You have ten seconds to give me one reason why trump wont get reelected

you have ten seconds to give me one reason why trump wont get reelected
>pro tip: you cant

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Doesn’t matter whether he gets re-elected or not; with over half the country against him, he’s pretty much fucked either way.

fuck off hillary

They are just about to find the bodies

Well, the country is fucked anyway.
Trump 2020, Bloomberg 2024.

Americans are fucking retarded enough to vote for Trump again.

>Americans are fucking retarded enough to vote for Trump again.
STFU foreigner.

Go make a thread about your 3rd world shithole instead of crapping up this one

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>that pic
I see Trump's cult members are embracing the criticism and trying to take the punch out of it by mocking it. Typical.
>"You people are like a cult"
>"Oh yeah? Maybe we are. Praise Lord Trump! What now?"

The stock market will crash around September of next year.

I think most of them lack strong father figures. I feel sorry for them tbh.

Because orange man bad

It's only a matter of time. Hopefully it'll happen before the elections.

the trumper I live with not less than 10 minutes ago came out of his room going on about something.
""trump wants to classify the cartels as terrorists so he game go I there with HIS military and take them out""
definitely feels cultish as fuck
>pic related

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Becasue you are too stupid to realize he fucking you all.

The problem is the main dem candidates arent offering a desirable direction change. Maybe biden will or can but I seriously doubt it.


boomer certified.

when he drinks he sometimes gets emotional over trump. it's seriously fucking creepy. I don't get it

>came out of his room
It's nice of the psych ward to allow you guys internet access.


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>Democrats: the Republicans have become a cult
>also Democrats: vote for us or planet earth will end in 12 years

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The media were in a cult from 08-16? No wonder they are so upset that his legacy has faded.

didn't build the wall

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