Trap Time

Trap Time

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Is it you cerise?

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Fuckin gross traps are a disgrace and should be put down!!!

Show me them big trap dicks!

Is she cute? Lady on the right.

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can you please put "trap thread" in the OP text so my filter picks up on it and I don't have to add a bunch of variations
nothing personell I'm a fan of traps too but I wanna be able to browse Sup Forums without them

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Join our server for more traps



Toast I think

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go on

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anythign more to go on? not getting any results

Well that's just not nice

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Its "Almosttoasty" on twitter and pornhub

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>play video games for living
>be kinda public about your sissy fetish
>get money for it
>go around the internet looking for cum tributes (shame he dmca's them)
that's high life. when i grow up i want to be just like sneaky.

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fkin pale traps are god tier and should have their holes fked on the daily

Show butt

ty kind user


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Do any actual girls lurk these threads?

i know, thats the life i dream of! if only i wasnt so trash at video games :(

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Just search “trap” and enter until you see the right thread

> on the daily

That just makes me think of The Fugees :D

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do you have a screenname or something i can look up for more cute trap pics?

how about this, there is 1 thread up, look away you little baby. its not that hard.

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I don't know about here. But I've met a few girls through Tumblr and Twitter

CDIsabel, or some variation thereof

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Lmao that wasnt me but it's strange to see myself as the op of the first thread I've decided to look at in weeks

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Oh my....You made me spring to life with that! So pale, such a cute cock with a bit of pink glans poking out from that smooth foreskin!

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God what I wouldn't give to have those feet wrapped around my cock

Mmm would fuck

>>send the real pic pls, we need more sneaky


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Wickr group anyone?

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nice no photoshop pic dude

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>10 / 10

... sadly not 11 / 10 cuz of that shitty emote hiding the face

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Post webms

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I need more.

sauce or more?

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you sexy

does rhi still post in these threads

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you look good

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requesting trap soles

got kik qt?

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Cute feet, wanna suck on them

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