Why am I so focused on trying to be cute?

why am I so focused on trying to be cute?

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you want to be my e-bf, cute user?

I'm not really ok enough in my brain to have a committed relationship right now

maybe some day though

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Cause cute and cuddly things contrast with a ugly and cruel world.

Believe in yourself, do what makes you happy.

Post some pics

your a fairy

Your just really insecure

that's an interesting take on it

I definitely have much distaste for the ugly world I find myself in

i am posting pics

more of an elf, I think

Yeah, that's true

I don't really know how to stop, even though I've tried to learn ways of dealing with it

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cutie user, what is your advice on being cute?

That pic could be us user, but you playin

Pics of yourself
I wanna see how cute are you

Cute boys are cute, that's why.

A lot of people think it is an external thing, but cuteness is found within. cuteness comes from a place of vulnerability

Opening your heart, I believe, is a quick way to it

I'm not playing I'm just not doing so well right now

yeah idk about that one

that doesn't help me understand why i put considerable time and effort into doing cute things, or speaking/acting in a "cute" way

what's the point??

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Because you're a cute boy

You should post pics of your cute boy butt

if I was a cow, id simply be a cow

I don't have to act like a cow because I am one

in this way, maybe I act like one because I am not one

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Nah, you cute boy.



If you say so


I completely agree user

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What is your opinion on this?

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Yes. Now give me a kiss, cute boy.

cute boys make the world go around tbh, it's a good focus to have
would you mind posting a pic of yourself here?

Because you have no life and you spend too much time online.

it looks pretty neat, I like those kinds of bikes over harleys or crotch rockets. That kind of bike looks like something a Hitman would ride and i guess that's cool

kissing is really hard for me to feel comfortable doing. If i kiss someone, that means I like them and trust them a whole bunch

If I post a pic of myself then it derails the thread with either horny people or really mean people

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that's pretty true, Ive lost all my ambition for hobbies. I'm a published author and releasing my first album soon, and yet all i can seem to do now is distract myself with useless things

i don't know what happened to me

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You need to get off the internet and leave your home town. Memes arent a substitute for real life and i should know, ive been around since before this shithole even existed. You can still do online shit but there needs to be a balance. Otherwise youll just go the lazy route and confirmation bias yourself into a completely boring unfulfilled life forever.

i moved out of my hometown 9 months ago, and I really don't care for memes that much I find them really useless and a waste of time :/

I mostly just play WoW or watch shows. I used to do so many more things. I used to be really creative and happy

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Firstly fuck off faggot. Secondly come on man if you’re depressed you need to go out trust me I know it’s hard. Am depressed and it literally takes every fiber to get out of bed but god damn it I’m getting the fuck outta bed the day might be shit but at least I got up.

I force myself to walk to the grocery store just so I'll leave the house

but besides that, there's nothing to do, nowhere to go. if I go out to eat, it's alone. if i go to the park, it's alone etc etc

it doesn't matter if I go out because there's nothing happening

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cause you have nothing else you can attempt to garner attention with.

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Okay it sounds like you need to learn how to be okay being alone. So when I got out of the marines I was terribly depressed so depressed my wife left me an i spiraled out of control drinkin and druggin and I was trying to fill a few holes. The first one was watching my friends die that one I’ve more or less come to grips with sort of. The second was loneliness I’m still fighting that battle but when you can be okay being by yourself then maybe you won’t try to fill some void in yourself with hollow empty things and you’ll actually find things of sustenance to fill those holes..... like cock faggot

I could brag about my achievements or w/e

i never understood why people used "getting attention" as an insult when nearly everything we do is for attention. Speaking is for attention. Wearing clothing is a certain means of attention. Driving certain vehicles, using insults, getting certain jobs

we do things so others will look at us in a certain way, whether that is status or competition or love

certainly you've never done anything to get a girls attention; not once...

.. never ever.....

I am okay being alone. I lost my gf of 5 years, and lost my 5th friend to suicide this October. I have been okay with being alone for a while. I prefer solitude in most cases because a lot of people stress me out

there's only a handful of folk that i can spend time with and not become drained

I'm not anti social, there's just nothing to fucking do besides go to a bar and bars are lame

like I said above, I'm an accomplished author and musician - I have things of "sustenance"

i just don't care about them anymore

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So do you like nature, do you like driving super fast, do you like guns? I mean I’m a motorcycle rider and every time I ride its like the first time I felt pussy man. My point is not find a hobby but find a center it might just jump start the lull you found yourself in. going to bars is overrated just go find your zen man it’s not as gay as I though Sup Forums ro


i love nature and exploring and camping and larping and festivals and conventions and weird pagan gatherings

I have found many cool things

I just stopped caring, I stopped going out, nothing is interesting me anymore

except trying to be cute, I guess. I still put lots of effort into that

outter beauty is useless and here I am constrained to it?

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Well if you’re trying to figure out why you’re being cute what feeling does being cute give you and what happened around the time everything stopped being interesting

everything stopped being interesting when winter started, when my 5th friend killed themselves, when my brother lost control on alcohol again

I've been trying to heal from things in the past but there's no time to heal before more traumatic things occur

Being cute at least gives my miserable existence some worth. If i can't speak good words, do good things, do anything, if I can't work, I can't enjoy things - then i might as well look good I guess?

if I didn't pay any attention to my beauty then id be ugly and depressed or something

idfk man it doesn't make sense to me. If I could care about things that mattered as much as I do trying to be cute maybe id have some direction here

I hate being human it's so complicated

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You're not the only one out there and I love you for it. Thank you for your existence and your effort.

Probably because you judge people's worth by their appearance.

my effort of what? Spending every ounce of energy to try and stay alive just to suffer tomorrow?

Really starting to scratch my head here and empathize with dolphins who starve themselves in captivity

I wish I was a perfect person who didn't, but I do. Do you judge people by their looks too?

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Yes, you're still making an effort to live and on top of that you try to be cute which I adore

>Do you judge people by their looks too?
Yeah I do, but what does it matter what other people do if it's a behaviour in yourself you don't like?
I ain't a therapist, so i can't give you some kind of action plan, I was just answering the question, man.

I'm tired of 'just surviving'

I used to live. Like actually live, and be happy but it dwindles so quickly. I don't know what changed. My best guess is this mountain of suffering that I've been buried under in the last few years, but each new year brings another pile

when does it stop so i can catch up?

I guess it doesn't matter when you put it that way

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ur gae

Have you tried smoking pot

Ah loss of friends I can help I think maybe. So I lost three friends in Afghan and 10 more to suicide in the years after. for a long long time it was tough I didn’t understand I didn’t know how to fix it I went to therapy man it really helps also I stopped being a faggot but mostly the therapy

Just keep doing what you do man, if you don't want to live anymore I can't blame you, just know there are people that appreciate your cuteness, I don't know you personally so I can't comment.

Bullshit suicide isn’t the answer I empathize but I will never sympathize with someone who an hero’s like a coward life tough that’s the point.


ya I smoke perhaps a bit too much of that

I'll never stop being a fag but I've been going to therapy for 7 years it doesn't really help as much as it used to. You hear enough of the same cliches and it stopped working for me

Maybe I just gave up

Everytime I want to die, I get this sea of people begging me not to. "please don't go, we love you, you're a great person etc etc etc w/e"

they say these nice things about me, and how much I matter - but only when I'm suicidal. Every other time, where are they? Where are they when it counts? They only exist when I'm ready to die. Once I shut my mouth, they all disappear.

Why am I living for people like that? So they can virtue signal at me? I don't exist to them until I'm ready to die. Then I suddenly matter

I hate that a lot

It's not cowardice; it makes sense. Are the dolphins who starve themselves to death cowards for knowing that death is preferable to imprisonment?

Why do you think death is such a bad thing? Everything dies. Do we grow angry at that fact? No, just like we don't grow angry with the sky being the shade of blue that it is

I don't understand where people got so attached to this "just stay here and suffer" mentality. Does it accomplish something? Does staying and suffering longer get you some sort of reward or benefit?

cuz tbh it's hard and it hurts and its exhausting. My first thought waking up the last few days has been "fuck this shit another day to deal with"

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Those people say those things because it rattles their cage, they do really mean those things but you can't expect them to say it all the time. You are letting yourself be weak minded and just focusing on all the bullshit that's going on around you and hanging onto every bad thing that happens. Shit happens man. You just have to quit being a bitch and let it go. Keep being cute even if everyone around you is a pessimistic bastard. Enjoy the speech Sup Forums doesn't pay me enough for this shit

Well one point if they aren’t down to come over and have a beer then they where never there to begin with get some real ride or die homies. Two I never said that death is a bad thing it’s not it’s a sweet embrace that I pray for every day I’m not telling you to not die for anyone else I’m telling you to not die for YOU life is pain but I learned that pain teaches pain is a permanent lesson real true pain stays forever no one should be able to talk you out of it but what keeps me going is what if one day life is a little better a little easier yeah it’s gonna get rough again but you look back and go man I made it dude if rpgs and ieds couldn’t kill me then why the fuck would I just end it on such a small note and it’s cowardice because basically you’re saying I can’t face the pain like a big boy and I’m a fuckin big boy but I understand like I said I empathize I sat there many long nights fighting those demons man you decide how tough you are

You're not wrong, I do hang onto the bullshit but I don't know how to let go. It's not like holding onto an object where you can choose to drop it. I don't really understand how to not let all this depressing shit weigh on me

I miss my friends

why did you sign up if you knew you'd be getting attacked with explosions? I know for a fact I'm not that tough

Everything seems to make me cry. I'm not weak or pathetic, I've won fights, I've made it this far I guess, but honestly I've only made it this far because I have a safety net that won't let my mistakes bury me

if I didn't have this safety net, i don't think id be here ^^;

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I would like to cuddle with you.

I can't cuddle with people anymore because 2 different people decided to use my body without my permission

i can't get close to people without having a full shut-down and staring 1,000 yards :))))

reason #378 I hate being alive

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As gay as this sounds I always knew I’d join I just wanted to serve then when 9/11 happened I knew I needed to fight. Honestly man it’s not about physical strength it’s not about how big you are or how big your dick is it’s the never quit attitude it’s okay to fall it’s okay to have weakness it’s the getting back up part is real toughness. You think I wasn’t scared man I was fuckin terrified but I couldn’t let anyone else know I had to put it in a box and let it go cause that would get me killed. Look I don’t have answers but what I do is I say no matter what I will fight to my last fucking breath, I can be a Parapalegic but if I’m breathing I’m fuckin fighting man. You don’t need to have that mindset but just look at what you made it through already crying don’t mean shit as long as you stand up in the end. I don’t know you but you seem tough to me what do you write about?

You have demons

Man this thread is so wholesome its nice

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We all have demons man

Aw :( can I give you head pats then?

I used to write tons of fantasy short stories. One of them got a lot of attention and got me into a writing course in college

I don't know if I can really understanding fighting until my last breath just for the sake of it.. It just sounds hard, and I don't really see a reason to push onward

i truly feel as though we designed our lives to be anti-human; anti-natural

I need community, and forests, and togetherness, and friends, and working the soil, growing my survivability.. I need anything but working 70hrs a week and sitting in a dark room on a computer because I'm too tired to live

work, sleep, die

yeah I really do. I don't know what to do with them. I didn't bake enough food for this many demons

i figured it would be a much more angsty thread but you guys are putting up with me it's pretty nice

yes pic related

head pats don't make me malfunction

my roommate is getting me a shirt with "headpat slut" on it I'm pretty excited

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Well go be a park ranger in Colorado make a leap man I’ve made so many it’s not even funny I’m moving to Alaska in a couple years m8

Haaa that's awesome, I'll give you all the head pats then, as long as you're a good boi

I would have to become a police officer before I could do that and I don't want to become a police officer lol

I just wanna live in a van and smell bad and play guitar

I'm a pretty good boy tbh, I don't bite unless provoked

I cry a lot though

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Then do it man make your own way fuck em what type of gay music do you play?


this kind

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>why am I so focused on trying to be cute?
Because your a submissive faggot, a real man would be focused on hitting the gym and getting swell. If your going to be a homo fine but stop being a weak limp wrist.

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My heart

Because you are a faggot. See? I saved you from the expense of seeing a psychiatrist.

Wow man it’s different without sounding to gay I like it user yeah just do that and when you make it big tell people some edgy faggot have you shitty advice one night

I lifted for three years once it was pretty cool, I was squatting 319 max

bench was only 165 tho. I'm short..

you'll haaaate me then c:

Don't you guys get sick of this word? it's overused

I'm not going to make it big lol it's just enjoyable

definitely doesn't pay the bills

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I'll just have to give you head pats until you stop crying. Also I stared at that gif for a solid 30 seconds what the hell am I missing?

Fuck the bills man then you can use your cuteness to get a sugar daddy I know chicks that are getting 500 to FaceTime sad sad men it’s possible dude

Also just try it go play in a park or somewhere or a mall or any of the random fuckin places I saw people play when I was overseas develop a coke habit and suck a couple of sad pepes till you fix your rut

Which state would you want to be a starving artist in user

>I lifted for three years once it was pretty cool, I was squatting 319 max
Oh nice, never mind then. May you achieve swollness and cuteness OP.

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Finally, a non-porn thread.
It could be because you want to feel needed or loved and you think that the only way to do that is to make yourself more physically appealing. Guys would die for a cute ‘sad’ e-boy but wouldn’t do the same for a normal sad dude. At least, I’m assuming you’re a dude. Women only lurk on here and if they post you’ll never be able to tell the difference. Is there any other issues you have, user? Maybe a question that needs answering?

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I mean I would try to help a dad dude just as much a gay e-boy

idk why it's not moving, he's supposed to be exclaiming and waving his hands around flustered-like

I camwhored for 2 years its good money but was really bad on my mental health

not really looking to do that again

I had my first stage performance last week ^^ Its too cold to play outside where I'm at

Oregon or Washington
i really love the climate and land it's very beautiful

omg that's a cute pic
i wish I had abs ;__;

there's a lot of guys who've offered their.. hands to me but e-boys aren't the most stable c:

but hell, I'm not stable.

This is why I'm single and prefer to leave it as such so i don't hurt people

I do want to be loved and desired. But even with trying to be cute, it doesn't remedy that need for Love. I've never been able to remedy it without becoming unhealthily attached to a partner which I've forbid myself from doing again


Potato potahto

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Yeah cam whoring would be rough but I know a chick that makes 500 dollars per face time just to talk so to some dude no nudity no dirty talk I wouldn’t believe it unless I saw it yeah Washington Seattle is pretty cool and nirvana is from there

Also how’d your performance go

This you?


Excuse me that is a Harley

just to talk??? wtf well I'm not a cute girl so that won't be possible

it went super well honestly but it didn't feel as good as I thought it would :( The crowd really seemed to enjoy it tho



huh.. well it doesn't have the stupid handle bars

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You're programmed by media to obsess over appearance so you buy whatever they're selling.

Go impregnate a fat girl and be happy.

Trust me she isn’t either. Did you have a feeling like you do better or something? Be careful user there are gays around who in the words of a poet some of them want to use you

i don't buy products like that I'm not a consumer slave unless it's dr pepper

I've been used by enough men in my youth so I'm familiar with this already

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Well user ya know why I still come to this site aside from being a sick motherfucker? It’s because some sad fuckin Sup Forums ro gave me shitty advice that helped if I can carry it on well maybe this site still has hope

I've already cried twice reading this thread so maybe that means something

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>i wish I had abs
You'll get their with patience, devotion, and continued good dieting.

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matt is that you

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Are they happy tissues or sad tissues