Is my sister cute or not?

Is my sister cute or not?
No sexual comments please.
Tell me what you like about her. She's very insecure

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Obviously shes cute retard, if she needs validation with somebody sayin how the wanna shoot a load in her, go to a subreddit

Such a cummable face. Any more pics?

would 100% knock her up

Straight from Hogwart. Would do a nice substitue to Ron.

You're sister is the worst kind of "insecure" girls out there. Tell her to stfu and get over herself. There's a difference between seeking security or just validation. Other than that. That being said..Yeah your sister is cute, she'll do fine in life is she stops acting like a attention seeking Basic ass bitch. And you op. Your a fucking creep.

I said no sexual comments. Please be respectful.

Imminently fuckable. Post moar


>No sexual comments please.
>posts on /b
yeah ok you fucking retard

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I'd turn her ass inside out

Bitch, fuck you and your whore “sister”. You post up some cunt fishing for compliments on her looks and don’t expect salacious comments?.. ON FUCKING Sup Forums. Fucking retard.

Inb4 “bait”

I'd probably crush hard on her if we went to hs together. She looks super cute and shy


obvious fucking perv fishing for perverted comments

I'd fuck her throat so hard she would have problems speaking for a week

Fuck off! I will report you if you keep making rude and sexual comments.

go ahead then fucking retard

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I want to prolapse her asshole.

Do it pussy. Fuck you and your stupid sister

she looks like she'd love it


Tbh I’d happily rape your faggoty ass just a warm up to turning your sister’s underage pink velvet sausage wallet into a n Arby’s classic that looked like it got hit with a mortar.

Your family must really be full of a bunch of dumb cunts huh?....sad. That's really sad. Kill yourself

Everyone here would pound her doodychute, including her "brother"

post more of your sexy slut sister

Just stop. If you ever post here again, I will fuckin’ choke slam you into a coffee table

My sides are in orbit

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kid listen
i dont think you know how this works
so stop your inane and pathetic faggotery and perish you Darwin award nominee

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Give me one good motherfuckin reason not to choke slam my own sexuallydeviated self through my own gay ass glass top coffee table and bleed out while jerking off into my sock hat so i can suck on the cum soaked cotton

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Hey, you stop this now sir. Your douche baggery and perverted shit with your sister has gone on for long enough. Please...cut your penis off and throw it in a river. You do not deserve to claim yourself as a man. We hereby revoke your man card

Clearly he’s trying to fuck his sister

Dude I've always wanted to learn how to teleport, teach me?

nice face
nice hair
ruined by make up

tell her that ty

I second this! Your free membership in the man club has ended

She's been thinking about killing herself a lot lately. I made this thread to try and cheer herself up a little, forget about the pain for a while. Instead of nice comments, you chose to make rude and sexual comments. FUCK YOU!

Some of us might like it and even pay for this kind of choking. You have no power here peasant

my cum deep inside her will cheer her right up =]

Why the fuck would you come here for uplifting comments. You dumb shit haha

thats kinky and gay, but i can make an exception for you, pumpkin

I hope this is a false post, and that pic is from a random girl, probably edited and untrackable!

If this is real, please OP, grow the fuck up! Cuteness is irrelevant, and must be irrelevant! Don't play games with pictures of your family, your sister, your mom, your granny can be abused because your stupidity!

Solid 5. Not hot, not ugly. Just meh.

Huh I already suicida te few people on there you want to be the next victim or your sister?

Cute but needs to do something else with her hair. Also show tits fag.

An entire thread full of retards being obviously trolled by OP, with very little effort. You should all fuck off back to reeeeeddit.

did you think this was facebook
now, about those tits

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the most important things is for everyone to have fun
and im having lots of it

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Posts on /b
>no sexual comments please
Do you know where you are?

Maybe that’s because she’s got an embarrassing cockbot like you for a brother! The wrong sibling has the suicide notion.... As with all girls, if you want her to feel better about herself, post her pussy here so she can know an army of your fellow incels have spilled enough cum to her pics to drown a toddler.

Please, tell your age and average off intercourse per month.
For a 40yo with less than 4 a month, I tell that she's an 11...

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Written like OP is samefagging.

bitch why would you ruin this perfect thread with your personal sex life?

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I hope she gets raped by a pack of niggers

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I would tell her she has to eat all the eggs.

I'll cheer her up by painting her face in cum.

Go tell your parents. A stupid individual that search help in a Sup Forums thread, can't save anyone from their own suicidal intentions

And when she does hang herself take pics & start a rekt thread.

Perfect thread inside Sup Forums? That doesn't happen since 2011!

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