Trump supporters vs Liberals?Who's more retarded

Trump supporters vs Liberals?Who's more retarded

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Lol, nobody is looking to grab that fatty's pussy.

Hey, don't hurt her feelings, every women is ''equally'' pretty.Ignore the visual reality.

The Democrats have lost their fucking minds.

It would depend on the Trump supporter and the liberal. Are we talking the fringe crazies that would support their guy literally no matter what they do? Or are we talking the ones that begrudgingly support one side because the alternative is a dumpster fire. I get that second group. Neither one of those sides is perfect, but they are thoughtful. The extremists on both sides are retarded on a level that's bad for humanity and are living proof of the necessity of eugenics.

Liberalism is a functional mental disorder

Which side of the isle does eugenics fall on? I feel like the democrats would continue abortion for healthy babies but freak out if we suggest sterilizing retards and faggots.

oh this thread. why are trumpcucks seething today? did orange daddy run out of nato crying?

both are retarded but you are by far the most retarded

Jesus, are you still trying to do this? Goddamn man, get it fucking together. No one cares about your bullshit anymore. You're just not getting the replies you used to. Make a better thread - this shit sucks.

Neither. Neither party has the balls to suggest culling the stupid. And I don't just mean those who are disabled. I mean all of the alt right. All of the proud boys. All of antifa. All of BAMN. All of any of these groups of political extremists that have fucked up our system. For the good of the Republic.

i want to watch a trump supporter dominate and degrade my liberal wife

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Fuck off fatty

Bumping this to spite the Leftist newshits who immigrate to this board from R*edit.

i can play that game too

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LMAO. Right on top of my saved folder you go.

At least Trump is fun to support. I mean, all your little "he'll blow up the whole world" shit was total bullshit so there's no actual danger. Just a danger of hurt leftist asses, really. Well, I mean, I understand it's frustrating to have been planning this cultural transformation since the end of the cold war and to have it blow up in your face 2/3rds of the way through. It's like finding out the girl you've been wooing for 3-4 months can only take half your dick. It's not our fault that your scheme is falling apart because you rushed the racist ending where you use white people's money to fund the revolution. It was kinda dumb to think people wouldn't notice going back on 30-40 years of rhetoric was kinda strange.

>stop seeing race

You might try smoking less crack before you come up with these plans.

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You are for making a judgement summary based on a picture or 2 out of millions of other women.


Pic is a perfect example, if you're an all around pathetic genetic specimen, it would be very easy to fall into leftist thinking patterns because its more comfortable to you, especially if you can really get yourself to believe. Right wing people are generally more genetically fit specimens.

To be fair Clinton was never going to win, she would have just been more of the same. You only have to look at how Obama practically wrecked the country in only 8 years to see she was not a option.

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u r gonna get fugged by a donkey or a lelephant
u r gonna get fugged
get fugged

trump supporters are retarded because they think the world can go back to how it was when each seperate one invisions life as a 4 year old behind a picket fence where the world couldn't get them

liberals are retarded and the exact reason why we can't have nice things

fuck them all, be indie

Either side is like being in the special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded.

Is that Peter Griffin?

Most celebrities, scientists, musicians and professors are liberals.
Most conservatives are uneducated hicks.
Your comment is profoundly stupid, just like conservatives.

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I mean, I wouldn't even be able to find the damn thing, tub of lard...

Both are equally retarded.

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>seething snowflake realizing for the first time he supports a bunch of mentally ill trannies.

both partisans are retards unless you realize the reality that a eco-fascist anarcho capitalist system
is ultimatly the best then you are a retard through and through

All women are retardo

Both. One for believing things will get better. The other for wanting things to get worse.

Leftist fag here. Nothing turns me on more than the idea of a strong, bullying, trump supporting right winger beating me or fucking my gf or fucking me. Having my ass taken by a superior man in front of my gf would be amazing.

Absolute Fucking Cocksucker Detected. Dilate.

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Trump is just a piece of shit ritchi special snow flag faggot who just spent the last four years showing he's an incompetente.

Every times he fucks up, he blames it on the libs. I guess that's why he's popular with incels retards

Anyone who isn't a socialist has fallen for propaganda

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>Trump supporters vs Liberals?Who's more retarded
Anyone who's a partisan that unironically believes their side will preserve their freedoms.
The (((Two party))) system is been attacking and subverting us for decades. DemocRAT's and RepubliCucks are owned by the same lobbyists and billionaires.

Independents rise up!

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Here's a liberal woman. Terrifying.

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Here's a liberal woman. Disgusting.

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Liberal woman. Ew. (I'm a gay republican)

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Based Karl was a smart fucking guy.

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She is a trump voter
check her social

you fucking degenerate jew

Doesn't count
She was systematically raped as a child

Not capable of organic thought

Conservative women are on average A LOT better looking then left winger cunts, and usually more intelligent - it left winger girls are much easier to fuck. You'll occasionally hook up with a slutty conservative girl, but left wing girls are so desperate for attention, it takes little effort to get them to spread their legs.

I guarantee you she's thrown away that shirt by now.
Most of his chad and stacey supporters during his campaign jumped ship

Those look like normal old people..

Wow really? I didn't know Germans could vote in the US! Can you post her insta please since you obviously have it. :)

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This. The only real positive thing lefty girls have going for them is they're willing to do about anything for male attention. Only dated 2 right leaning girls and they were pretty vanilla about sex. Left wing girls are willing to do anal by the end of the 1st date if they think it'll get a guy to hang around for a little while.

>be American fag
>post picture of an ugly person who supports a political idiologie
>win argument

Trump supporters are more retarded, obviously

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The celebrities that wear meat suits, the scientists that think we're gonna drown if ice melts, the musicians who drug people and steal from them, and professors who attack people physically for being conservative


Lol If you believe this for real

>because they think
You can't even keep track of your own thoughts, unhinged liberal.

You're afraid of professors attacking you.

You're a bitch.

You know liberals are centrists right? Not the same as leftists?

That's also the down side about left wing women, tbh. They're more likely to have STDs, worn out cunts, more likely to be hooked on heavy narcotics. Every heroin & pain pill slut I ever fucked turned out being a raging leftist. And I'm not talking regular Ocasio'Cortez / Bernie Sanders leftists. The cunts were so deep in the shit they tried to defend pol pot murdering millions in Cambodia.

>Feelings > facts

What a faggot

Those are old people. Most old people are hideous.

Show some 20-30 year olds.

Hope you're not using that pic unironically

Look at that one bitches cans. Check mate libtard

they're actually 22 year old oxy addicts who love Trump's trade war with China

Trump supporters ARE the Liberals
Both are more brain dead than Obama not to mention everybody before him

Fat fucking feminist

>thinks fascism and anarchy go together
>thinks anarchy can exist in a capitalist system
>openly eco fascist
well mkay I found the retard that the republicans are going to be running in 2024

Lol no because if someone swings a deadly weapon at my face especially some manbun faggot they're getting wrecked

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what a faggot-ass post. You must be one of those retarded hee-haws from some podunk town with nothing better to do than drive around the Hardees parking lot on Friday night.

Look at this liberal fug. Unbelievably disgusting sand spic nigger dick cuck faggot.

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You brought it up faggot.

nonono, Democrats, Marxists, Communists, Socialists, EVERY type of Anarchist... They're all just leftists and they all agree about everything.

user, it's pretty accurate. Especially in university towns. I live Columbus, OH an the OSU girls fit that description to a T. Especially the neon haired types. They willing to do a lot of shit if you talk like you want a relationship.

this doesn't even make sense as an allegation.
manufacturing left the US because capitalists knew they could manufacture in cheaper labor countries with shitty environmental protection
Donald Trump literally wants us to become China or India or Viet Nam or Indonesia in quality of life and environment

Again. You need to leave your house. Lol if you believe that for real

He's also a faggot who ironically never worked a day in his life but the image I posted still serves it's purpose in reminding people Republicans are not pro 2A.

That said he made a few good points, I just don't agree with his solutions.

Students don't live in houses on campus unless they're fraternity / sorority members, bruh. Our student housing are co-ed dorms. Damn, you an incel that never been out of your mom's house?

My wife has half her head shaved and a blue richard spencer thing going on on the other half. She couldn't suck a dick til we had been together for 8 years, and she's never really into anal.

If you think political affiliation has anything to do with sexual proclivities, you're actually fucking retarded.

Like, bunches of Republican politicians being closeted gays is a well known meme. Has been for like, twenty or more years now.

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>"house" never been to college. Have you even finished high school?

Writing is work. He was a journalist, writer and sociologist.

Dude, you realize students live in dormitories unless they belong to a Greek org? No wonder you're so clueless about campus life.

Found the sexless incel

Uhhhh maybe if they're freshmen they live in the dorms. You need to get out of your cave. Also you haven't been anywhere than flatland Ohio. You opinion is invalid.

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Just one post is fine. I am a college student and I live in a house with other college students. What are you talking about?

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