Three more weeks til she's 18!

Three more weeks til she's 18!

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Uhm, boy, that's really something...

You won't be able to post anything anyway because all nudes photos of her will be when she was under 18 anyway

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Imagine giving a shit about this

Lmao so true

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Billie eyelash is a girl(male) I've sucked her cock

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I don't get it. What do people think is going to happen?
They won't be able to fuck her themselves, so what does her age matter.

Fuck this smelly cunt

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Itll mean any pics of her showing anything will be legal and they wont get in trouble for saving and tapping to them.

You mean he’s, right?

I don't think that's how things work.
If she was a minor at the time of the pictures then nothing changes.

Yeah, I really want to.

Obviously talking about pictures taken after her birthday, not before.

But she'll be 18, that's too old.
What's the point then.

She looks 30...

Billie, will you m-marry me?

Not everyone here is a pedo who is into the physical features of a prepubescent girl. Some of us actually like the physical features of a physically mature female but want it to be as young as legally allowed. Once shes 18 its guessed that she'll be more likely to show off and thus more likely to make fap material.

This nigga gets it

How would we be able to verify that?
Maybe if she gets a series of giant tattoos all over her body on the day she turns 18.

>Once shes 18 its guessed that she'll be more likely to show off and thus more likely to make fap material.
Less about her showing off (she could definitely be doing a lot more of that on her own if she wanted) and more that all of the occasional nipslips, upskirts, and everything else that paparazzi have had to not share due to her being underage can be made available when these sorts of things happen going forward.

Dude shut the fuck up with this. This wigger has been railed by countless niggers at this point. Doubtful there's any tread on the tires left.

wouldnt stop me

I saved her from an alien invasion in my dream last night what did you faggots do?

Shes a coalburner anyway

how’s the mouthfeel lmao

I had a dream a poked a hole in my waders and got really wet. I was pissed because they are pretty expensive.


Yeah an then you have a chance with her, fuck of and stop larping retard

How much I want to enjoy her tight body.

>not even pretty
>has saggy ass eyes
>looks like a dumb, sad bitch
why should I care?

She's cute. Don't you want to lick her cheeks? Her eyes are beautiful.

uz a gay