Hey anons, I'm moat likely going to kill myself, but I need a bit of help...

Hey anons, I'm moat likely going to kill myself, but I need a bit of help. Life has been terrible recently and I am thinking of just ending my worthless life.

My grandfather has a shotgun I have access to, so I have a plan to steal it while he is away and blow my brains out. I was wondering where I could shoot myself to assure death. Even though it's a fucking shotgun, I still wanna make sure I will die instantly.

Any advice appreciated, goodbye, Sup Forums, it's been fun.

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Mouth. Guaranteed death.

such an heroic user

Grow a pair and don't. Easy way out is for pussies and faggots

Aim for your frontal cortex

You fucking incels all think killing yourself would change sonething. At least do something productive by serving me my BigMac. This is not fucking Reddit. We dont care about you or your life as long as it is not amusing or pornographic.

Reminder that you burn in hell for all eternity if you kill yourself

If you don’t care about your family go for it. I personally don’t off myself bc it would destroy my family and I couldn’t do that to them. I would rather suffer alone and live than to kill myself and destroy my whole families life. Your grandfather most likely will blame himself for this


>killing yourself would change sonething
How tarded are you?

Best place to shoot yourself would be outside your workplace, if you can get a shotgun just splatter yourself somewhere people won't forget too soon lol

an hero: a permanent problem solution to what is most likely a temporary problem

As someone who do have suicidal thoughts. Don't, offing yourself don't fucking solve shit, unless your family are a bunch of assholes that give less than a shit about you dying. They WILL be devastated if you just decided to kill yourself, especially your grandpa because you used his shotgun. Just fucking think for just a minute about what will they feel if you kill yourself. But hey I'm not you so feel free lul

Please, PLEASE, DON'T DO IT. YOUR LIFE WILL BE AMAZING AND GREAT. IF YOU END IT NOW, THE COURSE OF THE UNIVERSE WILL BE CHANGED FOREVER.. the value of human life is INFINITE, and you are fucking infinite, I am not sure if I should call the suicide prevention hotline for you. If you do, the universe will be changed forever, every death sends a ripple throughout time and space. You will be a great person, the intelligent people are usually the depressed, I can tell you're smart just by one post, your life has more worth to it then you think. Contact me on discord if you have one, please. I have met 2 people who say they are going to do it and did it. My username is mordejo#3298, anything. Just don't kill you're self. Please don't.

You seem like worse company than OP.

Why kill yourself when it is certain you will die anyway? Seems like a waste. You will miss a ton of cool shit just to die sooner and be remembered as mentally ill.


Hey op. Id give my discord to chat bit i dint want ti be killed by the hacker known as Sup Forums. Your life is valued, trust me
I value it
:) live well anin

Been a while since ive heard an hero

The highest rate to kill is under the Chin pointed towards brain stem not towards the nose


I don’t care about you but don’t do it, it’s just a fucking waste of existence, do something with you consciousness while you still have it, there are so many atoms that could have created another person but didn’t, you are alive and that’s significantly rare so might as well do something with it while you have it.

He's annoying as fuck

Sounds like something copied from a facebook page from someone who doesn't know shit about suicide

Find a passion of yours and pursue it, do anything you can to restore meaning to your life because at one point you had a meaning in your life, a while back I got to deep into thought and got super depressed because of how painful existence is and how little meaning it has but I was able to restore my meaning or motivation by focusing on something that I like

You’re moronic, there’s an infinite amount of universe in which this scenario, plays out. There’s one where He pulls the trigger, thus ending that branch immediately, there’s on where he puts the gun to his head and the gun jams, there’s one where someone walks in on him and stops him, there’s one where he puts the gun down and asks for help, there’s one where he shoots himself but doesn’t die from the shot somehow, there’s one where the gun jams and someone catches him with the gun to his head, this change whatever it is, will only result in a change in whatever reality branches off from his after his decision

Don't become this kid.

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So you hate your grandfather and want to tear apart your family for your selfish stupidity? You know if you use his gun he will be blamed for your death

I thought about it as well OP. I don't really see the point of building up a life only to die. I don't even plan on being older than 45 or 50 since I don't want to live and have someone wipe my ass and feed me after that age period. Combined with feeling physically disconnected from everything and everyone, it blows. I can't even justify being a wage slave forever, since I'm not materialistic and don't really want much out I'd life except to hang with friends and help people somehow.

Trolling or not. Even though I've put on this tough guy persona for 12+ years on Sup Forums. Whether you're baiting/troling me or not. I just wanted to say I love you user. I'd hate to see any good person go through this. Don't mind the keyboard tough guys and the edgy faggots. You're more loved than you think.

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my balls itch

it easy, just aim and pull the trigger. try not to make a mess. cleaning up is a bitch

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My friend and I were on a road trip and we stopped at THE grave where that came from. G times

>tough guy persona on the internet

Kek imagine being this much of a faggot all the time

Trying this hard to be edgy. Cringe.


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Why killing yourself when you can kill people who are responsible for making your life miserable instead?

I reccomend that you stay off b for a long time. you need to reboot. take up nature photography


nice, you're going to involve your grandfather in your stupid plan that produces only one result...you'll shit your pants. that's what you'll be remembered for..shitting your pants



love it
-D. Trump Jr.

Give us some feedback, man. Let us know you're alive and well.!!!!! O_O

>Life has been terrible recently
How about you live past this and get over your temporary problems? The way you're feeling right now is due to your emotional problems. Things will get better, don't throw away your one and only life over stupid shit. You're not getting another chance when you're dead, so just live life to the fullest.

We all go through tough times, user. But things will always get better. Deal with your problems normally instead.


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>OP do you think by killing yourself you will be in a happier place?
if so you are so wrong
>stage 1: life on earth (the big test) thin death
>stage 2:life in Spiritual form in Spiritual place called BURZAQ "everything will be crystal clear you will remember the Promise that you made to the the creator and if you did good in life you will be in a good place and if you did bad you will be punished until judgement day come many wish to go back to fix their mistakes or do even more good deeds some even ask to let them at least go back to life to give Warning to their love ones.
>stage 3:judgement day and that is one big day
The soul and the body will reunite once and for all
>So scary and terrifying that no one speaks for forty years after its creation
everything will be replaced the sky is so terrifying the ground is smooth surface white color and we all surrounded by huge angels Layers after Layers of them each Layers is bigger thin the one before after 40 years we only start to whispers to each other after many more years we all starting to freaked out from the Shock and thin the judgement will start
we all will see these:
-your own Flying books "your life actions all the good and the bad"
-The appearance of hell
-the Pan Balance
>Everyone will fall on his knees
>and last thing you may end up like pic related

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Go do it in the woods or something so you don't make your grandfather have to clean up the mess, I'd be fucking pissed if I come home and some little shit blew his brains out all over my house and I have to clean that shit up.

theres no afterlife

kill it ffs

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fuck u and ur test u homosex. get raped faggot

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GTFO my Sup Forums

Call a suicide hotline you emo faggot.

Why not save up some money first so your family doesn't get fucked financially for you being a selfish litte cunt?

More important than where is with what ammo. 00 buckshot is probably best. Slugs should work well too. Avoid birdshot, especially target rounds that are low-powered.

ohh believe me there is

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Ccongrats you took somebody who hated their life already and put them in a true living hell.

why the fuck would i believe a delusional retard?

How would you know? Have you been there?

>and that is the point OP needs to see
you will DIE only when your time is out and that it
you think that you have the control but you are not

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>Life has been terrible recently
change it faggot

>Have you been there?
ehh.. if you only know/belave

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>Shoot yourself in the chest
>become motivational speaker
>write a book
>earn millions
>fuck bitches

If you are so tired of your life, to the point of killing yourself, then do something exciting, i mean it doesn't matter right? Become a vigilante or some shit, start walking in a random direction go wherever the roads lead you idk stuff like that, see what life has for you

Dont kill yourself u beta faggot.