Remember me?

remember me?

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>fidget shit
This was the beginning of the end.

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based dubs checked

this is a joke

In a game called 5 minutes of fame you used up 4 minutes now you have seconds left

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Yeah I banged her. What of it?

this was scary shit back in the 90's. loved the books.

>this was scary shit
still is scarier than pretty much anything else out today

yeah, i guess.
anyone know if the movie was any good?

That's Daisy from Daisys' Destruction

looks straight up OKAY, not planning to watch it (it's PG-13 so there's that)
nothing compared to the feelings the illustrations evoked
for that they'd have to make something closer to something like Eraserhead, though

The Wendigo scared the shit out of me as a young lad

Omg yes

the stories were great, but the illustrations definitely made the books.

Me Tie


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Saw it in theatres. It was really good, none of the Hollywood injected liberal BS that plagues most movies now. Just a straight up good flick that pays respects to many of the classic stories. I highly recommend it

and by commenting as to the rating of the film I merely mean it just seems sort of half-baked and not geared to those that actually read it back int he 90's as it was released, it was banned in a lot of places and honestly the only way to do it justice would to make it R rated

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You should read the wendigo by algernon blackwood which is the story the wendigo from that book is based on

I could never understand this story why the fuck did the dog say lynched kynchee collie molly molly dingo dingo, how could it speak? Why did it die?

See it more as a good movie rather than a terrifying experience. It's very entertaining

Oh shit even the same name Defago. Will do buddy thanks for the tip

Nah. It was garbage sequel bait that didn’t even need to set itself up for a sequel.




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begone boomer

yo momma?