First they shared. Now these cucks want their wive’s pics off the net

First they shared. Now these cucks want their wive’s pics off the net.

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This cuck shared his wife for years. Now he complains and threatens to report people who post her.

her asshole looks inviting

He should be proud knowing we’re all fapping to that puckered milf asshole!


Do a Google Image search for “stonedcuck”. These cucks can’t come to terms with the fact that their wives are forever internet whores.

Any other sluts that just won’t disappear?

Show some others.

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This is actually why I never ask guys to take down pics I've posted of my wife. I know that'll streisand effect them into being everywhere forever.

Streisand effect?

Yeah. With pretty much everything on the internet, people lost interest and move on unless you give them a reason not to

yeah my wife's pics are up on the net too i've left them alone for years simply because of that, hasnt come back yet

the more you try and stop or silence something the more people are interested in it - streisand effect


Surprised my GF hasn't shown up anywhere. Been posting here a few times on here and shared on kik

Good summary. If I ever really wanted something to go viral I'd probably be a dick about trying to remove it from the net.

That’s a strange fucking name for it

Wanna drop your kik and share her more?

Dumb dumb dumb Honey what have you done?
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Dumb dumb dumb Honey what have you done?
Dumb dumb dumb it’s the sound
It’s the sound.

i dont care to look up the reason it happened but it's due to something barbara streisand did trying to get something to go away that if she never brought attention to would have never came up hence streisand effect

Nothing motivates me to teach a cuck a lesson more than him whining about photos HE shared being spread around.

Don't have kik anymore

Get a load of this guy. Suddenly realized many concepts have strange sounding names. Wait til you hear about how men named Richard are called Dick for short.

Some cucks secretly want that though, they just aren't prepared for the rush of conflicting emotions. You have to go through it a few times before you either make peace and accept her being exposed, or you just clam up and stop showing her online.

Short version- photographer with a nothing no real attention website does a project of cali coastline from sky, her house appears along with many others in some shots, she goes to ridiculous efforts to legally force him to remove said shots, she is btfo'ed by higher powers and in the process made his website go viral.

Got to include Lauren Rayborn. Although I think they eventually just gave up.

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did anyone get more of her?

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not the user you quoted but in my case i ended up finding an online dom who surprisingly is pretty "normal" so i stopped posting her here

Slut will be seen sucking black dick for 1,000 years.

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bodied, thanks i was being a lazyfag

Yeah I only post stuff I know is out there anyway mostly. Occasionally I get accused of posting web pics but it's because of me those pics are on the web lol.

I think it's kinda hot knowing guys jerk off to my GF. Which is why I post her

Anyone have my exgf Alex saved? I’ve shared her repeatedly haha

yeah after my wife called me out about everything i would only post pics she knew were out there as well

God y’all are such douche bags. This cuck term is so overly used in the wrong context and usually by some loser neck beard who could never get laid. “I did this to prove blah blah ...” go fuck yourself

Let’s see her.

shhh, stop talking about the streisand effect!

Yeah she said she’s in the club all the time so if there’s a problem pop off. I don’t know if you heard or not.

haha imagine if someone saved pictures of your ex girlfriend Alex haha that would be hilarious because you’ve posted them so many times before haha

This. They have no idea how uncool and cringe they really sound.

Why don’t we get some more pussy up here and less chatter.

I don’t mind chitter chatter, that seems fine to me. It’s when just the chatter starts that I get upset. I don’t have a lot of time for that.

Post your pussy then

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Are there any videos? I’ve only seen pics

I’ve seen this cuck post his slut a million times asking for exposure. He even gave out his Kik claiming he was “stoned” a bunch of times and then freaks out afterwards. Whiny bitch.

There’s a bunch on Xhamster and other sites.

Good point. I’ll shut up and hope she doesn’t get posted anymore.

I like what i see, got more of her hairy pussy?

Spread that pussy

This is one of the most hardcore exposed sluts I’ve seen in a while.

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