I think we should make a database of corrupt police officers with their badge numbers and their last names

I think we should make a database of corrupt police officers with their badge numbers and their last names

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go for it, i guess.

you know exactly the way you put like you're really shity ass rosti girlfriend or your ex boyfriend who had 55 partners before you and bear back to you and gave you herpes. I think there should be a website like that for police

Please excuse talk-to-text interpretations I am a boomer and I am too lazy to fix that shit

And host it where?

If we're talking about corrupt American police I'm sure there is a website I'm sure website that would host us.

I'm sorry English is not my first language

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I really need an oldfag btard to fucking help me figure this out

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We should make a database of ghetto niggers with their addresses and last names.

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That's not going to work you know damn well every time a girl gets pregnant nogger moves

You're right, we need to brand them.

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Op here that is exactly what I'm saying. if you get convicted of a criminal offense you are branded for life so as an officer of the law why would you be afraid of being branded for life. Am I wrong in that assumption?

police officers should be registered just like guns and if they go off accidentally it should absolutely be noted to the rest of the public

they are all corrupt
they serve corrupt dictators
who pretend they are elected by you
and they can't not-obey their orders
otherwise they get fired instantly.

its math.
they are stupid and dependent on the state
state issues an order and if they don't follow it without free will they get fired disciplinary.
state is corrupt polcemen serve the state blindly...
this means all cops are corrupt.

the most they can do is let you go without giving you a ticket. But for something bigger...
it would be very hard for a cop to oppose orders for the state, such as crippling honest protesting citizens in France.


we need to develop a system where the common man has say over what the police do and when we go to court we actually get heard

I really need an oldfag btard to fucking help me figure this out

We need to build a website that's like mothers.com but for corrupt police officers call faggots. Com

The police kill niggers so they're alright.
Stop committing crimes and you won't get arrested, shitbag.

I never committed the crime the only crime I committed was having loud music playing while I was having sex with my wife

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I think the minimum wage should not be more than $8, ad that there should be an age restriction for minimal skill jobs capped off at 25.

Holyshit Barron Trump posted in my thread

>Trusting the 50-year-old Walmart bagger to make any decisions.

Yea dude, I don’t care about your e-celebs. Your joke went over my head.

No dude I am saying like there needs to be a website where you can put it in the badge number of the last name of a corrupt police officer and if there are enough complaints about the guy then he's really got to answer for it

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The same thing should be done for employees. I don’t want to hire people with bad reputations.

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