Donald Trump is the worst president in modern U.S history

Donald Trump is the worst president in modern U.S history.

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On what metric do you measure that?

Being a traitor.

maybe not the worst president,but he's definitely one of the worst republican presidents we've had

name 1 fact about russia you heard from a source that wasnt comedy central or cnn

I'm not calling him a traitor in regards to Ukraine or Russia, I'm calling him a traitor for appealing to corporate interests rather than fighting for the people.


>modern history

You mean like every politician ever in any country?

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Not every politician. There is one right now who doesn't appeal to the corporations.

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You mean like how Obama used tax payer money to bail out a bunch of corporations that then used that money to pay their executives?

Yea, if he gets elected again and also not removed from office, he will run wild in the next term. No controls and no one will have any influence on him at all. This term will be tame compared to a second term.

Define modern because Nixon was worse

Obama wasn't good either.

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Well the claim was he was the worst because he was a traitor for appealing to corporate interests rather than fighting for the people. So why is Trump the worst if other presidents have done the same thing and more blatantly?

He's done it the worst.

The worst, period.

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Why do you liberals always fantasize about Trump sexually?

lmao are you retarded

You're right. The Republicans have the monopoly on homosexuality.

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then obama is much worse


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Sorry, when the LGBT-ADCDEFG belong to the liberals, I would say it's the democrats who have the faggot monopoly.


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Being an emotionally dysregulated gender dysphoric autistically screeching self-loathing libtard bending the knee (and over) for his mentally ill lqbtqp overlords is no way to go through life.

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nice copypasta

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Is that Pete Booty-something?

no, its the Orange Retard.
his name is Dump or something like that

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However, his administration has been valuable in identifying the real shits in this country, those syphilitic souls susceptible to cult brainwashing and bullshit. Take names.

That's not true. He is the best Russian President we've ever had!

But only after Clinton, Bush and Obama... guess that makes him the best by default.

Why? Bc you don’t like him
Nobody cares about your feelings retard


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Why is Hillary tying Putin’s shoes?

Imagine being so dumb that you can’t find proof he doesn’t appeal to Americans, yet 63M people voted for him and he won.... he’s appealing to us, you’re just not happy about it.

He will win 2020

Then Obama was the best Kenyan president we’ve ever had


ok boomer.

Yeah all those times Obama put US foreign interests subservient to...Kenya.

>Donald Trump is the worst president in modern U.S history.

Of course. The economy is in the tank, we have record unemployment, his policies drove up health care premiums to the point where some could no longer afford it, he fined anyone who works and couldn't afford health care, he raised our taxes, and he's subsidized high scrap metal prices driving up the prices of used cars so the working poor can no longer afford them. What a bastard!

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and? who gives a fuck about this 3rd world shithole?

I saw what you did there. We got Obamacare, and it saved my house and my wife's life, and we were maybe $4k out of pocket for the year after what would have been about $150k in pharma, and not one sighting of a death panel.

Donald Trump. Wait, is he on Comedy Central?

Well, he fucking admitted to it, so you might as well. Ukraine my ass. And the 3000 fraudulent votes he lost the popular vote by. Fuck these assholes. Fuck them.

I do find it funny that the same people who talk about how America is an evil racist empire that should be destroyed suddenly get patriotic about "muh American interests" when it comes to Russia

Why? Russia is run by the same criminal scum who want to make Americans die

Only one who did more damage was Reagan

Quints of power.

He won't get elected again. The only thing that got him elected last time aside from the electoral college, is the fact that no one actually thought he could get elected so too many people did not bother to vote.

People will be turning out in droves this time to vote for anyone but him.

TLDR- It's over.

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This is true. Without Reagan none of this shit would have happened. Goddamned Desert One bullshit.

>Quints of power.
>He won't get elected again. The only thing that got him elected last time aside from the electoral college, is the fact that no one actually thought he could get elected so too many people did not bother to vote.

Thats not how I remember that pivital year following the queens death big political changes in eurpe, that last minute executive order for a voter ID law, and KAGA.

I think Wilson probably was the worst.

give an example of how Obama committed treason

america says nah

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>be republican
>love tariffs

literally what?

It wasn't treason, but he illegally entered into several treaties

before the income tax in the early 1900s the overwhelming vast majority of funding for the government came from tariffs.

Nice try. That didn't happen.

>that last minute executive order for a voter ID law
law isn't made by executive order and the federal government doesn't control elections

First Bush and then Obama bailed out the automakers and the Wall Street banks to save the economy from crashing into a full blown depression. Which is about as fighting for the people as you can get.
But I'm sure that is above your little head.

>things that we did 100 years ago matter today

No, the treaties weren't ratified. The President is absolutely in charge of negotiating treaties, and to the extent of his executive power, can abide by them

2014 tardo


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Give it up That's way too difficult for the right wingers to understand.

You forgot Jackson

Not very modern, unless you're using the "since 1600 AD" criteria for modern, in which case all US Presidents are.


Dont ignore the past. The man committed genocide

That started with Bush. Idiot.

Pretty much all Presidents have.

Then by that George Washington is the worst.

Oh no they havent. War isn't always genocide. You cant compare Jackson corralling and killing natives with the intent to eradicate them with anything other presidents have done

Rot in hell, socialist swine.

Tired meme are tired

It's true though

From wikipedia

Timber Sycamorewas a classified weapons supply and training program run by theUnited StatesCentral Intelligence Agency(CIA) and supported by some Arab intelligence services, such as the security service inSaudi Arabia. Launched in 2012 or 2013, it supplied money, weaponry and training to rebel forces fighting Syrian PresidentBashar al-Assadin theSyrian Civil War. According to US officials, the program was run by the CIA'sSpecial Activities Division[6]has trained thousands of rebels.[7][8]PresidentBarack Obamasecretly authorized the CIA to begin arming Syria’s embattled rebels in 2013.[9]

Come on user you know better. Scroll to the bottom and look at actual sources

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Looks like a duck
Quacks like a duck

That pictures fake.

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reminders of the past are because men used to have morals. A leftist brain could never conceive of that.

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the upper left square is "love and hope"
the 3 next to it are NAZI sympathizers
everything else are NAZIs