Hey, user. I didn't support Hillary. I unfortunately live and work in a large, left coast city...

Hey, user. I didn't support Hillary. I unfortunately live and work in a large, left coast city, and almost all my friends and coworkers are severe libtards, so I don't have anyone I can ask about this stuff.

Why is Hillary still walking around free after all she has done? I heard somewhere that Trump tried to have the Bidens investigated, but that didn't go anywhere,and Trump's Justice department only locks up republicans.

What the fuck is going on. I thought I was voting for a return to sanity. What gives?

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Why won't anyone talk to OP about this problem?

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Once the impeachment trash is over Barr is going to have a field day with the Democrats.Illegal FISA warrants and Bidens Ukraine bribery will be at the top of the list. Once they realize they face prison time the libs will sing like birds.

So, if we wait patiently for the democrats to stop running everything, then we can start locking them up?

What crimes has hillary actually committed? Okay, she's a war criminal, but so is literally every US pres. She hasn't definitely done anything that she can be indicted for

He's draining the swamp bro. Soon there will be only himself and the democrats left. The voters will take care of him and that's that.

Besides Commiefornia and Jew York, what are the dems running?

The majority of the economy

They cant start their investigations until the impeachment is over so Schiff can take the stand and they also want to wait until closer to the next election for impact.

We still have Texas and Nevada.

California is full of fags and illegals. They may as well be part of Mexico!


Roger Stone is going to get raped to death by a bunch of niggers in prison.

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Texas is going purple though. I never thought I'd see the day when that would happen.

I thought republicans won the election. why do democrats get to run all their investigations before republicans can even start?

How can you people still be convinced/interested/entertained by the political illusion??

Oh my God it's so exhausting to watch you people waste your time playing Red vs Blue with your mates

The system is designed to upset you. It's been upsetting people for over 100 years. This isn't new. It's widely studied. Voting is an illusory process.

Please stop participating - because it's exactly what they want from you. Your loyalty to the illusion.

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Because the Republicans investigation is based off the Democrats 3 years of failed investigations you naive retard.

That's because there isn't any investigations. It's all a sham. This is just to keep baiting his supporters along with the promise of "something big" down the line. Rinse repeat.

Commiefornia is on a downwards spiral though, soon the only thing that isn't a complete shithole they'll have will be NY. Only small concentrated pockets near the coast are blue in a sea of red in the US map.

You mean the multiple criminal indictments of people surrounding the president ? Those failed investigations? You know they say you're the company you keep..

Why can't bidens and clintons be locked up or at least investigated before democrats are finished investigating republicans (which will never happen you naive retard)?

I'm a gun toting, AR owning guy from Colorado, so keep your "libtard" and "never trumper" garbage to yourselves.
OP, you're fucking clueless. Nobody would want to vote for Hillary, but at least she had a resume. Trump is obviously a criminal and obviously being covered for by people like you - think, just for a second, about what would have happened if a Democrat did any one of the things the current House of Reps has charged Trump with doing. You loose your shit because Clinton fucked his intern (of course he did, have you seen Hillary? Pump the hate brakes, people) but this guy uses campaign funds to hush the porn star and it's okay.
Porn star - fine, have fun with that. Illegal use of funds is not okay, it's illegal.
He doesn't care what's legal, only about what he wants to do.
You thought you were voting for a return for sanity? a) you're seriously insane, you need to get checked, and b) from Trump, of all people?
You're a shitty judge of character and a shitty person. You're reaping what you've sown - learn how you got here and only then can you do better.
I'm not saying "vote Democrat", I'm saying there are three co-equal branches of government and it's their job to squabble, so put a Dem in the white house while Congress is Republican, that's how you achieve balance.
What you've stupidly done is give Republicans complete control of everything. Now, in a year or three, watch as all hell breaks loose and you're going to blame Democrats instead of yourselves.

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No dumbass, you still have to vote. You actually have to get out of your lay-z-boy and work to shape the government you want, or else dumb shits like Trump get elected.
This is your fault.

>soon the only thing that isn't a complete shithole they'll have will be NY
NY is and has always been a complete shithole. Come visit youll see. Theres only 1 burrough that isnt overran by homeless,poverty and wannabe thugs.

>Because the Republicans investigation is based off the Democrats 3 years of failed investigations you naive retard
but who is going to investigate the republicans for investigating the democrats investigating the republicans?

Because Schiff and a couple of dems on that panel are the key and right now they are involved in the impeachment retard.

Yea downward spiral alright.

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>OP, you're fucking clueless
OP is obviously gaslighting, dumbshit. OP is clearly just trying to get channers to talk about the difference between what Trumptards said they wanted (LOKCHERUP DRAINTHESWAMP) and what is actually happening (the self destruction of the GOP).

wtf does that have to do with investigating clintons or bidens, retard?

Rampant unemployment, crumbling infrastructure, weakening law enforcement, revival of Middle Ages diseases, shit on the streets, forest fires. Yep. Commiefornia will soon be like India; squalid conditions inside a big economy that'll make you think it's a third-world shithole.

All that money and they still live like bums with their shitstained sidewalks and typhoid infected homeless invasion. You must be real proud, hug an illegal immigrant for me snowflake.

Gaslighting is when someone tells you something against what you know to be true, having arranged the situation to set up conflict. Search 'wiki gaslighting '. OP is trolling, Trump is gaslighting.
People have to talk about this. GOP isn't self destructing, they're taking a short term hit for long term gains, suffering the storm of idiocy so that in 10 years there will be no other party and business will control the US entirely.
"By the people, for the people" - armchair quarterbacks have to get up and change the government to serve them, not the other way around.

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>What gives?
Corporate lobbyists own Washington on every side of the aisle. Your vote will never matter (on a federal level). Just focus on your local government. It's all you can do. Also, buy a gun.

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Yeah, that's pretty much the deal.

>all of California (a huge state) is just LA and SF
Nah the economy is growing, homelessness is only a problem in the cities, and it's beautiful out here. Seethe more flyover cucks. (;

Your criminal got elected. Why are you still so bitter about the criminal on the other side?