Who are these people?

Who are these people?

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-prince Andrew of the royal English family
-his 15 year old fuck slave
-Epstein's Jewish madame

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Some ex-whore trying to get famous on the coat tails of royalty.

3 soon to be suicides.


Kek. Ghiseline ain't going anywhere, bud. That bitch basically comes from Mossad royalty. Prince Andrew will just stay out of the public eye. And the girl is also in the intelligence community.

Is the woman in white a Jew? I’m confused


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Please name to me all the accusers of bill cosby. You know, the ones saying it just to get famous

I think Ghiseline is already on the missing list.

Prince Andrew, a young prostitute, the prostitute's pimp.

That's not Bill Cosby. It's Prince Andrew. The girl got paid to bone him, and now wants to tell everyone about it. She was 17. Who hasn't boned a 17 year old?

It goes deeper than the public thjnks

>Who hasn't boned a 17 year old?

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I pretty much did nothing else but fuck when I was 17. I was barred up 23 hours a day.


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I think you may be right.

My gf of my husband
t. roastie

It’s happening....

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Suicide no doubt.

17yo you mean.....omg what a pedo

Party People!!

yes. she was Epstein's right hand. the one who carried out all the dirty work, essentially. it's worth to note here that every single one of the girls that can be accounted for in this shit is a gentile, and literally every single higher up in Epstein's network is an ethnic Kazarian jew (zionist jew). also take in mind that every single one of the executives from NXIVM that is currently being prosecuted is also an ethnic Kazarian Jew, and every single one of the women that were held as fuck slaves were all gentiles. every. single. one. COINCIDENCE?!? NXIVM gets taken down, Epstein gets his island raided and happens to mention to the US attorney that he has video and audio footage along with the most detailed financial records of EVERY SINGLE ONE of his dealings with all the elites from all over the world he did business with, then 3 days later he's dead in his cell, the cameras outside his cell mysteriously weren't working, and the democrats move to hold an IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY, not an impeachment, but an INQUIRY that started in the basement of the capitol building, then moved out to the house floor where they voted to hold an INQUIRY on impeachment over shit that 3 non partisan Intel councils already ruled there was absolutely no wrong doing whatsoever over...on the SAME DAY that Epstein's family medical examiner said that his autopsy findings were consistent with a strangling homicide, not him hanging himself IN HIS CELL THAT WAS IN THE SUICIDE WATCH BLOCK. lmfao. PURE FUCKING COINCIDENCE

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the axis should have won

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Epsteins not dead. This doc created a replica.

Prince Andrew have never been photographed together. Epstein is Prince Andrew using his face. The doctor who died carried out the operation. Epstein is Charles using a flesh mask

it's not about what he did retard. I don't give a fuck about this nigger. it's about the centuries of this shit that the royals and elites have covered up and gotten away with... and us common folk faggots were the closest we've ever been to getting some answers and some accountability for it and it all went up in flames when this dude either was killed or killed himself. he recorded EVERYTHING. he was trying to make a move and cover his own ass and he was murdered and all that footage was destroyed, no doubt. that plastic surgeon was probably one of the only people he trusted and probably knew whereabouts he kept backups of his shit. he's dead now. they're all dropping like flies. Epstein trafficked children. thousands of them. where do you think he got his billions from? there was no goddamn hedge fund. not ever.

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wasn't he already out of suicide watch at that point?

Nobody you should care about.

nigga it doesn't matter. they should have had him in federal protective custody in a padded room somewhere. where were the guards? why weren't the cameras working? it's all a fucking joke

I care about Epstein just as much as I do about every other dead Jew

Not sure why user is so mad about this. 16 and 17 yr olds were clearly willing to have sex for a lot of money. victimless crime if there ever was one.