin
>"Hm, I'll have to take the cover off the pool but it's alright, you have to promise not to drown on me, though."
>she laughs "Pinky promise!"
>I get up and head out to the pool - it's fenced in and built into the porch, built by my grandfather before he passed away and we inherited the house
>she watches me roll up the cover to expose the water
>"Ah, shoot." she says
>"I forgot my backpack at home. I don't have my suit."
>"Well, darn it. Are you going to bike back home to get it?"
>she thinks for a second
>"What if I do it naked!", she giggles
>I laugh off her goofy 11-year old joke
>"Hehe, c'mon, nobody can see us, and we've taken like, a BILLION baths together"
>oh she's serious
>"No way, Lilly.." I chuckle off

>"Watch me!"
>as I'm rolling up the last of the cover she quickly kicks off her flip flops, pulls off her tank top and pulls off her shorts and panties in one quick swoop and does a running jump into the pool
>yup, I looked, and there sure is a naked little girl in the pool

>she laughs as she sees my surprised expression, then holds her hands to her shoulders and shivers a bit from adjusting to the cold water before she starts swimming around
>she wasn't wearing a bra yet (even a training one) but her nipples definitely pointed out a little from her chest as she bobbed up and down, mosquito bites just barely coming in. other than the bit of extra height that was about the only notable difference from the last time I saw her buck-ass naked. I still saw her in a shirt and panties fairly regularly as that was her standard sleepwear during a hot summer with shitty air conditioning, but knowing the general shape of a girl's body and seeing it exposed fully to you are definitely two different things
>"You maniac!" I started to get over my shock and laugh a little at it.
>I realized in her attitude that the reason she didn't have any embarrassment about what she just did is because she really was just a kid still. As much as we had been close growing up, I know no girl my own age would do something like that, because there's a whole lot more to see. This was just my baby cousin Lilly, with no real curves to speak of, and she trusted me not to do anything weird or didn't even know what sort of weird things a boy could do
>which made me both a little relieved and very uncomfortable, as this was still the first naked female I'd seen since I'd started getting horny in earnest, and I still had a tingle of arousal despite knowing it shouldn't make sense
>"So, are you coming in?" she said, her little butt sticking up and surrounded by water as she swam on her belly and kicked her feet
>"*I* need to go get my swim trunks" I said as I started to head in
>"Aw, boo!" she called
>"Yeah, yeah, I'm a chicken" I brushed her off as I headed in
>"Yeah, a big fat one!" she laughed
>I put my trunks on, and brought out one of the big T-shirts she would put on as sleepwear, in case she wanted to cover herself (hopefully, for my sake)

>I got out there and showed her the shirt
>"Pffft, no way. This is awesome!" she said as she swam with liveliness, bobbing in and out of the water as she rotated and propelled herself forward in the pool
>"Alright..." I said as I dipped my toe in and then plunged my body into the pool
>we swim around for a bit, I of course watching her wet girly body contort around and dive in and out of the water while doing my best not to look like I'm doing so
>eventually, the idea for a game comes up, and of course it's Marco Polo
>knowing that this game requires touching at some stage has me a bit cautious, but at this point i'm just kicking myself for being a pervert for even thinking about her that way and wanting to try and help her have a good time
>so she says I'm it, and like the fool I am I close my eyes and cry "Marco" for about 20 seconds before she pulls down my trunks from behind, easily getting rid of them before I'm able to process what's happening
>"Hey! Lilly!" I say as she laughs while swimming to the other end of the pool with them
>she throws them off the side of the deck, far enough away that I'd have to get out to get them
>"You jerk!"
>"Hey, it's fair. C'mon, you're still It and you opened your eyes, that's against the rules!"
>"No way, Lilly, you need to turn around while I get those back"
>"Pffft, you've been seeing me naked this whole time!"
>"It's not the same, you're just a kid"
>she was visibly offended by this, pouty face mode activated
>"Am not!"
>yes, a very non-childlike response
>I really didn't want to argue with her or make her upset
>"I'm sorry, but I just don't want to be naked.. can you please turn around?"
>she's still defiant
>"What, are you really that afraid to show your... wiener?" her tinge of anger turns a bit smug as it's physically impossible to stop herself from smirking or giggling while mentioning a boy's privates
>yes, actually, but I wouldn't admit that

>"Whatever", I'm more willing to stay in the pool like this than get up on the deck where she can see me clearly, seeing as she wasn't going to turn around
>so I swim back out into the water, not looking at her directly as I get used to the feeling of cool water on my dick and balls hanging out
>"So are we still playing?"
>"Yeah, but you have to be It this time", I say
>so we start playing Marco Polo again, only this time I'm naked and a blind naked loli is chasing me... a much bigger, heavier, easy-to-find target.
>maybe not such a good deal?
>she leaps towards my general direction and I step back, she misses grazing me an inch
>oh, she's very determined
>once again a near miss
>I barely get anything out before she swims directly towards me kickings with those quick little feet of hers
>and she hugs me, both of us naked in the pool
>"TAG!" she giggles
>and suddenly, I have a boner
>oh god dammit motherfucking shit
>she keeps her arms wrapped around me under my armpits, her body pivoted away from mine, thank the lord
>but as she lets go she grazes her hand down my chest and just barely brushes against my hard 8th grade dick
>i'm dead now, I know it. she'll tell her mom and they'll have me arrested and I'll never see her again
>but to my surprise, she looks closer to get a better look at the weirdly hard thing jutting out of me
>"So Allison was right, they do get bigger" she said, kind of shocked and excited all at once
>I'm entirely too embarrassed and have absolutely no clue what to say
>all the meanwhile, my 11 y/o baby cousin has her hand inches from my desperate, hormone-fueled cock
>"Can I see it?" she says
>what in the fuck
>still in shock
>she does not wait for consent
>she puts her hand down and touches it

bruh holy shit lmao

>"wowwwww" she says in the most pre-teen inflection possible
>in this moment, I'm not really her close cousin user, I'm a biological specimen
>she's not really looking at me, just my dick, and cupping it with her hand in a variety of ways while never really quite grasping it the way you're supposed to to jerk one off
>no knowledge of the mechanics, just examining the organ and its foreign strangeness
>"Def-intely a lot bigger than it used to be" she says as she gets a look of concentration on her face
>she starts stroking it in a more methodical way
>oh, she DOES know what you're supposed to do... sort of
>"Lilly, stop.."
>she looks up at my face for the first time since my dick caught her attention and slacks her arm a bit while keeping her hand on my boner
>"I thought boys like this.."
>"I- uh, they do." my heart is pounding "But you're my cousin."
>"Hm." she gets pouty again "You don't like me?"
>"Of course I do, Lilly, but we could both get in trouble-"
>"No one is here, and I like you" she says with way more confidence than I'd expect from her in this situation
>well, I'm 14, horny, and a girl is jacking me off, so it's fair to assume that with that reassurance I was pretty powerless to stop anything at that point
>I don't manage to get a word out but she slowly starts stroking me again and then speeding up, though she's still kind of just randomly pawing at my dick rather than getting a good grip on it and jerking it
>"Uh, here" I say as I wrap my much larger hand around hers and guide it into the proper shape around my dick and squeeze. "Grab onto it pretty hard"
>"O-okay" she says as she bites her lip and starts really moving the skin up and down my shaft
>total concentration now as warm tingles roll up my body and make my head fuzzy, i'm sort of sick in the pit of my stomach but i'm running on hormones
>she gets out the other hand and does the two hand wrap
>oh fuuuuuuckkkkk yes

>stroke stroke stroke
>holy fucking shit
>i know this is going to be the biggest load in the year and a half since i started shooting them
>my balls are boiling, my dick is red hot even though I'm in cold ass water
>oh fuck oh fuck
>cute baby cuz
>oh god this is it
>spurt after spurt of hot cum shoots out of my dick
>holy fucking christ
>"Eeek!" briefly from Lilly as the cum's pure force manages to make it shoot out of the goddamn water and onto her chest and forearm
>i'm jizzing on my little cousin holy fucking shit
>she stops touching it at this point and i have to stick my arm down and finish it off, and so fire my last few spurts while feeling like my soul was torn from my body
>i come to my senses and look down at the cum-covered little girl, she looks entirely shocked
>with a tinge of shame say "sorry, sorry" and splash water up at her to wash it off
>"Wow, that's the stuff that makes babies?" she said
>"But you have to do it in my butt for that, right?"
>can't help but laugh
>"N-not quite."
>"Uh, we'll talk about it inside."
>so I look around and
>oh, we forgot towels
to be continued

this is ass stop posting

>its the only logical choice

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