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Who's that OP? The cat thing

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>pilot episode--> november 2017
>right now--> still no fucking series

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I'm here too I was looking for something with glowing eyes.

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this glowy enough

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Claire is so fucking hot

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Claire fucking is so hot

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there once was a woman named jill
who fucked a mortar for thrill
her vagina was found in north carolina
and her parts of tits in brazil

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hickory, dickory, dock,
this bitch was sucking my cock
the clock struck two,
i dumped my goo,
and dropped her at the end of the block

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there once was a vampire named mabel.
who's menstrual cycle was stable.
every full moon, she'd pull out her spoon,
and drink herself under the table.

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yankee doodle went to town riding on a heater turned it up to 90 and burnt his little wiener

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but that's straight

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what tastes of fish and is red all over?
red wings.

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(good) morning!

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you were chuggin threads all night?

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what a legend

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Yo what's the s/ mean? I keep seeing it and I have no clue


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one of the great mysteries of life

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I know everyone has their own shit they’re into... but what is it about animals folks? Just because it is taboo?

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Very informative, nigger.

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Miss me with syphillis

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They are watching a show depicting humans?

Can't wait for vulpera to become playable!

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>girlfriend finds out i like furries
>wears a tail during sex
>said if it's ever possible she'll get a giant fluffy tail prosthetic as long as it's prehensile
>if furries ever exist i'm allowed to tittyfuck one

what a time to be alive

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the future is now!
I should get a tail...

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Real troopers here. Love 'em lol

superior fur

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This is honestly the only place I know where straight furries hag out lol.

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Aww yiss, this is my fetish

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That look of surprise getting caught in such a position. Hhhnngggg