> The Do Nothing Democrats purposely scheduled an Impeachment Hoax hearing on the same date as NATO. Not nice!”

>> The Do Nothing Democrats purposely scheduled an Impeachment Hoax hearing on the same date as NATO. Not nice!”

Looks like they "did something," didn't they, asshole!
What a weakling Trump is. Whah, whah, whah! Always bitching.

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Also, the left can't meme.

Still your President, snowflake.

What is even more funny is that the Democrats offered to let Trump or his lawyers come and defend themselves at the hearings after he requested it, but the totally innocent president (tm) decided not to do it!

Even the fucking idiot Hillary Clinton was willing to testify under oath to defend herself, but fucking Trump can't do it? How the fuck do people defend him?

Could you imagine if Obama has saluted a North Korean general?

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Just imagine the cringelord that made that meme.

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republicans literally did this to Clinton. Impeach the chomos

>posts facebook memes
>muh lef can't meme
dems destroyed

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hans. bubby.

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all sorts of talk about communism and socialism.

He's such a little bitch

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>little bitch
like all republican voters? they love to talk shit online. out in public though? well then they shut up like little bitches.

The only nothing I hear for the last 3 years is buttfrustrated losers.

Kind of hard to prepare a defense when they refuse to tell you who are, and who will be allowed to be witnesses.
Kangaroo court much?

>well then they shut up like little bitches.
Little pussies hiding behind masks you mean?

then you don't understand how the us political system and the constitutionally granted powers to the separate branches are supposed to work. take a civics course.

Nothing to defend.

Mueller nothing burger 2.0.

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post proof that you say the same racist things in a public forum that you do when you are anonymous here. that'll never happen because you, and people like you, are scared pussies. you know it's wrong but you do it in secret to feel like a tough guy. that makes you a scared bitch.

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>they love to talk shit online. out in public though?

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> he's not about to punch anyone because it is obviously cold he's trying to keep his thumb warm.
> looks to be in canada

>Talking tough on the internet.

You're a potato since you're completely unaware of your own hypocrisy.

Op is a faggot

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What they did was make America look weak and divided while our duly-elected leader is abroad to display our strength and unity. Of course, if you hate America and want to see it weakened, you'd do exactly what the Dems just did. You're a dumb fuck, not because you hold another point of view, but because you can't admit that there IS a relevant competitive point of view.

Refusing to comply with a subpoena is grounds for being held in contempt of court.

>discreet packaging

Most conservative memes can be replaced with an image that just says “I don’t like LGBT”

I keep seeing “duly elected” thrown around. Why is this necessary? Every president is duly elected.

Yeah, in this country we seldom have to prove our own innocence; it's up to the accuser to prove you guilty. Left hates that and gins up the cancel culture we're all wading through. He requested council be allowed to participate in the INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE hearings, where witnesses were brought forward leveling charges (100% feelings and opinions it turns out). Now, PRESIDENT Trump has no interest participating in a procedural process through the JUDICIAL COMMITTEE who is literally leading a debate among historians as to how an impeachment should be handled. Great job conflating the two, however. Fuck were tax dollars wasted on your education! Simpleminded and so fucking proud of it. God bless your heart.

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If you believe in 68 genders, you most definitely are mentally ill.
The mentally ill need to be locked the fuck back up.

>Advances to 4 year old Sup Forums shit
I bet you've been reading the archives

Except it ISN'T court, it would be Contempt of Congress, and they could take the administration to court to force the issue, but they've refused because they're already worrying about how badly this is stepping on their primary. Please try to argue with at least basic facts.

He did worse. Bow and scrape to his Saudi master.

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Can you convince your boyfriend to not vote for trump this time?

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Exactly it isn’t court so anyone claiming Trump gets certain rights associated with a trial can now realize they don’t apply here.

Also it can’t be a kangaroo court— it isn’t court.

He is not in court,it’s entirely a political move by dems,who are entirely frustrated by him

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>muh primary
Anybody paying attention to the Dem primary wants Trump impeached anyway.

Because they act like he stole the election; numerous Dems can be found online calling him an illegitimate president. When you think the other side is cheating, or evil, you can really justify anything.

Everyone already takes him out of context and twists his words, could you imagine if they were doing that to you and then you had to testify to their loaded questions? Knowing full well whatever you answer will end you

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You really aren’t qualified to make claims about mental illnesses, you’re just showing everyone that you’re a bigot.

Everyone in every trial in the country is entitled to due process.

The right has factually shown they dont do research and are historically the most uneducated demographic politically. There failing memes dont surprise me.

Ty, not a court, so there is no defense, no formal accuser, and trump doesn’t get the rights to know evidence and witnesses beforehand.


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I think people take him at perfectly reasonable contexts, he just spouts nonsense and lies.

Did you see him say Ivanka created 14m jobs the other day? There’s no defending that lol


>Ancient Zyklon Ben shit
Fuck off I got trips

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This isn’t a trial, it’s an inquiry.

He would only if they were interested in producing a fair process, which they aren't, which is why the Reps beat them up over it, to insure that the public knows it's a sham political process.

Not at all.
Might want to look up the right of executive privilege.

Holding a sham hearing where due process is not given however is unconstitutional no matter how hard you try to spin it

And he has the right to ignore it and let them embarrass their selves, it hits the senate this will get uglier than anything we have seen yet
And all but guarantee his re-election and control of the house going to the Republicans

>t-trans people are mentally I'll! That's why I hate them!
This defense is consistently sad. The right loves to claim that we should force trans people to conform to their gender norms while at the same time preach for less government intervention in their lives.

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Why is your definition of fair different than what is written into law? Why do you think anyone is interested in entertaining arbitrary additional protocol on the grounds of fairness when the dems are doing everything that is legally required to impeach?

The Right could exist without the Left, but the Left cannot exist without the Right. We have fewer voters yet we hold the White House, the Senate, and a majority in the SC. 90% of the CEOs and execs in this country are Right (omitting the guilt-ridden Tech and Entertainment industires), yet we're uneducated and don't research. By the way, They're, not there. Dumb fuck.

He can ignore it, it really looks bad that he’s also telling his staff not to testify either. We’ll see what the outcome is eventually but my money is on impeachment for sure.

Impeachment doesn’t just fall out of the sky for no reason. Trump does sketchy shit constantly and navigated the process of investigating the Biden’s with zero tact, going so far as to do something clearly illegal.

Gerrymandering and the electoral college.

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If they do not allow FAIRNESS in the process then it will be shown as a purely political hit job, which is what's playing out now. Nixon was allowed fairness and due process, as was Clinton even though he admitted guilt of an actual crime (perjury) and gave up his license to practice law. Sen Reid had every legal right to turn his back on 200 years of precedence when he was the Senate majority leader and go to a simple majority to confirm judges, and he was able to watch for home as that same new rule was put in place, as was legal, for SC Justices. One thing this country fights for, along with liberty and democracy, is fairness, and the Dem process isn't. Legal, yes, but patently unfair; can't wait to watch it come back and bite them in the rear.

You did tho. Nice trips.

And there is no law claimed to be broken by the dems,have you heard of any law, sub section, etc?

I agree, as a thirteen year old trans kid I hate it when people tell me that my parents are sexually abusing me

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Does fairness in this context have a legal definition or are you just moving the goalposts because you don’t like what’s happening?

What’s illegal about it,quid pro quo is the first rule of negotiation
Do you think the Biden’s should be investigated?

impeachment is not a criminal or civil procedure. it is purely political. you are ignorant obviously. the constitution merely lays out the grounds for impeachment, that the house brings articles of impeachment to the senate, the senate tries impeachments if voted upon by the house, and the necessary threshold for removal from office (2/3 vote in the senate). the constitution says the house and senate make their own rules. those rules are not necessarily the same rules you think of for criminal and civil procedures. senate.gov/artandhistory/history/resources/pdf/3_1986SenatesImpeachmentRules.pdf does not have anywhere the phrase "due process". i suggest you work on your critical thinking skills a bit, don't rely on social media for your "news" (lel) and don't watch fox news, rush limbaugh, hannity, alex jones, cnn, msnbc, etc.

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>That's why I hate them!
You're an idiot thinking that assertion applies to me.
I only pity the mentally ill, not hate them. Such as the sick fucks that think 68 genders exist of which I already cited.

The electoral college did exactly what it was supposed to do

try talking that trash to my face boy and i'll teach you some manners

Trump was soliciting an illegal campaign contribution from the Ukrainian government by asking that the Bidens be investigated.

Whether or not I think the Bidens should be investigated is irrelevant. Asking a foreign country to do it would be an illegal campaign contribution. Trump should have asked the FBI to do the investigation if he was serious about it, instead he did something illegal.

>Trump was soliciting an illegal campaign contribution from the Ukrainian government by asking that the Bidens be investigated.

Goalposts moved again!

I can't wait for your screeching the night of Nov 3rd 2020.

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That’s been the issue from the beginning lol, where did you think the goalposts were original??

So the truth is an illegal campaign contribution
But Hillary contacting a foreign national to investigate trump in a foreign country is ok?

Reagan got rid of the the asylums you fucking idiot.

Now if Biden had been president, then of course he should be locked up for his actions in the ukraine

this is the thing where they gaslight. you shouldn't even bother responding to those types of posts because they are not serious.

>Reagan got rid of the the asylums you fucking idiot.

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If trump was after the truth he’d have contacted the FBI.. not Ukraine, and he definitely wouldn’t have told them to publicly announce the investigation...


Any government official or employee should be looked at

I just want them to live their lives and stfu. I'm not required to participate in their mental illness. Go away.

It’s insane that this is repubs’ main defense, insane whataboutism about Biden. Trump asked for illegal help. Period.

bam. someone with a brain. stay vigilant user.

>38 years of psychological research vs. Sup Forums liberal argument.

This is the same FBI that just investigated him and found nothing
What about joe announcing he got the prosecutor fired

Keep reaching. He's going down for sure this time.

>whoever said the left cant meme was dead wrong

> d-d-dug gubment evil

Can you expand a little bit on your first point?

Yes this is the same FBI that investigated trump.

If only he had pockets he could keep all his little digits warm.

>And all but guarantee his re-election and control of the house going to the Republicans

It’s nor illegal to ask except if you a republican
Dems are afraid of the truth, their server gets hacked and they want to bury it, Biden gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar bury it,Hillary sells our uranium to Russia bury it
Superdelegates,the national committee burns Bernie to help Hillary
Dems know all about corruption first hand

It literally is illegal to ask for a foreign country to dig up dirt on a political opponent for an upcoming election you moron

The FBI isn’t as trustworthy as we wish it was
They moved over into the political realm
And I Wish it wasn’t true

>no but librals hate orangy bad man

Site a law
And what about Hillary and the Steele dossier
Is that illegal