Being white but not supporting White Pride

>Being white but not supporting White Pride
Explain yourself

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Imagine being such a wimpy race you need a support group lmao


I’m not an angry, closeted homosexual.

>niggers are doing it, I should too
Wew lad

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>blm and black panthers
your argument is invalid

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Blacks being pussies doesnt mean whites cant be pussies too

>support group
Perhaps English isn't your first language, but supporting an ideology isn't the same as a support group


i mean most types of prde are stupid, your not better than someone for being LGBT, or black, or white, so id dont feel proud of it, also ya know it does sound and look kinda racist

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I'm white but I'm not scared of other races like you, seeing as we are all the same biologically aside from skin pigmentation

This time it is.

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>I dont feel safe with all these brown people that I let in :/ can someone acknowledge my feelings so I can feel valid
>not a support group
Ha ha oh wow

>muh skin color
Implying you had a choice in what color you were

>seeing as we are all the same biologically aside from skin pigmentation
That's not how genetics works. Are you retarded?

United Negro College Fund.

Medical examiner can determine race by examining a skull.
Or examining a leg bone
Or examining ribs.
>We're all the same....

I can tell you're one mad nazi solely because you absolutely cannot fathom a black guy having the same body structure as yourself

>Implying skin color is the sole attribute of a race

>implying you're white
I bet you're a slav irish yuronig

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I like wearing my MAGA hat while my wives black boyfriends pounds creampies into her. IM MAKING AMERICA GREAT, I always eat the cream after praying to donald, thanks trump for the cuck pies and giving the rich some HUGE tax cuts.

Jews who control 90% of the MSM have spent decades (since the 60s/70s) bombarding white non-jews with propaganda to manipulate them into acquiescence.

lmao whiteboi cope itt

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Why, when I know I inherently got it made just for being white.

Because your pigment is nothing to be proud of. Aryan doesn't mean white, you fucking mudboy.

Funny, blacks say the same about whites

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Good question. See, when you're white. You tend to be surrounded by other whites. Everything about being white is common place. It's not so much that the white race is advanced. It's more like all the other races are backwards and handicapped. With this experience, going all white pride seems in poor taste. It would be like going to a special needs school and holding a not-retarded pride parade.

Cuz niggers are to stupid to know its the jews.,

I have a brain larger than a peanut.

ROFL. Dude, you're hilarious and hit the nail on the head.

Imagine not realised Sup Forums is pwned 24/7 by intelligence agencies.

Don't be a Nazi n shit, but having white pride is ok.

Like its ok to be white

Proud of being white but not necessarily thinking other races/cultures are inferior. Some prolly are, but I think sweeping statements are generally unfounded.

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there are some hot asian and latina chicks

You type like a nigger
Both are just whiny pussies that are looking for a scapegoat

It’d be nice if the answers to every problem with my life and society were so absolute. You and the left both want to outsource the blame for your shitty life to other people. The left blames society and white people, you blame the disappearing white majority. Truth is neither you nor the folks on the left are doing much to improve your respective lives and you chose a scapegoat over taking responsibility.

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