1954-2019 Goodnight Sweat Prince

1954-2019 Goodnight Sweat Prince

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Would totally fuck his wife now


did he died?

He died 2 days in a row?

He just interview Hilary. His career just committed suicide

His career died like 20 years ago

by hanging

Ric Ocasek died back in September. Old news.

How many loads has Ralph swallowed?

Literally who?

he was great in the fly


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Sup Forums's grandpappy


His move to a pay-based radio medium killed him off long ago and that was before he went around apologizing to all the celebs he went after in the 80s/90s like a pussy so he would get invited to parties in the Hamptons.

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Who is that watching Sulu and Benshe?

>estimated worth $650mil
i mean how

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The first thing I ever jerked off to was his show on E! even thought it was censored.

Lol he's a multi billionaire who are you again?

Not a jew


He's nothing but a next gen Larry King.
Rambling, old hebe.

Some of you fools nead to read a Wikipedia page or two. He's an important figure in media and fought the man every step of his career and won almost every time.

"Sirius XM stock"


He's almost as bad as Gene Simmons, aka Gene Klein, aka Chiam Witz. OY!

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Link to the hillary interview please?

I hope he did die.

he wont die any time soon, hes provided of unlimited supply of baby foreskins

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Fuck you I hope you die today if you don’t respect him read his fucking book or watch his fucking movie

As much as she should have been president, at least we didn't have to listen to her talk for 4 years. God how clingy