His dark materials?

His dark materials?

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What does this have to do with frazzledrip?

Imagine the fucking smell


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Y tho?

His creamy dreams of sorrows to come?

Shit hurts

No, Andy's logs are sopping wet to allow easy slidding

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Who is that faggot?


Styx we know you're the log poster

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A dark experience

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m o a r

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The corn

Yes why is the corn

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why are there psilocybe mushrooms in the food?

Do not talk about that. They will find you.

And definitely do NOT read into steganography.

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That's not psilocybe, thats concentrated Loginol which Andy produces out of Shitozie with BVBcoli.

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Logged and clogged

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Trips logged

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Lo though his shit may be dark it helps a man step into the light of wisdom

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Imagine that you were the car seat, huddled up against his rear end, his shitty fake leather pants barely enough to hold the liquefied shit sauce back from your surface, the wafting scent free to penetrate and titillate your faux leather composition

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Oh boy!

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