Give me reaction images

give me reaction images

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Reaction images are too high-effort for Zoomers. They can just about manage a couple of generic emojis and reposting whatever the meme-of-the-day is on their Twitter account.

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Did she say hex?

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yea damn this place used to be my go to for reaction images, i guess its a dying form

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Pretty she just mentioned that they all float. Then asked, "Why so serious?" That's my hypothesis.

All hail the Meatball Man! Meat! Meat! Meat and souls for the Lord Meatball Man!

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Why do you Americans constantly talk about your various different generations? Boomer, Millenial, Zoomer - only thing that matters is that you're American which means you're retarded.

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The Zoomers never understood that trolling is an artform. In the Usenet days we would send weeks or months setting up the perfect troll to create hysteria in the newsgroup, always aware of our responsibility as trolls to be entertaining. Now we've fallen below the level of "log" spamming, and that's a pretty low bar.

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How's that foreign aid working for you?

I'm GenX, thanks. And I'm not an Amerifat. I live in the magical land off their north coast where the health care is free, the weed is legal, and you can buy coffee that doesn't taste like charcoal water.

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It doesn't reach Denmark, I'm afraid. Our universal welfare system does the trick though. You should try it and join the modern world.

I sure like Canada.

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Looks like it came from this photoshoot.

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>universal welfare system
>modern world

I don't need the government to take care of me.

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ill geib u retarded, u goddamn retardo retardez

this is an untapped gold mine
anyone got the full album, or a link?

you're cool bro

r those adult size xray specs?
can u post the hypno disc mank size?

Ok Boomer fag

Glad you paid for all the sidewalks and roads you use, built the school you attended with your own hands, and pay for private police and fire service, but how do you afford that while earning minimum wage at Burger King?

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There's that huge Zoomer creativity and effort I was talking about!

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>I don't need the government to take care of me.
Implying living in a country where the government cares for its citizens is a bad thing.

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Rather, It didnt found anything under the name of "image.jpg"


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Pro tip: 90%+ of the Internet isn't indexed by search engines.

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yea cool but i still want my fucked up porn photoshoot

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i think this is why you can't form any genuine connections in life, i hope things get better for you :)

t. SEETHING American

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>be foreign
>shit on America
>shits on streets

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absolutely not a single problem with america

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You Americans must always depend on the one criticisng your country is non-European, because if that's not the case, you know you've lost the argument over whose country is better.

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Hey, guys, I'm glad you're happy wherever you may live - more power to you. Stay civil.

top kek

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Lurker here. Just looked through the thread, and felt kind enough to inform you political shitposters that you share a common ground. You’re all fucking retarded.

So you live in Faggotville?

>pure american blood

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fuck off dickwod

>loses to some blankets
Lel sore losers

Holy fuck, you're hot.


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The guy producing these calls himself "The Minion". Lots of thots degrading themselves for this dude in dirty surroundings.

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Who needs good coffee when you can get beer for a decent price

Beer, is that what you call the tastelesss, sour pisswater they sell at Amerifat gas stations? Cute.

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Higher alcohol content doesn't equate to a better beer. Beer, in general, is overrated garbage.

It has nothing to do with the alcohol content, but it's not surprising you'd think that, being Amerifat, since the only reason anyone would drink that bland, favourless donkey urine is to get drunk. You don't even need to drink some fancy IPA or Belgian beer mashed by the feet of Catholic monks. Try mainstream beer like Moosehead or Maudite instead of your fizzy rot-water and taste the difference.

No thanks. I've had all types of foreign beers and none of them were that great. Beer is a shit tier drink, sorry.

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