What do you guys think of my spageti

what do you guys think of my spageti

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Looks like fucking shit.
You make that?

3/10 would not eat

i found it in the fridge

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what's in it?


Keep practicing

i dont know but the macaroni has some ridges in it

Stop cutting up your noodles. You're not 5. Learn to twirl or buy some penne.

Autism is a choice

Spagutter and merbels

Step your sauce game up. Looks okay, just needs more Tuscan influence (root veggies and wild boar)



Looks like dog shit in a bowl

“Autism is a choice”

no marinara, no meatballs, no grated parm cheese


pic related macaronio

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Looks like something that came straight outta your ass

needs more sauce and some cheese
and your faggetti seem a little short.

did you break them before cooking? thats illegal.

you never know

I think that most dogs eat better than that.

it isnt that bad

Small percent of dogs say the sam thing.

Judging by the way it looks, I'd say this looks like some brand of canned spaghetti. Chef Boyardee or something.

Good lord that better be for your dog or something

Dubs of truth

In Italy if you name that thing spaghetti, you may being arrested