Emma Watson Fakes

Emma Watson Fakes

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I have a strong feeling that every fucked up former child actress saw a fake of herself as a child.

you think this is worhty of a whole thread??


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garbage thread

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You know you like it

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fakes are useless because you know they are fake

Real photos welcome too.

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anyone have the one with her in the latex with the whip sitting backwards on a chair?

Who actually is that?


originals pls?

Anyone have the one where Weinstein is sweating and grunting as he thrust himself into her whore snatch?

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Last one

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I have thousands of celeb fakes. Anyone want anyone specific?

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Maisie Williams

Hey bros this one's real. Twin card but yeah.

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I don't understand why people think she's ugly. I think she's really hot.

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I like to think her butthole is that tight

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Join the Emma fan clubs on FB.

Post. I'm the only one posting salvageable.

Soo sexy anymore?

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Her face looks horrible. She shouldn't be high. Dont like the skull by the eyes. I don't think she does anything that makes her worthy.

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>Emma Watson Fakes
>because when you're in love with a dog, you need all the help you can get jerking off

Did you have a stroke typing that?

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Holy fuck I'd pay anything to do that to her

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The only thing shopped about this pic is that Maisie is topless.

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Soo sexy

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Shit I'm jerking to maisie

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Is that abnormal for you?

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Love her facial expression in this one

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We're playing this game, are we? I will always have the hotter fake. I have been collecting them for years.

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Fakes are a suggestion for your imagination.

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Beat this

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Is that Taylor?

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I guess your collection isnt that full

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Any Fringe fans?

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