Got a girl coming over to watch a movie tomorrow, any advice on how to not spill my spaghetti...

Got a girl coming over to watch a movie tomorrow, any advice on how to not spill my spaghetti? Also what movie should we watch? :-)

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Go for something funny or romantic. Just dont fuck it up please. And post after she was at your place.

If she's coming over to "watch the movie" then she wants the dick. Don't be a fucking beta and wait for her to make a move. She already has a pussy, she doesn't need another one.

Like Pineapple Express maybe?
I mean I don’t want to be a beta cuck, but I’m guessing the vibe is right, is she is happy to come round my flat and watch movies with me and we’re both single, been in a coffee/meal date before? She’s keen right lads?

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Dead girl is a good Movie...

i would recommend some classics like alisha klaas or belladonna. maybe bridget the midget if she is into that. heather brooke is always a good watch too.

The Death of Stalin

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Just don't say anything the entire time.

We might cuddle and kiss I’m quite excited ngl

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An old Classic is Salo...

watch the lovely bones and keep the door locked.

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Grab some Avengers movie.
Enjoy it.
Don't try anything sketchy, or she'll shout "RAPE!"

Also, MODS!!
OP is underaged

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dont listen to these fags op this movie will set up the evening nicely

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Kimi no Na Wa. I don't care what the context is, just watch it.

I love blonde!!!!!

she already saw it with her bf

no she saw it with op's boyfriend

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Watch a Scary movie like Saw or Silence of the lambs or Hereditary, she'll be so scared she want to cuddle all night.

Or you could watch some intellectual foreign film like Persona or 400 Blows. She'll think you're super smart and respect you for it.

But please, for the love of Dog, DO NOT put on a Rom Com or a feel good comedy like Dumb and Dumber or Hot Tub Time machine, as she'll lose all respect for you user!

OP can definitely fuck . in my experience if shes coming over to your house, that means its probably good for you to fuck. speaking as a chad, ive smashed more than 15 7s or above in the past 2 months.

>She'll think you're super smart and respect you for it.
no lmao
she'll be bored as hell because women generally do not have the attention span or ability to focus as well as men.
that's how you get a woman to keep asking questions the whole film, assuming she's not bored as fuck looking at her phone

put on Napoleon dynamite or a good scary movie. make sure you have alcohol or weed op. it will ease both of you

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas. I shit you not, this is the translated title. Much better than you first make it out to be.

also for the love of odin don't play anything romantic. it will be awkward as hell. not even rom coms.

try this op the scene where the hot blond fucks the ugly fat guy on the shitter is truly moving

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This one will win her heart for sure...

13 going on 30, mean girls, mr. Right, Easy A, Crazy Stupid Love, The Truman Show or considering the season something seasonal like Love, Actually(i think thats the christmasy one) or even Home Alone.

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Act cool, a lot of eye contact and keep your sentences short.
Dress in a nice jacket and pair of jeans.
Pick her up with your car and drive her around for a bit, nothing crazy but a drive she'll remember.

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Look at this fedora wearing incel.

She’s beautiful, respect her and treasure her companionship

yeah cos girls respond to that all the time

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Stare at her chest and take off your pants to assert dominance

Visitor Q

get her a present they love crap

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Who are these bad bitches? Looks a little shopped but I don't care

Funny, I came to recommend just the same movie. That'll do the trick OP.

Don't be a faggot and watch Casablanca

Everyone gets distracted by the screaming/passing-out redhead, but the blond girl's boobs are also worth a watch.

did you note 3 disk uncut version ?

well spotted user its easy to miss important stuff like that

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Don't listen to this guy OP. This isn't 1950. Cars aren't new. A "drive" isn't special.

Get Disney+ faggot. I don't know how the fuck it works so well but these two weeks in my college town have been LIT. Hooked by nostalgia but never finish a single one.

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She is already wanting fucked. All you have to do is initiate it. Dont play a movie that she will be too interested in. Just get any new release that is just ok

When she gets there just tell her to take her pants off and start eating her pussy. Tends to work for me. Or you can wait halfway through a shit movie like the blind side to make out and finger her like a pussy.


This guy is mad creepin. That is not how anything works. "Take your pants off" is fuckin creep

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Agree, he has to let Tyrone do that nasty job, hes job is to provide and be obey to her demands.

Black anal Bomber

How do you know i play wh40k

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we all know user you are an open book

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Watch either a horror movie or a romcom

Evil Dead 2013 if she's cool w/ gore

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For my fellow weebs out there, the Japanese title is 君の膵臓を食べたい/Kimi no suizou wo tabetai.

Post pic or bs

Pic related??