Other loli thread sucks so I'm making my own

Other loli thread sucks so I'm making my own.
Bonus points for CCS.

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what is CCS?

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>implying this will stop the loli threads.
fuckin newfags

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I mean the image limit is lower so he kinda is ruining it

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We've been through all that, but newfag is too busy 'doing good' to stop and realize just how impotent his attacks are.

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We can always make more

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One advantage of the spammer is I can post whatever horrible crap I want an no one will care.

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Card Captor Sakura

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Oh ok, I'm going to assume that's some character I don't know from some anime I don't know.

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if you post actual CP then you can go fuck yourself though.

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Sakura. From Card Captor Sakura. It was big in the mid 00s.

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Oh Hey. I just realized I was gonna post this comic. You guys wanna see? It's really short, less than 10 pages I think.

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Pedophiles are everywhere and they're running our states.

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