Wake up

>wake up
>you're in a decked out mansion
>on Pluto
>in a special dome so you can survive
>wat do?

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Look around for food and stuff to entertain myself

Check the fridge see what it's stocked with and suss out the tv gaming set up

go back to sleep

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Clone a female version of myself and start making pluto great again

this is what pluto actually looks like to the human eye, I always hate false-color images because they confuse the public

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Enjoy your 4-hour ping due to the lightspeed delay


never thought of that. Probably more like 7 months delay

>go on Sup Forums
>jerk off
>wonder why the fuck you went to fucking pluto to jerk off

Do you know how fast light travels?
it wouldn't take that lon g

Open the window and go for a walk.

Alexa, play despacito.

Stare into the abyss and lose myself in thought


You have an amazon account 3 light hours from earth?


Go outside, take my pants off, and fap staring up at the universe.

I'm willing to wait 6 hours to listen to the best music in all of human history

Space is fake

Greetings CMDRs Inara Squadron needs your help to fight our worst enemy of the time, the Thargoids.

Help us with your anti-xeno ship.

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then what is there out there?

this is all assuming that your internet connection runs at the speed of light.

fucking jealous

lol don't feed the low quality troll.

You believe the information superhighway is somehow specific only to the planet earth and a similar network couldn't be created on pluto considering a mansion has already been?

You also assume a program like alexa could not function without internet connection and could not play offline files?

Great game. I just returned to civilized space after making 180 million exploring

light (electromagnetism) would be the only thing that would carry information from earth to pluto... unless you wanted to string a wire.

what about radio waves

ur mum


travels at lightspeed as well
all EM waves travel at that speed

>claim and conquer the whole planetoid and relay that information to earth governments
>advertise to use my mansion as a model to establish other colonies on the planetoid and rule over them
>make monies in this process
>name my empire the Pluto's Embodying National Inhabitation Sactum
>I now rule the PENIS

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hope they at least have a good internet connection with a fast computer and good games, and plenty of food to last me a lifetime

Dig a hole and fuck it just like NASA did when they demoted it to a dwarf planet