People are starting to find out what really happened during world war 2...

people are starting to find out what really happened during world war 2. Nazi artifacts are either destroyed or heavily censored but more are being found every day and they tell a very different story than what is taught in schools. Especially when you see where some were manufactured. pic related was found recently in argentina

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wait til you read about how much the Luftwaffe liked drinking coke

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You forgot to mention 'faked'.

>Nazi artifacts are either destroyed, faked ..etc

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you need to visit a zoo, those are Boars on a german hunting dagger

So a picture of a knife is supposed to make me what? Question all the photos of the death camps?

This is why everyone thinks you're a retard.

It's been one hundred years, you're allowed to have your own opinion now.

I'll consider your opinion when you'll have learned to count to a hundred

>Question all the photos of the death camps?

>Death camps

Lol jetfuel really can melt steel beams goy don't question the narrative.

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2019 and you're still posting these shitty info-graphics

The thought of Nazi cows instilled a warm kek on this cold December day, thanks user

The photos of the death camps should make you doubt them. Any time you get a not-fake photograph with both Germans and dead Jews the Germans look tired and terrified, probably because they're actually disposing of people who died of typhus and are worried they will contract typhus. I had this one somewhere where one Nazi is looking into the camera like "Really, Hanz? Is this something we should take picture of?". But they did because they were documenting an outbreak of typhus.

Really we killed all those people by wantonly bombing German cities, they starved because of cut supply lines. There are oodles of records of stuff like swimming pool maintenance and which play the Jews would be putting on in the auditorium later that month. For a death camp they sure had a lot of theater and horseback riding and in-camp synagogues. Wow, it's almost like the Germans thought they were just people who betrayed them to the Allies because they didn't want their banking schemes in Germany to be disrupted. Wow, it's almost like they got Israel in the Sykes-Picot agreement because they had already betrayed Germany during WW1. It's not as if the Brits aren't in on this tomfoolery as well.

The more you look into it the dirtier it gets, the more mired in continental politics dating back to the start of the industrial revolution which probably has a lot to do with how the conflict started.

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There were no death camps

The 35 to 40 prisoners that died all suffered from typhoid

Go learn something

2019 and you still think people will eat your kike propaganda. You're so easy to spot.

Says the guy who can't count to 100

This. German internment camps were no different than US internment camps for Japanese. Now consider what would have happened to these Japanese if the American rail system was destroyed and their cities bombed to rubble. Do you think if the Japanese won they wouldn't have had a kangaroo trial for camp guards as well? The winner is never the bad guy. If you don't believe this I leave you with one word: Elmira

Delete this.

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Bullshit. there was too death camps. Check this out

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The real question here is: Why exactly do you want to believe that the official picture is false?

Because it's pretty clear that you desperately want this.

I bet you think the world is flat and vaccines cause dumb babies huh? It’s ok if you are stupid but don’t try to make other people retarded. Die alone in your stupidity.

>there was no holocausrt
>death camps were actually protection camps
>hitler was a rothchild
>hitler never intended on winning the war
>hitler lived til the 90s in argintina under US protection

Hitler died in 1957 at Uppsala University Hospital in Sweden.

Not coke. Coke was patriotic us drink. For nazis coca cola developed separate drink. Fanta I think.. Or was it sprite?

Liquid cocaine.

You should ask why all the camps the americans found are called deathcamps and tje ones the russians found are not

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>seething kike

both. Russia has as close ties to israel as the US.

Only after war started Germans themselves developed Fanta because they had no resources to produce coke.

Yeah and it's surprising how much of it is censored. That being said towards the end of the war the camps were abandoned for weeks causing many of the people to starve. Only 200k people were thought to have starved and not all of them even Jews.

> the holocaust was just concentration camps they were common for the time rspecially when empires where using them to occupy land. The horrors happend due to multiple outbreaks of famine and disease due to lack of supplies (shows how dependent we are on supplies of food and medicine) this happened because they were losing earlier accounts of nazi occupationare relativity pleasant as they were not losing
> hitler wasn't a Rothschild and he did plan on winning the war, it's at the start of mein kampf. However this was his biggest downfall as he would have won on political stratagies but figured himself a war hero.
> Hitler could have escaped but i truly belive that he realised the point above (and probably to much greater depths) and therefore done what he did on shame as well as cowardice.
Hitler was a political mastermind which was unfortunately influenced so heavily on his own personal squabbles. If he would have put them aside he would have been a hero but instead he burnt Europe.

Oh golly now we are fucked, the banking clan strike team is going to kravmaga our balls into doughnut filling.

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You fail to notice the "gas chamber" with the wooden door?

>they found an old nazi knife in Argentina
>this proves that the holocaust is a lie
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>It's been one hundred years
so, you also suck at math. What a fucking retard.

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>You should ask why all the camps the americans found are called deathcamps and tje ones the russians found are not
so Auschwitz is not called a death camp? You're an idiot.

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>Comparing current technology to 1940's technology
>Post random picture and claims it's gas chamber
White supremacy is a mental disorder.

2019 and the vast majority of people still believe. You're the only retard who doesn't because you think you're special because you're white but in reality you're a pussy who was bullied by brown kids.

>Thinking only 40 people died in holocaust
White supremacy is a mental disorder

It's not Fanta, it's sinalco you fucktards. Fanta is a Coca Cola company brand.
Amyway all the bullshit I read here. Anyone here ever spoke to someone who was actually alive in German that time? I can tell you, it's all true. The deportations, the mass shootings, the death camps. There were even Sprichwörter around that time. Some about how you will go through the chimney if you speak up.

>Hitler was a God because he killed Jews
>Hitler didn't actually kill Jews, his speeches are doctored and the camps never existed
Pick one you fucking faggots. White supremacy is a mental disorder

whoos that pokemon????

You fail to notice many people every year die from gas poisoning in their homes... with wooden doors.
Hur dur gas only can kill you if the room you're in is hermetically closed

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If you read anything other than denier bullshit, you'd know that
1. That's not the air tight door. Those gas chambers were big ass buildings with interior doors.
2. The doors that mattered were made of steel with gaskets around them. These had been destroyed, although records and photos exist.
3. Not all of the victims were gassed at the camps. Many were lined up and shot, or gassed with mobile vans. Contemporary Nazi records do exist. The holocaust has better evidence backing it than the South African white genocide you likely believe in.

Imagine being so retarded that you can’t formulate your own ideas so you post a giant fucking wall of propaganda and expect us to read it

But your not supposed to make up fairytales to support your beliefs.

I’ve known people who saw concentration and death camps first hand. And they weren’t prisoners there.

So I’ll just keep believing real people and not 19yo Nazi fanbois.

There’s no such thing as an opinion on what happened though. It happened. Historians agree, everyone in the west except your group of dirty little unwashed stormniggers believe in it. Because we have overwhelming evidence.

My grandfather had one of the actual nazi flags that was in Hitler's bunker, after my grandfather passed away my uncle got hard up for cash and sold it.

how does that sword tell a different story than is taught in schools?

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You need to lighten up - this is Sup Forums remember

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Totally not going to cattle cars bound for death camps.

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Who tf said this?

I understand the meme is that the death camps were faked. Sorry to bust your bubble, but I father was a US Army combat medic that was in the first unit to liberate the Mauthausen/Gusen death camp in Austria. It was real. The Mauthausen complex of the main camp and sub-camps such as the Gusen camp accounted for at lest 250,000 deaths and contained 85,000 in May 1945 when the US Army liberated it. The Nazi's kept meticulous records of their operations. Hate all you want, but don't doubt the reality of the Holocaust. Only about 38,000 of the murdered were Jews. The rest were Russian POW's, Poles, Spaniards and numerous other nationalities. Making it all about the Jews does a disservice to all who died.


I'm not a Communist.

>Geographic Location

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Just resting for a moment.

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Treating jews for typhus.

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>Anyone here ever spoke to someone who was actually alive in German that time?
I have. i encourage everyone to do so while you can.

he was a German Jew who would speak at our high school every year. my family knew the guy because we are texasdeutsch and he was quite popular in all of the german communities throughout Tx. but anyhow, yeah he had the tattoo and everything. all the stories he had, you could ask him anything and he would answer. I believe he was 88 last I saw him in 2011. I believe he spoke once or twice more and passed away shortly after.

I grandfather spent a year and half assigned to a field hospital in Germany after the war. He got to dachau a week after the first troops and saw the burial details and survivors.

Sounds like a mossad agent sent to ensure cowboy-american youth agree with the banking clans "historical records"

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Tell me grand master retard, what different story does pic related tell? Does it disprove the millions of people Nazi's killed or the justifications they made for war? It's time to put your dunce hat back on and stop drinking the kool-aid.


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This, these people are Alex Jones level faggots.

>Call people a retard for believing anything remotely unbelievable and baseless

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Sounds like a lot of conspiracy theory nonsense to me. I only believe in something if there is some pretty rock solid evidence to support it. So give me some evidence.

My grandfather said so while he was drunk one time.

Simon says hands up jewfriends.

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They were politely asked to go elsewhere. Travel was provided.

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>>NAZI known to escape to south America
>>NAZI paraphernalia found in South America
>>This changes Everything!

I'm not sure what I expected to see in this thread, but I was expecting some BS about magic aryans from south america or some other wacky theory. TBH, disappointed.

he won't even explain what the sword has to do with anything

The magic Aryans just like the spaceship Aryans were captured by various allied forces and "convinced" to build rockets/summon demons for there new masters in an attempt to match glorious Nazi scientific achievements.

Pic related, Nazi moonbase.

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So what exactly does this tell us about Israel? What/who is it? And why? What the endgame?

Fuck Israel. Just because I hate nazis doesn't mean I approve of the land grubbing jews apartheid shitshow.

This is what bothers me so much.

I keep seeing people saying 12 million Jews were murdered and you never hear anything about the non-Jewish victims.

People keep repeating this wrong stat over and over. It was 6 million Jews and 6 million from other groups.

Then people use this over and over to argue that the Israeli treatment of Palestinians is fine, since Jews need a country of their own so they won't be genocided. After all this keeps happening "everywhere they go". It's fucking 2019. Jews aren't going to get genocided in Europe. Why didn't Britain carve out a piece of their own island if the Jews need a homeland so badly? Why didn't the US give them a state? Because their sky fairy says this other land belongs to them? That's absurd.

Furthermore, nobody has ever advocated that the Gypsies get a piece of land given to them.

Then you have all the war and conflict that has been started by the creation of Israel. Every if Jews did need a place to be free of persecution, and even if that land were ethically theirs, you still shouldn't give it to them because there are already people living there and it's just going to start a massive, long, drawn-out conflict of immeasurable suffering.

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>Why didn't Britain carve out a piece of their own island if the Jews need a homeland so badly? Why didn't the US give them a state? Because their sky fairy says this other land belongs to them? That's absurd.
And yet that is exactly the reason. They have a very old book in which their imaginary friend gave them a very specific plot of land. A very specific plot of land that (both in the OT and in the 1940's) already had another country on it.

The czech republic gave gypsies a little region. I don't remember much about it and my Czech isn't good enough anymore to search, but basically they gave them a city and surrounding area to live in and they destroyed it in like 10 years and then moved on

Don't waste your time on Nazi retards comerade I think they've chosen their fate. Live their fantasy till the day they die.

lmao gypsies, why are bleeding heart shits so fucking awful god damn

Found it. Chanov. This is what it looked like when they were done with it - it was brand new construction when they moved in. English wiki makes it sound like a concentration camp, but the Czechs don't tell it that way. I'm 99% sure they were give free rein over it and access to normal outside resources.

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>imagine living under an oppressive regime where you and your family could be disappeared or killed for disobeying glorious leader's wishes
>imagine being ordered to round up and kill thousands of people, some of whom you personally know, and then dispose of the bodies

Im sure you would be stoked to pack those kikes into the showers like sardines and dig those mass graves. Not enjoying being photographed dumping bodies into a hole is a normal human reaction regardless of how they died.

>imagine being so retarded that you think average nazi soldiers had fun killing people

Blitzkrieg was completely meth fueled

I'm not a historian, but my understanding of the situation lands on two main differences between the romani and the jews.

First the romani are more or less christian while the jews aren't. The hatred of the romani is more around their cultures lifestyle and the assumption that they're thieves while the hatred of the jews is a deeper hatred based on religion. I've heard plenty of people say that Gypsies swindle people, but I've never heard anyone think the eat babies, poison wells, and run the NWO.

Secondly, Israel and Palestine happen to exist on the accepted home of the Jewish people from antiquity. Jews had already been moving there since the British took over because the Germans weren't the only anti-semites in Europe. The final nail in the coffin for the Palestinians was their support of the axis, presumably because they resented being a British colony.

Creating Israel was basically a win win win for the British. They get to punish one of their rebelling colonies by giving away their land, they get to more or less nudge the Jews out of their own country (which, a lot of them were 100% on board with), and they get to look like they've made some incredibly noble sacrifice while doing two morally dubious actions.

If there was a way to do it for the Romani too they would have, but no opportunity existed.

something tells me they didn't have the average soldier gassing and cremating people, but I think your point still stands. They knew what they were doing and they didn't want evidence of it. Not wanting to be on camera was probably the smartest thing they did considering NAZIs were prosecuted for war crimes after the war. The ones dumb enough to photograph it were so brainwashed they figured there was no chance they'd lose the war and didn't consider they might have been eradicated later to tie up the loose ends.

The Russians called them "a good starting point"

Operated as normal prison camp until 1939. Used as labor camp for political prisoners and POWs. Prisoners worked mainly in a granite quarry. Upon liberation of the camp, inmates were found starved and sick due to allied bombing destroying the infrastructure necessary to feed the German population which, by extension, was necessary to feed the labor camp inmates.

Sounds like Pruit-igoe. Somebody thought "hey let's build some housing for these homeless people and then they'll just magically take care of themselves" and no shit when you don't pay for maintenance or safety, people get up to some bad shit.

(((death))) (((camps)))

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Are all JIDF this butthurt?

Yes, they don't like it when you know the truth.

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