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Do you have a version without this emoji shit

I think the emoji shit makes it better

It does not

It does

I don't usually like feet pics, but this makes it tolerable

She does not post her face, and I aslo think this is sexy af also that's her Ig

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Any u fags still here or should I go make this thread on HC

im here user

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idk how i didnt know i needed this. now imma try to get my friend to send pics like this.

Same this is the first iv seen something like this and I'm in love

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Her IG

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well fuck thanks

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I wish she would post more

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pretty hot, op.
I think the mystery generated by the emoji is the fun part.

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I agree , like I said she dosen't post her face and for her to now be able to post pictures like that, dear lord it's like discovering a golden ticket

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Only faggots are into feet

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only faggots are into ass

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my feet in a pantyhose

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